Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 691

Chapter 691: Enemy Attack

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A sound of a brutal beast trampled on the earth came from afar, and the wild bulls they ridden into the cottage.

"The group of demons entered the depths of the forest, as if they were tracking a six-winged golden-winged tiger!" Shiman Leaps and the Bull Cow waved his arms at the crowd to signal everyone not to be nervous.

"Six-winged golden-winged tiger! That's a half-beast. Are they so powerful? They can even chase this kind of murderous creature." Someone's face suddenly showed a shocking light.

"They have a lot of people, at least hundreds of them, each of them is strong, and they are all strong men who have passed the eighth order." Shi Man looked a little dignified, commanding several Dahan Dao, "Now raise the suspension bridge, archer All go up the arrow tower to prevent them from sneaking in."

Shi Man was very prestigious in the cottage. As soon as he spoke, many people took action, and the cottage fell into vigilance.

If the people of Huaxu City really came to sneak attack, he felt that Yu Qingli had every reason to help this group of simple barbarians to resist. He originally planned to leave and decided not to go for the time being.

At night, Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged on a tall stone house, looking at the stars, and couldn't help thinking about a problem.

Where is he now? Is it still in the huge Wa Palace that occupies more than half of the continent? Here the stars are dazzling, and a stream of star power falls from the sky, and it looks like it is not fake.

"14th Brother! What are you doing here, Dad told you to drink!" Shi Chongtian jumped up to the roof and looked at Zhao Yuande.

"I came out to be quiet." Zhao Yuande smiled.


A sharp air blast suddenly sounded in the distance, as if something was rushing in this direction at an incredible speed.

"Not good!" Zhao Yuande shouted, and under his eyes, saw a sharp arrow flying towards an arrow tower not far away.


On the arrow tower, a man of the stone clan fell down, and an arrow feather in front of his chest was trembling rapidly.

"Enemy attack! A demon has attacked our cottage!" Shi Chongtian beside Zhao Yuande shouted loudly.

Almost at the same time, the whole cottage boiled up suddenly, and countless great Han Chiguo rushed out of the stone house.


Arrows flew through the air, shooting down a few big dodgers who could not dodge. The arrows seemed to be coated with some kind of venom. These big guys all twitched when they were shot. They instantly lost their ability to resist.

"Put me on the armor!" Shiman was the first to rush up the city wall. He was carrying a pair of huge axe in his hand. The axe was very heavy. Even the city wall had a heavy voice and made a squeak.

Many stone clan lords rushed back to the house again, put on their armor and carried their weapons, and killed them angrily.

It was dark at this time, although there were stars in the sky, but it was still difficult to see things beyond tens of feet.

Now the enemies could not see clearly there, only to see the arrows coming out of the air.

"His mother's, how can I fight! Let's hide it!" Shi Man looked at the city wall for a while and was almost shot by several arrows, but he couldn't even see his shadow.

"Go and inform the high priest! He should have a way!" A stone clan rushed to the stone house of the high priest.

But at this time, a bright light suddenly broke out in the high priest's house, and the light penetrated the sky, illuminating the whole land at once.

Outside the city walls, a group of people hidden in the night suddenly showed itself.

The light was so strong that it shook the eyes of this group of people, and their eyes were suddenly in a trance, and they were suddenly blind.

"Shoot Lao Tzu, shoot this group of dogs and **** him!"

Shiman shouted in excitement. At this time, he grabbed a bow and arrow in the hands of a Shi Han and shot an arrow at the group of people.


Blood splattered, a person was pierced through the chest, the body was exploded into pieces on the spot, and blood was sprayed out instantly, covering the entire body of the people around him.

These stone clan Han people usually hunt in the mountains, relying on bows and arrows. Basically, everyone is a **** archer, but in just a few moments, there are more than 30 teams of archers. They shot into a honeycomb.

"High priest! High priest! High priest!"

All the stone warriors shouted in excitement, and only the high priest could create this kind of miracle, and only the high priest could lead them to victory.

"Damn! Damn! Charge me all, kill these barbarians, and steal their treasure!"

Suddenly, an angry and corrupt voice came from afar.

When Zhao Yuande heard this voice, he knew that the owner of the voice was very young, and he was probably a teenager.


A large group of strong men dressed in black came out of the forest and rushed towards the cottage,

"Shoot them!" Shiman wanted to reapply his old skills, but he found that all of these guys could fly into the sky and were extremely fast, and they had already rushed into the cottage before the bow and arrow.

A young man appeared violently outside the city under the guard of two old men. This young man had a strong killing intent on his face.

"A group of **** slaves, barbarians! How dare you kill my thirty condor shooters, and I'm going to destroy your whole family and burn your kennel!" The young boy was full of energy, pointing to the gate of the cottage, "Give I blast away!"

"Yes! Young Master!"

One of the old men grinned and took a step, punching the void into the gate.


The gate shattered and the suspension bridge landed on the water.

"I want to witness the destruction of these barbarians!" The young man stepped on the suspension bridge as if walking in a stroll, and then strode into the cottage.

At this time, many soldiers in the cottage had already fought with the group of black strong men.

Although there are only more than one hundred people in black, they are well-trained and have good evidence to fight back and forth. Two or three people will soon reap the lives of this group of men.

"Abba!" Shi Chongtian screamed sorrowfully. He saw his father being penetrated into the back by a knife in black, and suddenly made an angry roar and rushed down the roof.

Zhao Yuande also felt a little bloody, these simple Shizu people also greeted themselves happily yesterday, but now they are beheaded by these black strong men one by one, he feels he needs to do something.

He jumped off the roof and rushed towards the three nearest men in black. At this time they were besieging a big man. The big man had two knives in his body, but he still fought with each other with red eyes. He could not retreat because he was behind them. 'S family is the old woman and the child.


Zhao Yuande only felt blood boiling, and punched him in the chest with a punch in front of a black man.

"Little guy, hide!" Dahan watched Zhao Yuande rushing over, suddenly anxious, trying to stop the three people and let Zhao Yuande escape.

"Uncle! Rest assured!"

Zhao Yuande's flesh is a bit stronger than Shiman. This fist contains his anger.

"Dead!" The corner of the mouth of the man in black cracked, and he didn't look at Zhao Yuande at all. He cut the fist in his hand towards Zhao Yuande's fist.

But at the next moment, he froze. His short knife was like a broken iron piece. He punched the opponent with a punch, and an irresistible force was uploaded from the handle. He panicked back and forth and wanted to remove this one. Power, but it is late!

Zhao Yuande flicked his head straight away.