Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 689

Chapter 689: Granny

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Watching the two brothers fighting between you and me, Zhao Yuande held his forehead in hand, and he suddenly felt very weak.

Soon the brothers decided the victory and defeat, Shi Chongxiao was kicked by his brother, obediently admit defeat, the two brothers quickly returned to good.

"14th Brother? What are you doing?" Shi Chongxiao asked curiously.

"I think..." Zhao Yuande felt that with these two brothers, he was wondering whether this was a test for him!

"Let's go! Fourteenth brother, I will take you to our stockade and have a drink! Dad will be very happy!" Shi Chongtian took Zhao Yuande and invited him.

"I help the fourteenth brother drag the silver moon wolf king!" Shi Chongxiao volunteered to drag the silver moon wolf king a dozen feet long and left.

"In addition to a piece of skin, this Silver Moon Wolf King is basically a pool of rotten meat! Do we still need to stay?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"You don't know, eleventh brother, the skin of the Silver Moon Wolf King is the most valuable. This piece of leather is quite complete. At least in the big city, you can get a good set of bows and arrows!" Shi Chongtian walked with Zhao Yuande. Explained.

They walked while chatting, and soon appeared in front of a majestic cottage.

This cottage was built on a mountain. In front of the village, there was a big river flowing slowly. The river was clear and bottomless, and big fat fish wandered in the river.

"14th Brother! This is the cottage of our Jushi Tribe!" Shi Chongtian looked at Zhao Yuande with a look of pride.

"Good! Magnificent and tall!" Zhao Yuande has seen too many buildings, especially not long ago I saw that the Wa Palace was occupying the entire continent. How magnificent that was. Now that I am looking at this cottage, there is no such kind. Amazing feeling.

"Fourteenth brother, come with us!" Shi Chongtian took Zhao Yuande on the suspension bridge.

"Xiao Chongtian, Xiao Chongxiao! You are back, and you brought a guest, this is... Silver Moon Wolf King, you killed?" Walking across the suspension bridge, a fierce man in front of the walled gate made two The guy waved and said hello. When he saw the silver moon wolf king dragged by Shi Chongxiao, his eyes widened.

"Uncle Shiman, this was killed by the eleventh brother. The fourteenth brother saved us. We want to bring him back to visit our village." Shi Chongtian touched the back of his head with some embarrassment.

"Oh! Since you were saved, you are friends. Bring your friends in!" The fierce man has muscular knots all over his body. He looks like a steel tower standing here. He looks up and down at Zhao Yuande. His nose keeps shaking and seems to smell the smell. But in the end, it was clear that Zhao Yuande passed him.

Zhao Yuande could clearly feel that this fierce Uncle Shiman's physical strength has reached an unbelievable level, and he is not even weaker than himself!

This makes him a little shocked, but a person who guards the gate of the cottage is so powerful. I don't know to what extent the owner of the cottage will reach it?

"Chongtian Brothers, how strong is Uncle Shiman?" Zhao Yuande could not help asking Shi Chongtian around him.

"Uncle Shiman is one of the three strong men in our cottage, and he can fight against alligator dragons with his bare hands!" Shi Chongtian proudly said, "Only the most powerful warriors are eligible to guard outside the city gates. At that time, Uncle Shiman defeated several Ten opponents got this opportunity."

"That's what it is!" Zhao Yuande realized that the original idea of this wilderness cottage was simpler and simpler.

Most of the buildings in the cottage are made of stone or wood, but they are built with very rough methods, which gives people a savage and simple taste at first glance.

The two brothers of Shi Chongtian seem to be very famous in the cottage. Almost every passing Shi people will greet them enthusiastically, and then use a very special sniff to identify Zhao Yuande, which makes Zhao Yuande wonder.

"Chongtian brothers, why do they sniff me with their noses?" Zhao Yuande asked puzzled.

"They want to see if you have the smell of the devil, whether it is a spy sent by the devil." Shi Chongtian said.

"Devil? What do they look like?" Zhao Yuande warned, he didn't expect to hear the word devil here. Is it my task to kill the demon?

"Demons... Actually they look exactly like us, but they are full of insidious and cunning smell. They kill mercilessly. They can kill their loved ones for their own little benefit. They claim to be cultivators! We prefer to call them demons!" Shi Chongtian said with angry expression on his face. "Just last month, I saw a bunch of demons rush into the mountains and a small tribe to rush everyone in the tribe. Kill them all, they are just for a wooden spirit bead! If it wasnt for Attila who was pulling me, I would rush to fight with them!"

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande let out a breath in his heart. He couldn't help feeling angry at the other party's evil deeds. He couldn't help but ask, "Where does the demon live?"

"Of course it is the Devil City! Oh, it is also called Huaxu City! Their leader is a monster with a snake head, known as the ancestor of the human being! But our elder Shi Lei said that they live with a devil in their hearts, and they are the container of the devil! "What Shi Chongtian said made Zhao Yuande stunned.

In the legend of the Eastern Emperor Great World, Huaxu is the mother of Waxu. I came to participate in the trial of Waxu Palace. How could I be mixed with these Huaxu rebels? Should I kill the people here to complete? Trial?

Zhao Yuande shook his head hard and secretly blamed himself. How could I have such an idea! These people are simple, kind and hospitable, how could I start with them.

However, he thought twice about what the other party said that the cultivator is a demon. This sentence really makes sense!

In order to be more powerful, some practitioners will slaughter mortals without any care! Some are even brotherly for the sake of a little status in the family! Especially the struggle for monarchy is simply inhumane and humane.

Is such a human still a human? They are even more brutal and fierce than demons, and they feel more intolerable than demons.

"Dad! Granny! I brought a friend!" Shi Chongtian came to a large stone house and yelled into the stone house.

"Haha! My two little guys are making friends!" A bold laugh came out, and a majestic man who looked like a gorilla came out and saw Zhao Yuande shrugging his nose before he left. Came up and looked at Zhao Yuande up and down.

"My little cutie is back! There is no injury today, let me see!" A figure appeared in a whirlwind in front of everyone.

When Zhao Yuande saw the woman, her almost shocked chin fell to the ground.

This woman was taller and more majestic than the big man next to her, and her arms were so thick that she could run a horse. She grabbed the two brothers one by one and pulled them into her arms, rubbing their faces hard.

The two brothers were rubbed and rubbed in the face of Zhao Yuande by their mothers, their faces flushed for a while.

"Grandma! We are all grown-ups, don't squeeze our faces anymore! I'm still bringing my friends here!" Shi Chongtian struggled hard, but couldn't get rid of Grandma's big palms.

"Dad! Speak quickly!" Shi Chongxiao looked at his father for help.

"Oh! What is your little brother's name, where is your family... come, we will sit in the house!" Dahan seemed to not hear his son's help, and dragged Zhao Yuande into the house.

Zhao Yuande looked dumbfounded. This family is really... really amazing.