Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 678

Chapter 678: Kill Them

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"Sure enough, it still works!" Zhao Yuande was delighted. In the beginning, he spent a lot of time in order to engrave these lines on the bones around him. Today, the value of this line is finally reflected.

At this time, the man in white actually felt that the black palm print he controlled suddenly collapsed. This was 90% of his strength. He just showed it to want to solve the other party at once. I didnt expect it to just hurt his skin. Only, the other party's bones seem strange, and they can't be shaken at all.

"You hesitated! Two breaths have passed! In this way, you may die in my hands soon!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold and merciless, and he was very wary at this time, since the other party could not shake his bones, then Let him stay today!

The undead body runs frantically, the flesh on his arm recovers in a blink of an eye, he is no longer passively beaten, the star in his palm is even more dazzling at this time, he screamed and rushed up to fight against the other party.

"Ah! I don't believe it, you die for me!"

The people in white are crazy, terrible attacks are overwhelming, and they bombard Zhao Yuande wildly.

The flesh and blood of Zhao Yuande's body exploded, but the bones exuded a milky white luster, and despite the eye-catching and violent attack of the other party, he could not be shaken.

Zhao Yuande's body was bloody, and his undead body was running madly, and his injuries were completely restored in an instant.

"You... you have an immortal body!" The man in white is really a little frightened, no matter how he attacks, the other party can recover in an instant, how to fight this?

Hearing the words "Immortal Body", Lei Jiuzhou remembered the master's quick recovery of his injury. Is it also related to this Zhao Yuande?

As for the other three people, they were stunned. The undead body was just a legend. They didn't expect to see this kind of anti-natural power here.

Hope rekindled in their eyes, it seems that today's destiny is not to die!

"Now I know it's too late! Eight breaths!"

Zhao Yuande was like a mad tiger at this time, fighting with the white man, but was just attacking wildly, and he didn't care about the defense at all.

Zhao Yuande's voice was like a nightmare, eating away the other's confidence a little bit.

"Ah! I want to kill you!"

The white man's body suddenly skyrocketed and turned into a giant of dozens of feet, a black brilliance burst out of one palm, and black ghosts shuttled around his palm.

"Claw of Hell!"

The man in white slammed his palms, his five fingers were claw-shaped, and black ghosts screamed, making people smell disturbed.

At this time, even a few people at the entrance of the hall felt their heads were groggy for a while. If it were not for their tenacity, they would have fallen to the ground.

"Come on! Let me feel your strongest blow, and you will die after this blow!" Zhao Yuande grinned tremendously, at this time if he looked crazy, the palm stars became extremely bright, and they were so cruel and so-called The claws of **** hit together.

Zhao Yuande only felt that a terrible force rushed into his body, and madly drilled toward the sea of knowledge.

Zhao Yuande smashed the ground with a bang, his body was dripping with blood, almost no complete flesh, but at this time he was still okay, and his flesh and blood were constantly reborn.

At this moment in his sea of knowledge, a series of black shadows rushed in and rushed towards his soul.

Although Zhao Yuande's spirit was suppressed, he was still free to use it in the sea.

He held the treasure bottle in his hand and waved towards the shadows. The shadows roared again and again, but it was still useless and was forcibly drawn into the bottle.

"What!" The man in white suddenly changed his face. He felt that the evil spirits of **** he had summoned were all wiped out in an instant. Is the spirit of the other party even stronger than himself?

Is the other party a **** emperor? Suddenly a despair came into his mind!

"Your time is up!" Zhao Yuande slowly got up, and his wounds had healed, but the broken shirt was covered with blood stains at this time, as if it were a demon recovering from the tragic battlefield.

The man in white only felt a wave of weakness, and his power was like a low tide, re-suppressed into the body.

He looked at the terrifying character like a demon across the face in horror, and he began to retreat constantly!

"You have nowhere to go!"

Zhao Yuande stepped forward step by step, his eyes flashing insanely. He hadnt wanted to kill someone for so long!

The man in white had retreated to the statue at this time, and he showed madness in the eyes of the statue.

"Don't force me! If you force me again, I will summon my master!" The white man suddenly had a black token in his hand, and he pinched the token in his hand. "This is the **** demon order, as long as I Smash this token, and one of my Master Hell's three demon gods will drop the projection, no matter how powerful you are, you can't resist it!"

"The Hell Demon Order, which can summon the Hell Demon God, needs to consume a lot of essence blood, and the caster will be sacrificed for a thousand years of Shou Yuan."

Is there such a thing?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned. Was he really going to let this guy go, but he was extremely dangerous, and it would be troublesome if the seal could be unlocked after a while.

"No matter how strong the projection is, it will not be able to exert its strength as long as it does not exceed the realm of the Void Beast. You still give up your fantasies!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this problem. At this moment, they are in the belly of the Void Beast. In other words, but only a projection, Zhao Yuande felt that he should be able to cope with it instead.

"Okay! In that case, let's all die!" The white man saw Zhao Yuande's desire to let himself live, and he cruelly crushed the **** demon order in his hand.

The Hell Demon God was shattered, and suddenly a force of God and Demon continued to rumble in the space, an illusory door opened in the void, and a huge head drilled out of it.

The head was covered with a row of gritty corners, two long fangs were exposed outside the mouth, a pair of scarlet eyes, full of desire to kill, exactly like the face in the statue.

"What's the matter with you calling me, kid?" The huge head looked at the man in white. "Although we have the names of mentors and apprentices, but the calling conditions can't be changed, you can get me your blood and life!"

When the huge head opened his mouth, the man in white appeared to dry out like a gas balloon. At this moment, his face was wrinkled, and even his hair became white. His handsome face was never seen, only one disease remained. The old man is in distress.

"I want you... to kill them!" The man in white looked at Zhao Yuande and Lei Jiuzhou with madness in his eyes.

As soon as everyone saw this huge head, there was a sense of powerlessness in his heart. This guy even came directly across the border, which shows that his powerful unparalleled, even stronger than the Void Beast.

With this level of existence, they still have a way to live, I am afraid they can only wait to die!