Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 695

Chapter 695: Huaxu City

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Ten days later, Zhao Yuande found that these people seemed to give up searching and gradually evacuated.

He then quietly approached the ruins of the cottage, carefully entered the ruins, looking inside.

He soon discovered that in the original high priest's house, several people burned to ashes surrounded a white bone.

He easily guessed that the white bone is the high priest, and the ashes are a warrior. I can imagine the original scene. At the end of the war, everyone could retreat to the high priest's room. The priest was killed.

The blaze burned their bodies and left these marks.

"Hey! Your sacrifice has protected all the Shi people, they are now safe." Zhao Yuande gently comforted the souls of these people.

A gleam of light flashed from under the bones of the high priest, as if something was hiding underneath.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly squatted down, gently removed the bone, and found a thumb-sized bead, which was silver-gray.

He gently squeezed the beads in his hands, and suddenly felt a wonderful wave coming from the beads.

"Silver Soul Beads can store souls..."

Can store souls? Zhao Yuande gently placed the bead on his forehead and felt the fluctuations in it. He was excited to find that there seemed to be a wave of non-existent spirit in the bead.

Didnt the high priest die? Zhao Yuande was very happy in his heart. If he didn't die, he would really have a chance to save him if he was anxious.

I own the black evil spirit wooden box, but the silver soul beads have been placed in it to warm up, even the spirits in the tens of thousands of years will not be a problem.

But he thought again, all of this must be based on his own spirit is not suppressed, otherwise all this is empty talk!

He carefully packed the beads, and suddenly felt a creepy feeling flood his mind, as if a powerful presence was watching him.

He already knew in his heart that he had been discovered.

However, his appearance and even temperament are very different from the barbarian. He is not worried that the other party regards himself as a barbarian.

He said silently in his heart, "High priest, uncles, offended!"

Then he kicked away the bones of the high priest with his feet, shook his head in disappointment, and then walked to other places.

Soon he turned around the whole ruin, and found a complete axe in the ruin. He carried the axe behind him and strode out of the ruins.

"and many more!"

An old voice came from behind him.

Zhao Yuande looked backwards in shock, and found that a cold old man was slowly emerging from the void, and his eyes flashed cold cold light, so he stared at Zhao Yuande.

"Wind Sirius, one of the three strong men of Huaxu City, the late Emperor Shen..."

"Senior, are you calling me?" Zhao Yuande looked around, and didn't seem to find anyone else, so he pointed to himself and asked.

His performance was just right, and even he was very satisfied.

But he still didn't dare to take it lightly, to know that the other party was an old guy who had lived and did not know how many years, he would not believe himself so easily.

"What's your name?" The cold old man's tone was condescending. At first glance, he lived for a long time and was used to giving orders.

"Younger Zhao Youde!" Zhao Yuande answered respectfully.

"Zhao? There are very few surnames..." The old man was thinking about the surname Zhao's information, and he couldn't help frowning a little, because he thought of a man, a **** emperor who swept the world hundreds of years ago seems to be Zhao!

Zhao Yuande saw the expression on the other person's face, and he was very happy, and asked carefully, "Don't you know that Senior is the senior Siren of Huaxu City?"

"Oh! Do you know me?" Feng Tianlang looked at Zhao Yuande.

"The predecessors are famous, and the top three in Huaxu City. Who doesn't know who is not known! Even my ancestors are ashamed of himself..." Zhao Yuande tried his best to compliment each other, his face was flattered. Smile.

If he is still cultivated now, and the soul can still fight against the opponent without being blocked, but now the opponent's cultivation is not something he can confront, so he can only do everything.

"Your ancestor? But the True Emperor Huihui?" There was a hint of smile in the corner of the old man's mouth, but there was a hint of treachery in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande is naturally not stupid. He is also a man of two generations. He has seen countless storms and waves. He knows that the other party is trying to test himself, but he must never show his feet.

"I dare not mention the name of my family's ancestors, but you are not the only one you talked to my senior! Isn't there any other emperor of my Zhao family?" Zhao Yuande expressed doubts on his face.

"Forget it, maybe I remembered it wrong!" The old man obviously showed a trace of ease on his face. He felt that the teenager in front of him was really a descendant of the Zhao clan. He only slowly said this time, "You The Zhao people are so far away, how did you get here?"

"The junior explored in a ruin at the beginning, and accidentally stepped on an altar. I didn't expect to appear in this wilderness and could not find a way out, so... I also asked the senior to give me some guidance." Zhao Yuande looked 'S entreaty, "If the seniors can spare the younger without any effort, it would be better!"

"Okay, Huaxu is 30,000 miles away from the west. You go!" The old man pointed to the west and waved to Zhao Yuande.

"Thank you senior for pointing, then... the junior left?" Zhao Yuande nodded his head and thanked himself, he felt a little sick.


Zhao Yuande was heading towards the west. He didn't dare to show his fastest speed, but he didn't dare to hurry, and he didn't dare to change direction, because he felt a whimper's breath trailing himself.

This old guy is not at ease! Zhao Yuande secretly insulted the other party's old traitor, if he showed a trace of the horse's feet, I am afraid that the other party would have been killed earlier. Now he can only go westward. Let's go to Huaxu City first.

Before he walked out of the hundred miles, the tracking behind him disappeared. Zhao Yuande suddenly wondered why the other party was a **** emperor, and Tao has not yet found the stone clan, because their realm will also be suppressed in this wild land. It's no wonder that you just stood with each other just now, and you didn't feel that the other party was too strong to resist, but their spirits were suppressed within a certain range!

Is it that after the wildness, will your own realm be suppressed again? There was a joy in his heart, if so, there are many things that can be done.

"It doesn't matter, let's try and talk!" Zhao Yuande accelerated at his feet and ran towards the west.

30,000 li said nothing to him, and soon he saw a majestic city at the end of the earth, and a golden shadow flickered faintly above the sky of the city.

It seems to be... the barrier of the sky, the dome of the Wa Palace!

It turns out that I am really in the Wa Palace now. It turns out that there is really a huge world in the Wa Palace, where countless humans live!

Zhao Yuande thinks this is reasonable, but unexpected, since this is the case, the other five thousand people have gone there?