Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 683

Chapter 683: Wa Palace

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She flew out of the Void Beast's mouth and flew towards the broken passage in the distance.

Just after she flew into the passage, another person flew out of the mouth of the Void Beast, turned out to be the Dragon Emperor.

The emperor dragon emperor came to the channel with a gloomy face, and the four of them were released with a loose sleeve, except for the blood emperor!

It seems that the hegemon blood emperor finally learned from the Yongchang **** emperor and sacrificed himself to let everyone pass.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but change his view of the blood emperor, he did not expect that this person could actually sacrifice himself.

Soon after entering the passage, the crowd saw the void gate.

"Everyone remembers, you may have seen the strong in many places in the heavens and the world. Although they are all like you, they are all cultivated in the realm of the realm, but the combat strength is not necessarily weaker than you. Maybe you will still meet. Dont be arrogant and arrogant when you go to the fairy species in the fairy world and the pantheon!" Lei Zun solemnly told everyone, especially the eyes that looked at Lei Jiuzhou were full of sharpness.

"Kyushu, you have to study well with Zhao Yuande, he is not a mortal!" Lei Zun's ear heard the voice of Lei Zun.

Lei Jiuzhou nodded at Lei Zun, a hint of perseverance in his eyes.

"The next battle will depend on you!" Lei Zun sighed, as long as you can come out from the inside, the future of the starting realm is supported by you.

In silence, everyone felt an invisible, heavy load on their shoulders.

"Let's go! Let's go in." Lei Zun led everyone into the void gate.

When the light and shadow change, everyone seems to have experienced a long time travel.

After opening their eyes, they appeared on a vast continent.

This continent floats quietly in the void. There is only one magnificent building in the whole continent, and a temple that occupies almost half of the continent.

Everyone was stunned by the sight, and they could not help whispering.

"Too magnificent, this temple is probably as big as a big world!"

"Incredible! How was it built back then?"

"My heart is about to jump out!"


"Here is the source of all gods, the origin of all heavens and all miracles, miracles!" Lei Zun said in an unusually heavy tone, "Except for the ninety-nine innate gods that were born when the world was opened, all other species have their origins. Here, this is the palace of the Emperor Wa!"

"What kind of Emperor Wa's palace? The palace is so magnificent and huge, how big will Emperor Wa?"

"It is said that the Emperor Wa is known as the mother of the earth, and walks out to become the true monarch of the earth mother, and the body is bigger than a big world! Walking through the stars and covering the sky."

At this time, Zhao Yuande remembered the stone giant he met that year, Horn! This guy was imprisoned in the world of the East Emperor because of his huge body, which broke the Emperor's house. Could it be that the corner I saw was still a reduced version?

"Did you find that the atmosphere here is very familiar." Lei Jiuzhou quietly asked Zhao Yuande.

"It's true that there is indeed a familiar atmosphere, as if we originally belonged to this continent!" Zhao Yuande has felt for a long time, "It seems that this is really part of the world that was once the emperor of the East Emperor. The emperor cut it down and moved here, because we all spoke out from the East Emperor Great World, so I feel very kind here."

"I don't know if it will help us in the next move." Lei Jiuzhou expects to see a miracle.

"Maybe!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "Don't put all your hopes on such illusory things. Your own strength is the most important thing."

"I know"

At this time, the place where they appeared was a huge square. This square was suspended in mid-air. At this time, it is not known how many strong men came here.

They were all shocked by the huge palace in front of them, so now there is no time to pay attention to others.

But Zhao Yuande's eyes were constantly sweeping around these people, and he even found many familiar figures!

In the trial of Bajing Palace, the turtle spirit who was almost killed by the Heritage Hall.

The young master of the real emperor Xia family and the majestic tall woman Zhong Hong.

There is also Fengchi, a powerful presence that can fight Zhang Ling at this time also leading four young people to silently watch the hall.

What surprised him most was that he saw a character who should not have appeared here, Zhengde!

This guy's cultivation behavior didn't know why he fell from the realm of the world to the realm of the realm, and was following the old man with scars on his face.

Almost all the teams here are two or three emperors, four young people, but Zhengde stands with the scarred old man, and sees the powerful people around him who have great respect for the scarred old man. It seems to be a big man.

"Lei Zun, do you know that person?" Zhao Yuande whispered to Lei Zun quietly.

"That was a special envoy of Bajing Palace. I walked a lot in the heavens and earth. I have met one time. It is said that it has reached a limitless level and is a very powerful person." Lei Zun explained, "Did you provoke him?" "

"No! No, I'm just curious to ask, because the one next to him is the true virtue of our Eastern Emperor Great World!" Zhao Yuande quietly pointed at Zhengde.

"I know this person. It has only recently become popular, and I heard that his ancestor was the owner of the Eight Kings Palace of the Eastern Emperor Great World. Later, he was betrayed by his family servants. One of his ancestors survived and passed on to him. This generation is not easy. Recently, I met this special envoy. The special envoy knew his identity and came to the Eastern Emperor Great World, destroyed the three houses, and then took away this person. It seems that he is also expected to have high hopes this time!" Lei Zun seemed to know this very well.

Zhao Yuande knew at one thought that Lei Zun was the guardian of the Eastern Emperor Great World, and he was naturally obliged to come out and meet the powerful who came to the Eastern Emperor Great World genocide.

"You'd better have a good relationship with him, there will be great benefits in the future!" Lei Zun asked.

Make a good relationship! Zhao Yuande almost laughed out loud, how could he have a good relationship with him again, and it would be good if the two didn't fight once they met.

"Is there any hatred between you?" Lei Zun's face was not pretty.

"Yes! The two of us are simply incompatible!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

"This is troublesome, you must never reveal your identity in front of him! Otherwise, the envoy of the special envoy will probably be attracted. The Bajing Palace team is very short-sighted for its disciples, especially the master of Bajing Palace, but it is not weaker than Zhou's powerful existence, his short-term protection is famous!" Lei Zun asked.

"Got it! Thank you Lei Zun for reminding me!" Although Zhao Yuande said this on his lips, he did not take it for granted. Where did Lei Zun know that he was now a disciple of Bajing Palace, and he was a terrified person of great age, the apprentice of the owner of Bajing Palace, the name said Go out, I am afraid that Zhengde urine pants can be directly scared!

Just after everyone was shocked, suddenly the square where they were suspended in the sky began to fall slowly.

Finally fell in front of this huge building.