Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Nonsense Can't Improve Combat Effectiveness

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"Die to me!"

Zhao Yuande smashed his head in one punch and turned towards another man in black.

The two other men in black hadn't reacted yet, and they were shocked when they saw that their companions had their heads removed.

He knew what kind of masters he met, they wanted to retreat, but the big man's body blocked them like a wall.

"If you want to go, let's stay for the first time!" Dahan saw Zhao Yuande brave and invincible, and immediately beheaded an opponent. His morale surged, and he showed his extraordinary strength. He punched a man in black with a punch.

And the man in black chased by Zhao Yuande was chased by Zhao Yuande before he ran out of two steps. The strong flesh and invulnerable defense made this guy instantly killed by Zhao Yuande.


The big man caught up with the man in black and screamed in excitement at his killing, rushing in the direction of the other companions.

And just at this time, Shi Chongtian's home suddenly sounded a roaring roar.

Shi Chongtian's grandma, the majestic grandma, rushed out of the house with a huge mace in hand.

"The man who hurts me, the old lady hammers you!"

Grandma's huge body, as if a terrible hurricane blew across the ground, several black men were turned over by the person she hit.

She rushed to Shi Chongtian's dad and watched the **** wound on the back of her man was still lying on the blood, and the person was still fighting with the black man in blood.

"Give me a break!" Grandma grabbed her man and threw it aside, and the huge mace slammed into the man in black opposite.

When the man in black saw this gorilla-like woman, he was suddenly terrified. At this moment, he didn't rush to dodge at all.

However, it is conceivable that the end of the game was smashed into a mud by the huge mace.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yuande suddenly put down a heart and began to focus on his killing.

His fighting consciousness is very strong, and he is unparalleled. Although the weapon in the opponents hand is sharp, he cant hurt him at all. Even if he directly pierces his skin, he cant break his skin, but he can take a punch at this time. Solve opponents.

His figure flickered, and he killed seven or eight people in black in a flash.

And the grandma in the sky over there is simply a humanoid female tyrannosaurus, and the mace in his hand does not know how heavy it is. Sweeping down can directly smash a black man in a short period of time. A dozen men in black were broken.

The Shiman over there is also a mighty unparalleled man. He does not know the heavy axe in his hand, sweeping the direction of the hacking invincible. There have been more than a dozen black men cut into sections by him.

The young man who had just stepped into the cottage saw that he had been hit hard, and almost a quarter of them died in a short period of time.

"The two guys work hard to solve those two guys, and that guy will be shot by me personally!" The young man pointed to Zhao Yuande. He saw Zhao Yuande's powerful fighting ability, and suddenly felt a little itchy. He wanted to shoot Zhao Yuande himself.

"Young Master, rest assured, leave it to us!"

The two old men looked at each other and walked towards Shiman and Shichongtian's grandma respectively.

Zhao Yuande also felt that someone was staring at him, and suddenly saw a young man in Jinyi looking at himself, and there was a cold smile in the corner of the other's mouth, as if he was laughing at his own disability.

Zhao Yuande stopped the killing and looked at the young man. I feel that this person is not weak, and should be a strong man in the world. He is so confident to walk towards himself. It seems that as long as he wins this so-called young master today, this battle can be ended in advance.

"Feng Shaoqing, one of the 18 young masters of Huaxu, the world's triple dominance, the real blood of the emperor..."

It turned out to be the young master of Huaxu, no wonder there is such a cultivation practice!

However, Zhao Yuande was not afraid of the other party. His fighting spirit was surging. At this time, such a person was needed to calm himself down.

"Aren't you a man in this cottage? Who are you?" Feng Shaoqing looked at Zhao Yuande. Because it was at night, it wasn't very clear at first, but he frowned as soon as he saw it.

The other party is clearly not a barbarian, why did he come here, is it a person sent by his own brother?

"It has nothing to do with you at this time, either fight or leave! Don't talk nonsense!"

Zhao Yuande's breath became stronger and stronger, and he walked towards the other party step by step.

"I haven't met my peers who are more arrogant than me for a long time. Today I will let you sink and float under my feet... Ah!" Feng Shaoqing also wanted to say two harsh words, and suddenly saw a fist zoom in front of himself .

His backhand was a punch, and he greeted that fist.

But at the next moment, he suddenly felt his hand bones seem to be broken, he flew upside down and took out, crashing into the wall behind him.

"Ah! Do you dare to attack me, I want to..." When did Feng Shaoqing suffer such insults, rushed out of the ruins, like a crazy tiger, rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

"You have too much nonsense, but unfortunately these nonsense can't improve your combat effectiveness!" Zhao Yuande and the other party only learned that although the other party's cultivation ability is strong, but the combat experience is pitiful.

He grinned and rushed up. After two or three rounds, the young master of the Huaxu tribe was once again blown away with a punch.

The punch hit the left half of his face fiercely, his whole face was smashed, and his big white teeth spit out.

"I'm going to kill you!" Feng Shaoqing is crazy, and all the potential in the body explodes, as if a dragon is flying...

It's a pity that all this was in vain. Zhao Yuande flew a kick, kicked him directly, and planted it firmly into the solid bluestone floor.

"Ah! Woo..." Feng Shaoqing screamed loudly, suddenly feeling that his entire face was smashed. Blood, tears, and snot all ran down. When he suffered such disaster from birth to now, he burst into tears.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned for a while, this one was too good!

It was only a few times that he was crying by himself. He felt ridiculous for a while. Is this the legendary child of China's Xu? Is this the emperor's mother family? It's really disappointing.

Zhao Yuande lifted Feng Shaoqing up and shook the black men who were still fighting around!

"Stop it all! Feng Shaoqing has been caught by me!"

Although Zhao Yuande's voice was not loud, everyone heard it clearly after the sound.

"Release Young Master, otherwise I will let you die better than life!"

The old man who had fought Shiman had gained the upper hand at this time and roared angrily at Zhao Yuande!

"Release Young Master, otherwise I will kill everyone here!" Another old man battled Shi Chongtian's grandmother, basically already completely suppressed the violent aunt, but because the other side was rough The meat is thick, he has not won.

"Really? Didn't I say what I just said?" Zhao Yuande looked at the two old men and smiled, "Hurry up, or I'll cut off his limbs!"

"Sixteenth brother, I have only heard the four limbs, which are the five limbs?" Shi Chongtian asked Zhao Yuande somewhat curiously.

"Here!" Zhao Yuande pointed between his legs!

"Haha!" After Shi Chongtian figured it out, he burst into laughter, and many Shizu lords around him also smiled.

"Dare you!" The old man shouting at Shiman, and rushed towards Zhao Yuande, trying to save the young master.


Zhao Yuande pulled off one of Feng Shaoqing's arms.