Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Sir Teach Me

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With many questions, Zhao Yuande went to the big city.

This big city is indeed Huaxu City. The guards outside the gates of the soldiers are not strict, just to see if there are barbarians mixed into the city.

The barbarians are still very recognizable compared to the ordinary people. They are extraordinarily tall, and they are the type with muscular knots all over their faces.

Entering the city, he immediately felt that Xiuyu's repression had disappeared and everything was restored.

Cultivation is surging like the sea, and the soul is like a flood that has exploded, sweeping on the street indiscriminately, everyone who was swept can't help but feel that the spine is cold, and even someone is scared and collapsed directly to the ground .

He radiated the soul out of the city, but he was suppressed only after going out for a few tens of miles and could no longer move on.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande sighed slightly, which was already good.

Now that the soul is restored, then I can feel what a strong man is in this city. Since the Divine Emperor is already the limit here, I don't have to worry too much about it.

He put the silver soul beads in the black evil spirit wooden box for warming up for the first time, waiting for one day to be able to resurrect the high priest.

"Huh? There wasn't even one God Emperor in the city? There were only two God Emperor Realm guardians." Zhao Yuande frowned, which was somewhat different from his imagination. "Aren't they all going out to search for the Stone Clan? This is not Probably! Only eighteen young masters have died, and it would be nice to be able to appear a **** emperor."

He walked into a restaurant, sat down in a window-facing position, and listened to the comments of the people around him. Only then did he understand why this happened.

"Brother Feng Shaoying, I heard that the two clans of Huaxu people will jointly capture a demon cave mansion. I don't know if this is true or not?" The two people on the table next to each other were talking in a low voice. Son.

"Yes, at this time, the two elders and the patriarchs together with the eighteen powerful emperors of the Divine Emperor Realm have set off!" The brother named Feng is a heroic young man, but there is a trace of dissatisfaction between his eyebrows. It seems that the status in the family is not high, and some are depressed.

"Brother Feng, don't care too much. Your talented big guy is obvious to everyone. Although you can't become the young master of Huaxu, but in the future, you will definitely become an important person of Huaxu!" Comforted.

"Humph! Feng Shaoqing and I are half-sisters. We have equal status. My talent is higher than him. Why can't I become a young master! And he can... Is it because his mother hooks men? "Feng Shaoying suddenly dropped his wine glass, and he laughed, "But now that Feng Shaoqing is dead, I think the woman still has a face in front of my mother!"

"Brother Feng, be quiet! You drink too much!" Fang Langzi hurriedly grabbed Feng Shaoqing, his face was scared and pale.

"Huh! What am I afraid of! I am also the Huaxu clan, who dare to treat me!" Feng Shaojin snorted coldly, gritted his teeth, "It's good if they die, and I'm happy when they die!"

"Brother Feng, don't talk nonsense! Brother I am not you, I am not a child of Huaxu, you will implicate me like this." Fang Langzi got up in a hurry, whispered, "Brother Feng, you are here slowly Drink, master it first, we will contact you later!"

"Go! Coward!" Feng Ziying sneered.

"Do you want to control Huaxu and become the young master of Huaxu?" Suddenly a voice sounded in Feng Shaoying's sea of knowledge, which was very tempting.

"Who is it!" Feng Shaoying looked around, his eyes bright.

"Oh! It's a good repair. It's close to the Emperor Realm, but it's much stronger than Feng Shaoqing. You just made it on purpose just now! I want to borrow wine to say everything in my heart, so that the old guy of Huaxu We hear your voice." This voice sounded again.

"Who the **** are you?" Feng Shaoying looked around, and found no suspicious person.

At this time, many diners have left in a hurry, they do not want to get involved in the dispute of Huaxu, even if they listen here.

The diners walked away, and at this time, only Zhao Yuande was left alone, where to drink slowly and relax.

"You...but what you said just now!" Feng Shaoying looked at Zhao Yuande, and a powerful force of gods and souls rolled towards Zhao Yuande.

"Feng Shaoying, you really don't know what to do!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, and the power of the soul reacted.


Feng Shaoying had just touched the edge of the Emperor's Realm, and had not yet taken that step. He responded to Zhao Yuande's anti-seismic power, and immediately fell to the ground with his mouth spurting blood.

Only this one moment made him lose his fighting power instantly.

"You... Poof!" Feng Shaoying raised his head with difficulty, pointing at Zhao Yuande's words, but another **** arrow spurted from his mouth.

"I originally wanted to help you win the position of young master, and now it seems that I am looking for the wrong person!" Zhao Yuande gave the other person a light look and got up to leave.

"Mr. walk slowly! Just now, Shaoying was unreasonable, please also forgive me!" Feng Shaoying strongly suppressed the injury in his body, struggling to get up, he felt that this person was a huge opportunity for himself, if he didn't catch Live, I am afraid it will be too late to regret it.

"It's like a human word!" Zhao Yuande stopped and looked at Feng Shaoying, "Take me to your house!"

"Yes! Please come with me!" Feng Shaojiing led the way respectfully, but he was constantly guessing the identity of the other party.

This person looks smaller than himself, but Xiu Wei has reached an incredible level, even comparable to the three ancestors of his family. He feels that he needs a good life to explore the intention of this person. Although he wants to control China Xu, but he did not want Huaxu to become a puppet in the hands of others.

Feng Shaoying's mansion is not far away from here. After returning to the mansion, he retired from the screen and gave Zhao Yuande the upper hand, while he stood beside him respectfully.

"I don't know Mr. Gao's first name, how can I help me get the position of young master?" Feng Shaoying asked carefully.

"It doesn't matter what my name is. What matters is that you are satisfied with the position of a young master. Huaxu has 18 young masters. You become a young master. I am afraid that it will be a conspiracy and a conspiracy. Calculated, you can now practice to this point, a large part of the reason is that you are not one of the eighteen young masters, you dont have to be intriguing, so you have more time to practice." Zhao Yuande talked, The other party nodded silently.

"Please also ask me to teach me!" Feng Shaoying stood respectfully. He wanted to know what Zhao Yuande had in mind.

"Kill the other seventeen young masters, you are the only young master!" Zhao Yuande was not shocked to death. The words were so scared that Feng Shaoying shivered all over his body, almost screaming.