Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Not Qualified

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The two gates were tens of thousands of feet high, and three magnificent characters "Wa Palace" appeared in front of the people above the gates.

"These three words seem to imply the principle of infinite avenues. If I can understand it, I might be able to directly promote the real and virtual realm!" Some emperors suddenly saw different colors in these three big words, I want to learn from them the avenue.

"Huh! I don't know if the sky is thick and thick, can the Emperor Wa's way be understood by you? I don't even dare to think so!" The scarred envoy looked at the excited emperor with disdain, "Soon you will know what Its called wishful thinking."


Sure enough, as soon as the special envoy finished speaking, a **** emperor opened a mouthful of blood and his body exploded.

There were several loud noises one after another, and several **** emperors exploded into a blood mist on the spot!

"Is this the emperor's prestige?" Zhao Yuande gaped, only three words, and actually could make the powerful emperor such as the God Emperor blow up, what kind of terrible avenue is in it?

No one dared to read those three words anymore, and all lowered their heads!

"Click click!"

I don't know when the door cracked and a figure came out of it.

Everyone's eyes are focused on this person at this moment.

"How could..." Someone exclaimed.

Walking out of the gate is a boy of five or six years old, white and tender, very cute, and has a pair of big eyes.

But after these big eyes glanced at everyone, everyone felt the kind of indifference in the other person's eyes, as if they had no sense of existence in the child's eyes.

"My old man already knows your arrival, let me tell you, don't make a noise, my old man will come out to meet you soon!" Tong Zi's voice was clear, but the words spoken made everyone feel puzzled.

Zhao Yuande moved his mind, and the appraisal technique was directed at this boy.

But the information that appeared was a series of question marks.

Ok! I can't see through a child, it seems awesome here.

"Who is your master?" asked the emperor.

"I dare not mention the name of my lord, you are not qualified to mention it, just wait and wait!" The boy turned his head and walked into the gate, and the gate clicked and closed again.

"Master, do you know who this one is?" Zhengde has great respect for the special envoy, and he has become a disciple of this special envoy. It seems that he is really blessed.

"I don't know, but it may be a disciple of the Emperor Wa!" The envoy looked at the door and sighed a little, "The disciples of the Wa emperor are those who can be compared with some of the disciples of my master in Bajing Palace. We Really not qualified to know."

"Even the master is not qualified for you?" Zhengde was shocked. He knew how proud he was, and he didn't expect to get such a conclusion from his mouth.

"What am I! Although Xiuwei has reached a limitless realm, but this kind of practice is not in 10,000 and 8,000 in Bajing Palace. We are only the bottom of Bajing Palace! Only when it reaches the creation world is it a carp leaping dragon gate. Soaring into the sky! The youngest disciple of the old master has been suffering from retreat because of the low cultivation level. Soon he entered the world of creation. He returned to the Bajing Palace with great enthusiasm and received the attention of the master of the Bajing Palace. , I dont know when I will be able to enter this state!" The envoy was full of yearnings and was able to say this to Zhengde, which shows that he had high hopes for Zhengde.

"That's what it is!" Zhengde was a little talkative. Previously, he thought his ancestors were the masters of the Eight Kings Palace of the East Emperor Great World. He thought it was still a high weight, but he was still part of the envoy, and the envoy needed to look up This shows that the gap in status is too great. Others say that they are not qualified and really unqualified.

Zhao Yuande looked west in the middle of the crowd. He did not take the boy's words into his heart. Zhang Ling's status would never be worse than this old man.

He saw Fengchi. At this time, the three brothers of the Feng family were standing in front of Fengchi in a formal manner. They seemed to have great respect for Fengchi. Fengchi seemed to help them explain the origin of the boy.

It seems that the three brothers of the Feng family belong to the Feng family, and the blood veins should be thinner.

"That's..." Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a familiar figure, this figure was as thin as wood, but his body exuded a kind of grief, and no one dared to come around.

When Zhao Yuande saw this figure, he was a little dazed, and it was really a coincidence. Here he actually saw the little girl who rescued him under the black lake.

At that time, the young girl said that she was the ancestor of the Pantheon, called Gu Ling!

At this time, Gu Ling followed a few people from behind, and they obviously had a bit of fear and disgust in Gu Ling's eyes.

"Lei Zun, do you know where those people came from?" Zhao Yuande pointed to the people in front of Gu Ling.

"Those who seem to be the bones of the bone world, the bone elders of the bones in the front are bone shocks! What's wrong? Do you know that little girl?" Lei Zun had already noticed Zhao Yuande's eyes and stared at Gu Ling. .

"She once saved me once!" Zhao Yuande nodded and answered.

"They are the people of the Pantheon, we still don't have too much contact now, there is no taboo when we get out of here." Lei Zun asked again, "You know, they represent the Pantheon, and we represent the fairy world!"

"I know that she is the skeletal successor of the Pantheon. But since the ancestors of the Pantheon can come directly here, why doesn't the fairy world send people down?" Zhao Yuande raised the question that had existed for a long time.

"The immortal world had a civil unrest 100 years ago. The reason was that the daughter of an immortal emperor was killed. This is just a fuse, which detonated the entire unrest of the immortal world. There are constant wars." Lei Zun's face was worried.

"Why didn't the king of the fairy emperor come forward to stop?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"The king of immortal emperor has been closed for millions of years. It is said that he was attacked and killed by a strong presence. Some people said that he was hitting the final level and he could not escape. Others said that he had broken through the final state and followed the footsteps of the emperor to the sea of chaos. Go deep."

"It turns out so!"

Zhao Yuande got so much information at once and needed to digest it.

He stopped asking questions and did not pay attention to Gu Ling for the time being, but began to carefully sort out what Lei Zun just said.

I don't know how long it took, the two doors were suddenly pushed open from inside.

The boy stood on the high steps and beckoned to everyone: "You can come in, but don't touch anything inside."

After the boy finished speaking, he turned and re-entered the hall.