Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 677

Chapter 677: Open Seal

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"Our teacher will come soon, you better leave a three-point affection, otherwise the three teachers will work together and will inevitably kill you." Zhao Yuande reminded each other.

"Hey! Only you have a teacher? Let them come, I will wait here, they will also become my food!" The white man inadvertently glanced at the stone statue, a look of anticipation in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande saw the strange color in his eyes and looked at the stone statue. He didn't find any abnormality in the stone statue.

"Brother Lei, don't you mean his opponent, or let me come!" Zhao Yuande stood in front of Lei Jiuzhou, who was breathless.

"I... can you do it?" Lei Jiuzhou looked at Zhao Yuande with some doubt, thinking, Do you have to rely on those vines to fight each other? Dont forget that our cultivation base is now suppressed.

"Are you so eager to find death? Then I will fulfill you." The white man's eyes were cold. Although he could not see why Zhao Yuande had such confidence, he did not delay him to be a little careful with Zhao Yuande.

The cultivation base is suppressed here, and even the original state cannot be seen. You can only judge the strength of the opponent from the physical breath of the opponent.

"Okay! I will show you what is the real power!" The breath on Zhao Yuande's body changed instantly, and the terrifying breath came like a frantic slap from the sea.

The white man's body took a step back involuntarily, and the surprise in his eyes was hard to hide.

"Hey! Brother Zhao, can't you finally bear it?" Xia Fantian felt this familiar breath, and he was relieved.

"It turns out that this is really him. No wonder Lei Zun made me get closer to him!" Lei Jiuzhou finally understood why the master told him to do this.

"He..." Dongfang Wan showed shock in his face.

Originally, she thought that Zhao Yuande's fighting power was similar to that of several of them. Now, it's just because of the critical moment that people suppress the cultivation behavior.

"You already knew it!" Wen Renqianlan grabbed Xia Fantian's ear fiercely, "Why didn't you tell me, it made me worried for such a long time."

"Tap! Tap! I haven't always had a chance!" Xia Fantian grinned in pain.

"Humph! When I go back, I can't tidy you up." Wen Ren Qianlan dropped his hand angrily, and then focused his eyes on the battlefield.


The two collided for the first time as if they were collapsing, and the whole hall shook violently.

"You... your flesh is even stronger than me! How is this possible..." The white man was slammed back by Zhao Yuande and took seven or eight steps, and bruises appeared on a pair of fists!

"Why is it impossible! Today I will let you understand the truth, what you see with your eyes is not necessarily true!" Zhao Yuande tried a dozen days in the world of Devil Scorpion a few days ago, and his combat skills have changed significantly.

What he is paying attention to now is to be fast and fierce, and focus on the enemy's weakness attack! Once the weakness is grasped, it is like a violent rain.

The man in white was kicked back by Zhao Yuande and lost his chance. Zhao Yuande was unreasonable. He was in the same shape as an electric light, followed by another punch.


The white man was shocked and backed away again, blood on his fist, revealing Bai Sensen's bone stubble.

With just two punches, the white man had already appeared defeated. Zhao Yuande was fierce like a tiger. He screamed and launched a crazy attack on the white man. Every attack made the white man back.

Soon the situation of Lei Jiuzhou reappeared on the white man, who was quickly forced into the corner by Zhao Yuande.

"Finally defeated this nasty guy!" Wen Renqianlan took a breath, and suddenly turned to Xia Fantian on the side, "Yes, Fujun must talk about how you met, this guy is so good, Im so excited even for the excellent!"

"What! Your heart is moving! This is absolutely not enough!" Xia Fantian was immediately annoyed, "No, I will find him dueling, life and death!"

"Okay, people just tease you, in fact, you are the food of others! I have a cousin Wen Jing who is kind and very caring. Husband, can you tell them to know them!" Wenren Qianlan like a fox Smiled, she was very satisfied with Xia Fantian's reaction.

Xia Fantian secretly gasped, and finally fooled this little girl away!

"Sure! I must help introduce!" Xia Fantian hurriedly agreed, how could it not be agreed!

At this time, even Lei Jiuzhou and Dongfang Wan also saw that the victory or defeat has been divided.

"Ah! I've had enough!" The man in white roared angrily. "You forced me! The seal opened to me!"

There was a clicking sound in the body of the white man, as if an egg had been broken, and then a huge force poured out into the body of the white man without knowing where it came from.

The white man exudes endless brilliance, and his injuries completely disappear in a short moment.

Zhao Yuande was backed up again and again by this kind of power. He looked at the other party with some surprise. This is clearly spiritual power! The other party has recovered his cultivation practice, and the state has returned to the realm of Divine Emperor!

"Boy, I only have one chance to open the seal, and I only have ten breaths, but ten breaths are enough for me to kill you!" Bai Yiren smiled tentatively.

"What! It's actually able to restore the state!" Lei Jiuzhou's eyes widened suddenly, and there was a desperation in his heart, let alone the ten breathing time of Divine Emperor Realm Power, even if only one breathing time could kill them These people are all killed!

"You all retreat! Retreat to the outermost of the hall!" Zhao Yuande's face became very solemn, he felt a burst of pressure from the other body, he felt that if he did not come up with some real skills today, I am afraid he would stay here .

Soul and cultivation are suppressed, and now everything in him cannot be used, otherwise he will not be so worried.

Everyone is not stupid, now I am afraid that the other party can easily kill themselves if they do not retreat.

"Come back! I'll kill this little guy first, and I'll take your surgery!" The white man with a big hand and a huge black palm print, like Taishan's top, took a photo of Zhao Yuande.

This is no longer the power of the flesh, but the fusion of the spiritual power, the soul of the soul, and the power of the flesh, which is more than ten times stronger than the original!


Zhao Yuande's palm lit up a bright star, and his big hand was a punch.

The starlight on the fist brightened the entire hall almost instantly, everyone felt at this moment that Zhao Yuande's fist seemed to become a bright star.


The fist collided with the black palm print, just like a meteor hitting the ground.

The terrifying impact instantly cut the surrounding large stone pillars into two halves, and the walls of the hall were evenly cut. If it is not protected by a powerful formation, this hall may collapse in an instant.

Zhao Yuande was shot back on the ground with a blow. His arms flew in flesh and blood, but his bones shone with a silver gleam without any damage.