Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 675

Chapter 675: Void Beast Attack

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The other team also heard the name Lei Zun, and they all took a breath. They originally planned to give the starter a dismounted horse, but unexpectedly encountered Waterloo!

"Okay! We are all big domains under the rule of Immortal Realm, and we should unite, otherwise we will encounter the running dogs of the Pantheon and be seen as a joke!" Yongchang Shenhuang laughed and smiled, "At least we need to be there before we enter there. Let's work together!"

"Yongchang God Emperor said well, we should be united!" Feng Wuyou smiled on his face, "Let's go! Let's go together, and meet the stray dogs of the Pantheon, we can still fight reasonably!"

"I don't know what these three are?" Shenchang Emperor Yongchang looked at the other three.

"Oh! They are the powerless men, real dragons, such as Yue, Linghuang three **** emperors!" Feng Wuyou pointed at the three people to introduce them one by one, "The two people around me are my Feng clan Brother, Feng chases the soul, Feng has no regrets! Everyone is more affectionate and affectionate!"

The True Dragon Divine Emperor is a majestic man, somewhat similar to the temperament of the Wild Dragon Divine Emperor. At first glance, it is the Dragon Blood.

For example, Emperor Yue is a middle-aged fat man, holding a small yellow mountain in his hands, always smiling like a smile.

Ling Huang is a charming woman with a slim figure and a pair of eyes like autumn water.

The three brothers of the Feng family have the same temperament, but the Feng Zhui soul is filled with strong murderous spirit, as if it is a killing **** returned from hell. The wind was silent and silent, very deep.

These people gathered together, although they all had ghosts in their hearts, but they looked happy.

Not far away, they met six people from the Desolate Realm, three blood emperors, blood dragons, and blood sharks.

Although the Desolate Realm is under the jurisdiction of the Demon Realm, the Demon Realm is adjacent to the Immortal Realm. When they face the Pantheon, they are both together and external, so they are temporarily regarded as alliances and joined the team.

The passage is spacious and very stable. I dont know why Lei Zun always has an inexplicable sense of crisis in his heart.

"Look, what's outside the passage?" suddenly someone exclaimed.

Everyone looked in the direction of the man, and saw a huge figure in the void outside the passage slowly swimming in the void!

"That's a Void Beast! And it's an adult Void Beast depending on size!" Lei Zun's brow furrowed, and the source of the sense of crisis in his heart finally came!

"Adult Void Beast, the powerful existence of a congenital demon who can match the creation world, we must not be stared at him!" Emperor Yongchang suddenly said, "Don't move, Void Beast has no wisdom, only for active things. If you are interested, there should be no problem if we dont move!"

But his words were still a little late, and the speed of the practitioners was a few thousand feet, which was too late to stop.

"Let's ask for more blessings!" Lei Zun put all the people in the realm directly into the sleeve cage, swiftly shaped like electro-optical flint, and rushed towards the end of the channel.

It's still a little late!

The Void Beast was attracted by them, opening a huge mouth that could devour the sky and sucking towards the channel.

The terrible force directly sucked the entire channel into a curved shape, and made a snapping sound. Everyone rushed through the channel, only to feel as if they were sitting on a roller coaster, and the figure was almost installed directly on the wall of the channel.


Unable to destroy the tunnel avoidance, the Void Beast yelled angrily, the huge body swam flexibly, opened the giant mouth and clicked to tear the tunnel avoidance.

The Void Beast's body is bigger than a planet. In this bite, the channel is directly torn up, and once again inhaled deeply, the huge suction force all sucked all of them into the abdomen at once.

Lei Zun only felt an irresistible force, and suddenly inhaled himself into a boundless void. The void was dark, and there was a strange power that suppressed her cultivation behavior at once, and let her instantly surpass from one. The powerful existence of the Divine Emperor has become an ordinary cultivator whose body is not weakened.

Zhao Yuande they instantly rolled out of her sleeve cage.

"What the **** is this place?" Everyone found something wrong. They were repaired to be sealed and became an ordinary person with only physical strength.

"This is the inner world of the Void Beast. We are sucked in!" Lei Zun was helpless. "Fortunately, our flesh has not been suppressed yet, otherwise we can only wait for death!"

"How do we get out?" The Barbaric Dragon Emperor looked around, feeling as if he were standing in a boundless void, even where the feet stood were a meteorite suspended in the void.

"It's like an intra-abdominal space here and there, it's like a vast expanse of stars!" Yongchang Shenhuang said nothing.

"How do I feel that this space is constantly swallowing our spirit!" Zhao Yuande suddenly said.

"Yes, this is the body of the Void Beast. The Void Beast will naturally not let us in to play. He absorbs our essence for his use all the time!" Shenchang Emperor Yongchang explained, "So we don't have much time to waste. Going out is death!"

"How do we escape? There is no bounds here, we don't even know where to escape! And here is a starry sky, we can't fly, what should I do?" Xia Fantian looked sad, he turned to look at Qianren Qianlan around him, The little girl seemed to be afraid of the dark, and kept holding his hand unwilling to let go.

"There is no need to fly here, you can walk freely! The void is just an illusion! We are looking separately! The three of us have no one direction, the five of you have a direction! If you can't find it after two hours, come back here, if it is Continue to move forward when you find it, and we will keep up!" Lei Zun's face showed helplessness, and he could only look for it separately.

"What are we looking for?"

"The Void Beast's throat, as long as there are colorful fluorescent flashes, it reaches the Void Beast's throat." Yongchang Shenhuang explained, "The Void Beast's throat contains Void Essence. If you are lucky, you might get some. ."

"Void Essence?" Everyone could not help but sigh in the air.

The essence of the void is a very precious material, more precious than the innate spirit treasure! You can use the essence of the void to comprehend the way of the void, of course, this requires the realm above the Divine Emperor! Like the Void spell cast by Yongchang God Emperor in the passage just now, you need to understand the way of Void.

"What should I do if I meet the strong guys from other big domains?" Xia Fantian expressed his worries.

"It's better not to have conflicts, because there is no supply here, you can only wait to die after exhausting your physical strength!" Yongchang Divine Emperor said, "I'm afraid they have the same ideas as us."

They are divided into four directions and head towards their respective goals.

This void is really just an illusion, they are still solid ground on the void.

Although they lost their cultivation practice, their flesh was still strong, and they ran forward fast, but they ran out of hundreds of miles in a dozen breathing times, but they still had no end, and it seemed like a circular passage here. No matter how you go back to the end, the original point remains unchanged.