Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Step

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The crowd followed suit and entered the hall.

As soon as they entered the hall, everyone immediately felt their insignificance.

Everything here is huge. A pillar is tens of miles thick. These pillars are like pillars of the sky, and I dont know how high they are. Anyway, with the eyesight of everyone, I cant see how tall they are.

A huge sculpture stands on both sides of the hall, each of which is thousands of miles high. Their bodies exude a sense of ancient vicissitudes, letting people know that they have spent the infinite years at a glance.

There is a statue with a snake head, standing not far from them. Surrounding the statue is a huge pool of tens of thousands of feet. If it is outside, it can no longer be described by the pool. It can be said to be an ocean!

In this pool, thousands of feet of golden big fish came out of the water, looking at the people who came in curiously.

"These golden fishes have real and virtual realms at each end!" The envoy's complexion has changed. Even if the pets he raises are real and virtual realms, it is simply unimaginable here. It is more magnificent than the Eight View Palace he has ever seen. Incredible.

Although these golden fish did not deliberately exude a strong momentum, but the unconsciously revealed strength made them feel really weak.

Almost everyone was silent, and at this time they really knew why the child saw them as if they saw a group of irrelevant ants. His eyes were not contempt, but a kind of accustomed silence.

For example, on the road you pass by every day, there is a group of ants. You will squat down on the first day to see it, and you may go to tease the next day, on the third day, the fourth day... after that, you will definitely lose this group of ants. Ant's interest.

The child's speed is incredible, and everyone can catch up with it only to catch up.

"Can we fly?" Suddenly such a thought appeared in someone's mind.

"I don't think so. Look at the top of your head!" Someone pointed to the top of the head.

The man looked up at the place where his finger was pointing, and his face suddenly turned pale.

Around a thick pillar, a silver bat hangs upside down. These bats have long tails, and there are a pair of claws between the chest and abdomen. They are not huge, just like ordinary people, but A pair of black eyes stared at all of them.

"What monsters are these?"

"I don't know, but I always feel that their eyes are not good, and they seem to be unfriendly to us."

"That's a warrior bat, a powerful species lost in ancient times. Every head can bear a real dragon. It is estimated that the **** emperor is as vulnerable as a baby in their hands."


Everyone took a breath. It was terrible.

"My God, look over there, there seems to be a golden dragon huddled on the pillar!" Lei Jiuzhou's eyes were straight, and the creatures appearing here were getting stronger and stronger, making his fragile little heart more and more Unbearable.

"Barbarian, how do you feel the blood of that golden dragon?" Lei Zun asked the barbarian **** emperor around him.

"This is definitely the first heir of the dragon ancestor who appeared in the world!" The dragon emperor's expression is complex, which is definitely his ancestor.

"The first generation of heirs, what kind of state have you reached till now?" At this time, even Lei Zun couldn't calm down.

"There are also...White Tiger, Xuanwu, Suzaku, Divine Phoenix, Unicorn, Teng Snake..." The more people walked, the stronger their heartbeat. This is a temple, it is a temple, a temple where God lives!

These powerful beings watched the people indifferently, neither stopped nor made any sound, they were separated like statues on both sides of the hall.

I don't know how long they walked, they walked around the pond, carefully passed the legendary beasts, and finally came to a step.

I don't know how high this step is. Anyway, when I look up, I can only see a misty cloud, and I can't see the end of the step. Each step is made of the most perfect jade, with a height of tens of feet, and everyone feels a great force rippling on the steps before approaching the steps.

The child's body was light, and he jumped up and down a few steps.

Someone wanted to jump up the stairs and suddenly felt like there was an invisible wall in front of them as if they were outside.

"You are waiting for the master's summons below!"

All of them stood silently under the steps, and their faces were shocked and helpless.

Originally, they were a powerful presence in their own big world, and they were all trembling everywhere, but after entering this hall, they felt like they had become a group of weak ants.

This feeling is very uncomfortable!

I don't know how long I waited, and the child bounced down the steps again.

"Candidates in all fields remain, let others leave!" The child pointed with a finger, and a light door appeared in front of everyone. "Through this light door, you can reach the Eastern Emperor Great World!"

The **** emperors, as well as several strong men above the **** emperor, silently walked into the light gate.

What was supposed to have been told has already been told, and the rest can only be seen by their own fortune.

"As for you candidates, if you want to get a real qualification, then start to climb the stairs!" The child pointed to the light door that has not disappeared. "If someone feels that he can't climb up, he can leave directly through the light door! Remember , This is the only chance to quit!"

The rest are all proud of each domain, how can they think that they are not as good as others, and none of them looks at the light door, but all gazes at the top of the steps, they want to know what will live in this place. who?

"It seems that this step is not difficult!" Lei Jiuzhou jumped to the first level, and felt very relaxed. It seemed not as difficult as imagined.

Zhao Yuande and Xia Fantian also jumped up, and there was no difficulty.

They continued to jump to the second, third, and fourth steps... When they jumped to the tenth step, they suddenly felt a heavy pressure on their bodies, as if there was a Dayue directly pressed on them.


Dongfang Wan suddenly screamed. She didn't expect that the pressure would suddenly become so heavy. She suddenly fell back.

"Be careful!"

Zhao Yuande grabbed her by the arm, and suddenly felt that another mountain was pressing down against him, and his body stood up one by one and the two were no different to him.

Dongfang Wan stabilized his heels and gave Zhao Yuande a grateful glance, but said nothing.


At this time, someone was careless and fell down directly when reaching the tenth level.

However, this man did not have the luck of Dongfang Wan and fell directly to the first floor.

When I tried to rush up the stairs again, I found that there seemed to be an invisible wall in front of him, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not climb.

The man shook his head helplessly and walked into the light door that had not disappeared.