Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 688

Chapter 688: Sow And Man

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Soon he found several familiar figures, Zhengde, Emperor Xuanyuan, the reincarnation of the innate **** demon, and the bones of the Pantheon.

Seeing Gu Ling, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown a little. If he meets this little girl later, can he do it?

But he was a little relieved that the young master of the real imperial Xia family and that Zhong Hong did not appear here. He still had some admiration for the person of Zhong Hong and did not want to kill her.

When Zhao Yuande looked at Lei Jiuzhou again, they found that the two people he was worried about were talking to Xia Fantian, and it seemed that their expressions had long been known.

Zhao Yuande suddenly realized that they were both surnamed Xia, maybe they were really a family, and it seemed that their alliance was a little stronger.

"Okay! Now that you have your own choices, let's get started!" The old man took a deep breath and raised all his strength. He first reached out to Zhao Yuande and the others.

Zhao Yuande only felt that the sky was dark at once, and a huge space force swallowed them all at once.

He only felt that his eyes were dark. When he opened his eyes again, a huge mountain appeared in front of him.


He had just stood firm, and suddenly heard the sound of roaring beasts in front of him, and the angry cry of people.

"Where is this place?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder. There was a feeling of barrenness here, which was similar to the wildness of the Eastern Emperor Great World. "Let's go and see first!"

Zhao Yuande wanted to rise to the sky and found that he had been suppressed to practice. He now has no trace of cultivation and the power of the soul, only the strong physical body remained unchanged.

In desperation, he had to run.

Soon he appeared in front of a mountain forest, and the roar of the beast came from the forest.


A huge tree collapsed, and two burly and tall teenagers flew out of the mountain forest. They had blood in the corners of their mouths, and they even scratched their bodies.

One of the teenagers had strong brows and big eyes, full of bravery. When he saw Zhao Yuande, he was stunned for a while, and then shouted: "Run, the Silver Moon Wolf King is out!"

"Silver Moon King?" Zhao Yuande thought the name was familiar. It seemed to be a fierce beast at the beginning of the ninth order. It was active in the Eastern Emperor and Great World in ancient times and has now disappeared.

He looked at the two young men again. They did not have the slightest spiritual power. Instead, they were physically strong, and they could fight against the powerful men of the world alone.


A loud roar came again, and a huge figure suddenly jumped out of the mountain forest and rushed towards the two teenagers.

The eyes of despair showed in the eyes of the two young men. Although they were strong in flesh and their fighting power was amazing, but this was a holy beast, they could not resist at all. It would be impossible for them to wrestle with it for so long without the favorable terrain in the forest. .

"Brother, don't be afraid! The soldiers are dying on the battlefield. We have a good guy eighteen years later!" The thick-eyed big-eyed boy patted the shoulder of another boy, showing fearlessness about death.

"Good! Another good guy eighteen years later!" The other boy was also full of excitement.

The two stood shoulder to shoulder, looking at the Silver Moon Wolf King.

But the next moment they froze, because they saw the figure of the Silver Moon Wolf King suddenly stopped in the air.

What's the matter? Are we blind?

They looked backwards along the body of the Silver Moon Wolf King, only to see that the young man who looked weak and could not help the wind just now, pinched the Silver Moon Wolf King's hind leg with one hand.

Zhao Yuande grabbed the silver moon wolf king's hind leg, and then fell **** the mountain behind him.


The body of the Silver Moon Wolf King smashed **** the mountain stone, smashing the small half of the mountain body, and a large crater with a depth of dozens of feet appeared on the mountain body. The mountain stone has become a powder, flying all over the sky.


The Silver Moon Wolf King was painful and roared angrily, wanting to return to tear the opponent with his claws.

"It's really not a long memory!"

Zhao Yuande once again poured the body of the Silver Moon Wolf King on the ground.


The silver moon wolf king roared grimly.

"Do you really remember eating or not!" Zhao Yuande rounded his shoulders, left and right, left and right...


The two standing by Zhao Yuande soon appeared two big pits, among which stone debris flew.

The Yinyue Wolf King finally groaned, and the living back Zhao Yuande shattered the bones of his body and whistled.

At this time, the two teenagers looked dumbfounded, their heads swaying left and right with the swing of the Silver Moon Wolf King, as if enchanted.

"Hi! Two brothers, wake up!" Zhao Yuande lost the Silver Moon Wolf King and came to the two young men.

"Ah! Dead..." The thick-eyed big-eyed boy looked at the silver moon wolf king on the ground and was dumbfounded!

"Dead!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, "Where is this place?"

"This is wild, we are warriors of the Boulder Tribe!" another boy replied hurriedly.

Tribe teenagers worship heroes. Zhao Yuande just saved them and showed great strength, so it is easy to get the favor and respect of the two people.

Quite wild? Boulder tribe?

Zhao Yuande frowned a little. Am I not participating in the trial of the Wa Palace? How come here? Has the trial started now?

But I have no idea what the purpose of the trial is?

"My name is Shi Chongtian, this is my younger brother Shi Chongxiao, what is this big brother's name?" Shi Chongtian, who has thick eyes and big eyes, introduced them to Zhao Yuande.

"My name is Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande replied subconsciously, "Oh, but I don't like this name very much, I prefer others to call me fourteen!"

"Why is it called XIV? Isn't it the XIV at home? Your grandma can really have more births than my mother's sow!" Shi Chongxiao asked happily.

Zhao Yuande's black line all over his face, what he said was really...

But looking at the other person's smirk, he knew that the other person was a rectum, and he said whatever he thought, not intentionally.

"Brother, don't talk nonsense!" Obviously Shi Chongtian still had some distractions. Seeing Zhao Yuande's face was not good-looking, he immediately kicked his brother's foot. "Can the sow compare with others?"

"Yeah! I mean the elder brother of the fourteenth is better than the sow! Why are you kicking me! Then kicking me, I'm annoyed with you!" Shi Chongxiao looked at his brother a bit wrongly, but the brother continued His feet annoyed him, preparing to fight here with his brother.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand: "Okay, okay! The two brothers don't make trouble, Chong Xiao is actually right."

Shi Chongxiao is obviously a little silly and thick. Looking at the muscle pimples on them, he knows that his brain must also be full of muscles, otherwise he will not talk like this without thinking about the brain.

"Hey! Brother, look, the fourteenth brother said I was right." Shi Chongxiao heard Zhao Yuande say he was right, and suddenly opened his mouth with joy.

"Okay! Fourteenth brother, don't blame him, this man..." Shi Chongtian pointed his head.

"Brother! I want to fight you!"