Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Do Not Come

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"You mother's egg!" The black bear was furious, and she bit her mouth.

"Hey! Dare to bite me, I have to pluck your skin to eat your meat today!" Master Yijie's entire arm was bitten by Xiong blind man, tearing desperately.

He didn't care about his master's style anymore.


One person, one bear, suddenly fight together!

The audience around them had already gone, but when they saw the place, all of a sudden there was a spirit, and all of them hugged them all at once.

The young man who had been crying and crying on the side was relieved at this time and fled back to the Song family with tears.

Fighting together, one person and one bear, the two guys are evenly matched, and they both belong to the type with thick skin and flesh. After playing for a long time, they are shattered, but they still can't help each other.

"Hey! Two ancestors! Black wind, your pants are torn! Master Yijie has exposed your buttocks!" Zhao Yuande pulled aside, but was beaten back and forth by the fists and feet from the two guys. Only big moves can be released below.


The two guys stopped at the same time and instantly seemed to face the little girl of the gangster, covering their exposed buttocks.

"Hey! As for?" Zhao Yuande rolled their eyes in anger.

"As for! This has greatly affected the image of the poor monk!" Master Yijie remembered at this time and took a monk's clothes from the storage space and put it on his body.

"You have seriously slandered the image of Grandpa Xiong, Grandpa Xiong punishes you for making a pot of delicious pressure for a while!" Black Bear took out another big flower pants and put it on the street again.

"Yes, we must make a pot of delicious!" Master Yi Jie heard this sudden eyes thieves bright, no matter how good the posture of an expert.

When it comes to eating, the two guys suddenly have the same odor, and it seems that they have forgotten who the big shot was just now, and they began to walk together shoulder to shoulder.

And their two eyes at this time glanced towards Zhao Yuande from time to time. The girl's eyes looked at the affectionate girl as if they were affectionate, not as gentle as water.

Zhao Yuande's whole body was seen by the two guys, but in the end he was helpless and promised to give them a good meal.

The two guys met late and hated each other, as if the old friends had reunited. They talked about it endlessly. What they said was nothing more than delicious. What they eat can improve their cultivation, what they eat can detoxify and beauty, and what they eat can be more magnificent!

And Zhao Yuande was thrown aside by them and hung up.

"Black Wind! I heard that the Song family's Houshan had a kind of bird called the blast bird. It was designed specifically to convey information. It can fly thousands of miles every day. It is said that their wings are the best in the world. They eat and have special effects. "" When the crowd passed by a huge building, the first-order master suddenly looked at the building's mouth.

Zhao Yuande took a look, is this not the Song family?

"Oh! Blast Bird? How big? Is it enough for me to stop my teeth?" Heifeng's eyes lit up, and he continued to ask, "What special effects can it have? Is it to restore the essence and blood?"

"Restore your size!" Master Yijie slaps on the black bear. "Are you a male? Do you not understand the special effects? That is..."

"Oh!" Black Bear understood, Yang Tian Changxiao, excited pair of soybeans with red eyes, but he was only a little excited and deflated, and his head was buried in the black hair on his chest, "Grandpa Xiong's life Havent touched a female bear yet! A special function has a fart!"

"Haha! Another day, the poor monk grabbed a female bear for you and promised to satisfy you!" Yijie laughed.

"Really?" Heifeng rubbed his bear's paws excitedly, and the Harazi in his mouth whirled.

"..." Zhao Yuande was speechless!

He wanted to ask, are you a monk or a robber in a ring? Also want to ask, why are you so stupid and naive?

But he hadn't asked for both of these questions yet, and the door of the Song family was suddenly pushed open from the inside.

The dressed-up young man with flowers was walking out of the Song family with a group of menacing people.

A middle-aged woman with a half-old milfs beside the young man was touching the young man's head at this time, whispering something comforting.

"Mother! It's them, they beat me and scold me!" The youth suddenly saw the three people passing by the gate, plunging into the woman's arms, staring at the three while crying.

"I'm leaning!" Two people and one bear, this unreliable word popped out at the same time!

"Take them down. The two men were locked in the dungeons. The bear cut me the stew!" The woman screamed suddenly when she saw her son's sobbing and runny expression.

"Brothers! Come on!" Zhao Yuande slapped the backs of the two guys. The two guys were vigorously pushed and flew to the Song family.

"Roar! Zhao Yuande, your mother's egg!" The black bear bumped a Song Jiaqiang, turned his head and grinned at Zhao Yuande's teeth.

"Brother Zhao, you aren't authentic!" Master Yi Jie felt like he was flying, and the whole person flew up and landed directly in front of the middle-aged woman.

"The thief is bald, and today the old lady must knock your head off!" The woman threw her son away and flew towards the master of the ring with her teeth open.

The woman's cultivation is not weak, and she is also a strong man in Lingtai's pregnant divine state. Come.

"I rely on! The poor monk does not show his power, and you still think of me as a sick cat!" Master Yijie has an extra golden zen stick in his hand. He uses the zen stick as a long stick to wield it.

Zhao Yuande stood not far away and watched the battle cheerfully. The other party had only a middle-aged woman and a strong spiritual pregnant woman. Most of the others were ordinary disciples of the blood-sea god.

No matter how much this kind of practice comes up, it is not an opponent of Black Bear and Yijie.

Sure enough, after only seven or eight breaths, the Black Bear had laid down all Song family disciples. He grinned and walked towards the young man with flowers, and the bones that he squeezed and crackled while walking.

"You... what do you want to do with this bear spirit? You... don't come!" The young man shouted in despair, fled his legs and fled towards the Song family, but because of the tension, he was tripped by the Song family disciples lying on the ground He looked at the dark shadow approaching, and reached out desperately towards his mother, "Mother! Save me! Save me!"

"Hey! Grandpa Bear sees whether you are a man or a woman!" Black Bear rushed up excitedly and grabbed the young man's pants.

"Cala!" How could the pants withstand the black bear's violent tears, and suddenly revealed a white flowered thigh.

There were people all around me at this time, and no one could hold back the laugh when he saw this situation.

"This second aunt, on weekdays, I see him as unsightly, relying on his old lady's bullying goodness, deserve to be stripped!"

"Bah! This male and female product is disgusting when I see Lao Tzu. I can't eat it tonight!"

"Speak quietly, the name of the living ancestor of the Song family can't scare you, be careful that you are caught and cut your tongue!"

"Cut, so troublesome, this second aunt and her face are mixed here, Tumo Xingzi can drown him!"



The young man was lying on the ground, covering his legs desperately.

"Bah! He's a **** egg! You're clearly a male!" Black Bear glanced at him, and spit hard.

"Haha!" Master Yijie laughed wildly, and all the tears of laughter remained.