Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 698

Chapter 698: The Atmosphere Is Wrong

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In the evening, Feng Shaoying got a message from another big city, Flint City.

Fengxian, the contemporary owner of the Huaxu family, was killed in the mansion of the Flint, and several of them were miserable. They were attacked from behind and smashed their heads alive!

You should know that the owner of the Huaxu family is a powerful person in the Divine Emperor Realm. In this way, he was shot to death. It is inevitable that people will not speculate on his death.

The two accompanying emperors, the ancestors of the emperor, were suddenly furious, and they found the Flintman. They wanted to make a statement with them.

Between the two races are blood relatives, this trouble, the alliance is broken, the strength is greatly reduced!

Feng Shaoying almost jumped out of his throat with a heart, but in order to prove his innocence, he still wobbled a few times on the street.

There is a crisis in the relationship between the two tribes. The death of the patriarch is of great importance. Another strong person of the Huaxu family hurriedly hurried to the past, and a large number of troops were ready to go, ready to fight against the Suiren family at any time.

On the streets of Huaxu City in the past two days, there was a sudden news that the Flinren had already annexed the heart of Huaxu and sent someone to assassinate the first young master of Huaxu to successfully kill him. dead.

This news soon spread to the ears of the three ancestors who were far away from the Flint City. One of the most fierce ancestors broke the mansion of a young master of the Flint with a palm. A banquet is being held, including three young masters and six princesses, all of whom have been slapped by this palm!

The war between the two sides has resumed, and the six gods and emperors have fought, almost even the Flint City has been overthrown directly.

At this time, Zhao Yuande rushed into the home of the third young master of Huaxu and shot him alive with the chaos of heaven!

Then in the large camp of Huaxu, he beheaded the second young master on the spot, and left the traces of the Flint.

When the six ancestors of the Huaxu family returned and protected the remaining 16 young masters, Zhao Yuande quietly sneaked into the patriarch's home of twenty sons and killed him.

Both sides are at the peak of anger, and the war broke out!

At this time, Feng Shaoying was deeply shocked by Zhao Yuande's method of turning his hand over the cloud to cover the rain, and also received the news that he was going to be assassinated.

On that day, Feng Shaoying was assassinated on the street, and a big hole was pierced in his chest. If it was not for a mysterious strong man to appear, he would probably kill him!

Feng Shaoying was lying in the heavily guarded camp, and several elders around him took turns to look after him, but he was afraid for a while.

This fake play is really done, almost killed his own life, the heart was broken, if not to take a holy fruit, I am afraid I will change my body.

Of course he also knows that he has been suspected of being eluted since then!

The battle between the two races is constantly escalating. The young masters of the two sides are killed by the other side. Zhao Yuande is like a fish in the water. He will come to Huaxu City to kill the young masters of the Huaxu city. The city wiped out the young master of the Flint.

In just five days, the eighteen young masters of Huaxu and the three parent-children who were not young masters, a total of 21 people, were killed 14 people!

There are only seven people left, and Feng Shaoying is still lying on the bed.

Zhao Yuande felt that it was almost the same for a while, so he quietly returned to the wild and came to the valley.

Due to the battle between the Flint and the Huaxu, the people who came to search for the Shi clan have evacuated.

The Shi people also found a good place near the mountains and the water 30,000 miles away in the east, waiting for Zhao Yuande to return.

30,000 miles away in the east, it is no longer Huaxu's site, not far from Reze's.

The Lei Ze clan is a descendant of the Shenlong. He has always stayed out of the matter and does not care about the battles of other clans, so it is a good choice to camp here.

However, there are also difficulties. Not far from where they chose, there is also a cottage, which is the White Tiger family. They are also barbarians, but they admire the **** of the white tiger. So they named their cottage Baihu Village. Their family name is Yi!

If two cottages are built within a thousand miles of each other, hunting will meet, which is not a good thing.

"No matter, the White Tigers are also barbarians no matter how fierce they are. They are stronger than those demons anyway." Zhao Yuande decided, "We will pass now."

More than two hundred people, taking advantage of the night out of the valley, set off in the selected direction. They had already traveled 3,000 miles before dawn.

Zhao Yuande estimated that it would take at least five days to not eat or drink at this speed, but these are old people and children. They can't stand this kind of suffering, so it takes at least ten days to arrive.

He decided to use these ten days to go to Huaxu City to see them again and give them another fire.

After instructing Shiman and other warrior leaders, he went on the road again.

Soon, he appeared in Huaxu City.

As soon as he entered the city, he felt that the atmosphere was not right, as if someone had opened a big net waiting for him to enter the net.

He suddenly became alert, and there must have been some flaws in this.

He gave up his plan to find Feng Shaoying, and quietly appeared in the barracks in the city, where he felt the breath of the six young masters, and the two ancestors of the Divine Emperor Realm were within a hundred feet of him.

Now there are only six, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, fifteen or six young masters, the sixth youngest master is the most insidious and deceitful, so he did not go to kill the sixth young master first before , But now I run into it, do I want to kill him?

Zhao Yuande didn't feel any danger here, nor did he have such a dangerous feeling, he couldn't help but quietly approached the six young masters.

The Six Young Masters are talking with the two Divine Emperor Taishang Elders about many attacks on the Young Master, and the head of the analysis is right. The two Divine Emperor realm nods again and again, with some appreciation on their faces.

"The two princes, if this person came to assassinate me now, I will definitely be able to take him down. At that time, we can see if he is a person of the Flint." The six young masters talked happily, seeming to be in the chest.

Zhao Yuande laughed secretly. I'd like to see how I can appear after a while, how can you catch me.

He quietly approached the other side, the chaotic sky seal has been held in his hand, and he intends to teach the other side how to be a person with the most primitive brick.

But when he was three feet away from the other side, a flash of light suddenly flickered, and a large net was shrouded from above. This net covered a range of dozens of feet, so he could not hide. Hide, hide nothing.

"Hey! The kid finally let us catch you!" An old man in Divine Emperor Realm, the breath of his body suddenly changed greatly, and he climbed up and turned out to be a **** emperor.

Although Zhao Yuande was obscured by a spectacle mirror at this time, God Realm was able to see through, and the other party looked at his eyes coldly.

Zhao Yuande felt a strange breath on the big net. If he was covered by the big net, he might be finished.

"You want to catch me and dream!" Zhao Yuande's hands had horns of Qingtianniu, and his figure sank into the earth.

"Want to escape from the ground, you are so naive, do you think we did not think of it?" Fuxi gossip array gave me!

Under the earth, a huge array rose, blocking Zhao Yuande's escape.