Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Turns Out You Are A Cow

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"You look at the old things, your wife and son are bullied to death!" Although the middle-aged woman tried her best to resist, she was not an opponent of the ring, and she yelled to the Song family.

"Hey! A few friends are merciful!" A sigh came from the Song family, and a middle-aged man who seemed to be honest was walking out of the gate.

Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of something, with a finger.

"Song Zhenlin, the current owner of the Song family, in the early stage of the yin and yang integration, the body of the wild cattle... low-level ingredients, no matching recipes."

Sure enough! Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a happy face, he understood a little bit, it turned out that he could cross one of the two realms to strengthen his intelligence!

"Dad! They... they..." The young man looked up at the middle-aged man, his face full of fear and grievances.

"Old stuff, Ming'er let them scourge! How can you let your child have a face to see people in the future!" The middle-aged woman pointed at the middle-aged man and gritted her teeth, but was helpless.

"Huh! It's best if this son doesn't go out! Look at who is not secretly laughing in the windy city. Song Zhenlin has a second aunt son, and you not only indulge in teaching trouble, but my old face is lost by the two of you! "The middle-aged man pointed at his wife and children in angry rage, and his body shook with rage.

"But he is our son after all!" The middle-aged woman looked at the son who was lying on the ground trembling with tears in her eyes.

"If it weren't for your indulgence, this rebellious son would be able to pass the market like this, and he can dress up as a boy or a woman!" Song Zhenlin shook his sleeves, and a gust of wind swept the young people on the ground into the Song family. If it is still the case after the year, I will shoot him directly!"

"Mother! Save me... I don't want to be locked up!" The voice of the young man pleaded.

"But..." The middle-aged woman couldn't bear it.

"It's nothing! Over the years, this son has ruined all my good reputation in the Song family!" Song Zhenlin learned his wife and children, turned his head, looked at Zhao Yuande, and frowned, coldly, " Although my son is wrong, he is, after all, the son-in-law of my Song family. It is my son of Song Zhenlin. The three of you bullied him so much. This is Chi Guoguo who hit me on Song Zhenlin's face.

"Hi! Old stuff, Grandpa Xiong disciplines your son for you. Not only do you not thank you, but also show this face to Grandpa Xiong! You are Grandpa Xiong, I'm afraid you won't succeed!" Black Bear knows that he is not the opponent of Song Zhenlin, but There is also a ring and Zhao Yuande around him, he believes that the strength of the three people is not afraid of each other.

"This donor, this is your fault! As the so-called son is not a godfather, your son is a second aunt, indicating that you are not disciplined, but you are blaming your wife, but you are really **** on your ass. See you!" Yi Jie also walked slowly beside the black bear, and the two guys stood together to give people an urge to beat people.

Zhao Yuande still didn't want to talk. The two guys stood together. He didn't even have a chance to intervene, and every word they said could make people feel guilty.

"You are really new born calves and not afraid of tigers!" Song Zhenlin's face was cold and his mouth twitched. His exquisite Song family head was insulted by two juniors at his doorstep, no matter how calm he was, he would be mad.

"Old stuff! You can't even say that your mother is an egg, Grandpa Bear is a bear! Not a cow!" The black bear grinned and was regarded as a cow. This is the first time.

"This donor, the poor monk is a human, not a cow! And, you are not a tiger. Even if you are really a tiger, the poor monk can slap and die!" The first-order unwilling to raise his eyebrows to Song Zhenlin, That was Chiguoguo's provocation.

"!" Song Zhenlin was rushed to the crown with anger, and he didn't say a word anymore, the whole body's spirit exploded, and a huge wild cow phantom slowly condensed behind him.


He yelled violently, his body merged with the phantom, turned into a huge barbarian, and rushed towards the two guys.

"Haha! It turns out that you are the cow!" The black bear sneered, and the slap of his hand unexpectedly pulled towards the master Yijie who was around him. "Bald, let's go first!"

Master Yijie thought of being calculated by his own people, and his body flew towards the wild cow involuntarily.

"Bear Blind! You wait for me!"

The master of Yi Jie was angry, but he was not at all chaotic. He waved the caduceus in his hands. After a dull sound, an illusory golden clock rushed out, heading towards the barbarian opposite.

"Moo! It's the true spirit zen stick of the Heavenly Zen Academy!" Song Zhenlin was shocked when he saw this scene.

The True Spirit Zen Rod is one of the three treasures of the Heavenly Zen Academy. It is an acquired spirit treasure. The person who can hold the True Spirit Zen Rod is necessarily the biography of the Master of the Heavenly Zen Academy.

Tianchen Temple is a powerful force at the same level as Luoxue Temple and Zhenyang Sect. The master of the courtyard is a world powerhouse who has obtained the Buddha's true position, and he is not afraid to hurt this strong disciple who gave him a hundred guts. .

Song Zhenlin is a strong man in a yin and yang unity. He just hit it with all his strength. Even a fierce beast of the fifth-order peak can be killed directly. He hurriedly took the seven points and suffocated himself.

"Children of Tianchenyuan, we have something to say!" He hurriedly stopped, and in case something happened, he could not afford this responsibility.

"Boom!" The golden clock collided with Song Zhenlin's bull.

The big bell annihilated in the impact, but the sound of the bell was trembling. Song Zhenlin felt his head dizzy at that time. If it was not for the support of the powerful spirit, he could fall directly to the ground.

"Haha! Grandpa Xiong also came to teach you!" The black bear saw Zong Zhenlin's body swaying, thinking that there was a bargain, and excitedly roared, and Xiong's palm fiercely shot towards Song Zhenlin's head.

Song Zhenlin is a strong man with a combination of yin and yang. Although he is almost fainted by the bell, but the power contained in him is incomparable by the black bear, he subconsciously counterattacked the black bear. .

"Bang!" The two claws hit each other, making a loud noise.

"Oops! You are a swindler!" The black bear was shot directly out of this palm, hitting the Songjia high wall not far away, and directly breaking a large courtyard wall.

"The Donor! Eat me another stick!" Yi Jie saw the black bear being photographed flying, with a gloating expression on his face, but did not listen to Song Zhenlin's words, and rushed up again with a Zen stick.

"Ding Dong Ping Pong!"

The true spirit Zen stick was spurred by his dance, and the song Song Zhenlin played only had the ability to parry and did not fight back!

Song Zhenlin's heart is suffering!

At this time, if there were only two of them, he would kill the other without hesitation, but now it is on the street, people are coming and going, countless practitioners are watching the lively, if he hurt the other, the Tianchen Academy can not spend an hour. You will know that he can't bear the consequences, so he can only quietly parry!