Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 676

Chapter 676: The Lost

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"I think I'm going crazy! Qianlan, what the **** is wrong with you?" Xia Fantian felt the pain of his arm being caught, and Wenlan Qianlan's body was shaking all the time.

"I... a little scared!" Wen Ren Qianlan whispered, "I've been afraid of darkness since I was a kid, don't you know?"

"Okay!" Xia Fantian felt that he had been defeated, and his childhood problems remained.

"Something seems to be behind us!" Lei Jiuzhou suddenly turned his head to look behind him, but he didn't see anything under the eyes of Biaoyu.

"I also felt it, but it was very slippery and I couldn't capture their traces at all! I don't think it was human beings who were sucked in with us, but something that was born inside. Then we have to be careful not to be caught These unknown things have been sneak attacked." Zhao Yuande looked back and his face became dignified.

"Go on, don't look back, I will always catch them!" Lei Jiuzhou turned around and showed unwillingness.


A black shadow appeared at the back of Zhao Yuande in a flash. It seemed to be a black monster with a sharp mouth. It had black bat wings and flew silently!

Suddenly, he pecked at the back of Lei Jiuzhou who was walking in the end.

The pointed bird's beak is like a short sword, and the brake is close to the back of Lei Jiuzhou.

"caught you!"

Lei Kyushu seemed to have eyes behind his head, and he held the black strange bird with his backhand.

"It turned out to be a strange bird!" Lei Jiuzhou's hand was like a pair of pliers, holding the black strange bird tightly, making it useless no matter how struggling.

"What kind of bird is this?" Zhao Yuande leaned up and observed carefully.

"Bloodwing bat, a strange bird born in the body of the void, a seventh-order fierce beast, generally acting in groups..."

Seeing this information, Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a wave of slightly shaking wings and suddenly changed his face. Although they are very powerful, they now lose their spiritual power and divine soul power. They can only rely on physical battle and continue to fight. Being absorbed in the essence of the body, if surrounded by this large group of seventh-order beasts, I am afraid that it will really die here.

"This is a blood-winged bat. There is a large group behind us. Let's run!" Zhao Yuande screamed and ran away.

Everyone was stunned, but instantly heard the voice coming from behind, one by one hurriedly ran behind Zhao Yuande.

Lei Jiuzhou's uncomfortable hand smashed the blood-winged bat in his hand and followed the breed.

Sure enough, in less than one breath of their breath, a large group of black blood winged bats appeared, almost covering the entire space. They saw the corpse of the blood winged bats on the ground, and gave out a cry of stern name, crazy Chased Zhao Yuande several of them.

"Broken, you killed the blood winged bats, they are crazy!" Zhao Yuande turned his head and suddenly felt a hair in his heart, a large piece of blood winged black bats screamed and chased up.

"How could this happen!" Lei Jiuzhou's face also changed greatly. He saw it better than Zhao Yuande. There are thousands of these blood-winged bats with a pair of scarlet eyes.

"Run! I see a mountain in front!" Xia Fantian pointed to the front.

The people turned their heads, and they saw that the sky in front of them seemed to stand a magnificent mountain with lush vegetation and vitality.

How can there be mountains here? Everyone was puzzled.

"Look, there seems to be a small house at the foot of the mountain!" At this time, even Zhao Yuande felt incredible. Is there a house? Is there anyone living here? Who can withstand the squeeze of the Void Beast, is it endless?

They came to the small house in an instant, the door was open, and there was an old voice inside.

"Come in quickly! Otherwise the Bloodwing Bat will tear you apart."

Several people glanced at each other and hurried into the room.

But as soon as they entered the room, they were dumbfounded!

There is still a small house here, which is a stately hall. The hall is dimly lit, and lanterns of various colors hang on the walls around it, revealing a grim and scary face under the lantern.

"You are here!" In the middle of the hall, a man in white slowly stood up. Behind him was a fierce stone statue standing with three six arms and four legs, much like the legendary demon king of hell.

He looked at Zhao Yuande's five people, his eyes showed greed, and there was crystal clear liquid in the corner of his mouth.

"Bai Lin, the Prince of Ten Thousand Snake Territories, God Emperor Realm Cultivated..."

"Who the **** are you? What do you invite us to do?" Xia Fantian instinctively felt wrong and couldn't help asking.

"I'm a lost person! And you will be my food!" The white man looks polite, but a pair of eyes flashed with blood in his speech.

"Lost? You are going to eat us? We are all of the same kind, can you swallow it?" Zhao Yuande's face did not show tension, he felt from the other person's body that he could not be cultivated and suppressed. He is not afraid of anyone, just in physical terms.

"Is there too few similar cannibalisms? Is there a difference between killing you and eating meat and simply killing you? Anyway, you can't go out, and the body can't be taken back, it's better to be eaten by me!" Looking at Zhao Yuande's face with a look of interest, "You are very good, the courage is very big, I will kill you at the end, let you chat with me more."

"You have also been suppressed and cultivated. Why do you have confidence to kill us?" Zhao Yuande felt curious, his flesh couldn't see the other side, but Lei Jiuzhou's flesh was so outrageous, it was just ridiculous. Better than a divine emperor's flesh.

"Because I am stronger than you!" The man in white strode to Zhao Yuande and they came out with a crazy light in their eyes.

"I'll fight him!" Lei Jiuzhou strode forward and stood in front of Zhao Yuande. I want to see where he is stronger than us.

"Alright! But you have to be careful, this person has strange things." Zhao Yuande stepped back and whispered.

"War!" Lei Jiuzhou shouted and rushed towards the white man.

"Hey, since that's the case, I'll practice your hands first!" Bai Yiren smiled with Lei Kyushu together with a smile.

"It's so powerful!" Lei Jiuzhou collided with the man in white, and was suddenly hit and flew back. He only felt an unshakable force coming from the opponent's fist. If he didn't retreat in time, I'm afraid he will be beaten directly. Broken bones.

"Isn't this alright? Hey, I haven't warmed up yet!" The white man forced to come and launched a stormy attack on Lei Kyushu.

Lei Kyushu didn't dare to make a hard connection at all. He could only retreat blindly and was soon forced into the corner.

The dignified color appeared on Zhao Yuande's face. The opponent's physical body has exceeded the ordinary Divine Emperor Powerful, and even can compete with the ordinary Divine Emperor. Lei Jiuzhou cannot be his opponent at all.