Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 699

Chapter 699: Fuxi Old Man In Linen

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"I just want to keep me in one place, impossible!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly escaped from his arms with a white jade-like bracelet, infused with powerful spiritual power, urged by the most powerful spirit power, and slammed into the lower position.


The array exploded loudly, and was actually smashed into a hole by this white jade bracelet.

Zhao Yuande shrunk his body and drilled directly out of the fist-sized hole.

"It's really good baby!" Which white jade bracelet Zhao Yuande put away, this is exactly the copy of Qiankun circle he obtained from Zhengde.

"I'm so angry!" The God Emperor's strongman roared and ran into the ground to chase Zhao Yuande.

Although Zhao Yuande is not as fast as this **** emperor, his eternal tower turns into a shuttle, but his speed is scary and fast, walking under the earth like a dragon returning to the sea.

After more than a dozen breaths, the emperor was shocked to find that he had lost the other party's breath, but he chased for a long time according to the traces, but still no result, only to return to the ground with a long sigh.

"Let him run away?" The Divine Emperor strongman looked at the ancestor who returned empty-handed.

"Run! There is no hand to slide, and there are powerful treasures to protect. I don't know where this person came from?" The **** ancestor often sighed, and it has not been so shameful for a long time.

"This Taoist friend of the Fuxi tribe is really embarrassed and damaged your treasure!" A figure behind the six young masters slowly emerged from the void. He was an old man in sackcloth and his breath was not strong. Just a strong man in the late Emperor.

"It's okay! The array needs some materials to repair, but it's basically impossible to think of him this way next time! There is a powerful treasure on the other person's body that can cover his breath and shape, only The strong emperor of the Divine Emperor can only notice that I didnt even sense the existence of the other party just now!" The old man in linen sighed softly. "Listening to his voice, it seems that he is still a young man. I don't know if he is the strong man of that clan. A genius."

"If it weren't for Daoyou to cover up the heavenly machine just now, I'm afraid this kid would have noticed it and asked Daoyou to help us once." The Divine Emperor strongman smiled, "We promise to double your things!"

"This..." The Fuxi old man in hemp clothes hesitated. He promised that the opponent only shot once, and they pay attention to the cause and effect retribution and the cycle of heaven and earth. They are generally not going to shoot again if they are unsuccessful for the first time.

Unfortunately, the conditions offered by the other party were so tempting that he had to agree.

"Okay! I promised to do it again!" The old man in linen nodded.

"Please ask Daoyou to help us put a gossip first..."


Unfamiliar, at this time a ray of Zhao Yuande's soul left at the door, and they heard their words clearly.

"Since this is the case, don't blame me!" Zhao Yuande was somewhere underground, with a cold smile on his face, "Fuxi, you are looking for death!"

Zhao Yuande quickly returned to the ground, carefully sensing the soul of the **** emperor in the city, changed his appearance, changed his temperament, and wandered on the street not far from the barracks. He had to wait for this old man in linen .

This old man in linen is from the Fuxi tribe. He is innately good at Yin-Yang hexagrams and can make the world better. If this person has been involved in this matter, he might be planted here.

He was very patient and changed several looks. Waiting for a full day here, the old man in linen finally appeared, and he was headed in a direction accompanied by a **** emperor and strong man.

Zhao Yuande quietly followed, trailing behind, and the other party quickly entered a shop.

This is a shop selling cultivating materials. The shop is very large. Zhao Yuande followed him to the second floor. The old man in linen stood at a counter, pointed at the contents of the counter, and talked to the man about the price.

Zhao Yuande approached quietly, with an extra red bow in his hand, gently stroking the bow string, and an invisible force of time shot out.

The old man in linen suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness, and turned to look at the **** emperor strongman beside his head.

"What's wrong?" God Emperor Realm, seeing the other party, couldn't help feeling alert.

It was at this time that the old man in linen suddenly felt like he was a mosquito wrapped in amber, leaving only his thoughts to turn!

At this moment he knew that he was finished!

He regrets, he should not!

When he walked out of the Fuxi tribe, the patriarch reminded him that this kind of thing can only be done once, and he will leave immediately if he fails.

However, he did not stand the temptation and agreed to stay here.

"What's wrong with you?" God Emperor Realm found that his expression seemed to freeze, and he asked again anxiously.


The answer to him was a loud bang, and the old man's head was instantly blown out, and the blood brain splatter splashed, almost splashing on him.

A young man smiled strangely at him, then turned and walked away.

"damn it!"

The Divine Emperor Realm strongman growled angrily, trying to catch the murderer.

But look again at the shadow of the young man there.


The Divine Emperor Realm shattered the whole shop with one palm. I dont know how many guests were crushed under the shop.

Zhao Yuande shot the Fuxi tribe's sackcloth old man in chaos, and his mood suddenly became lighter, and the haze just disappeared.

He walked out of the shop and disappeared, and quietly returned to the Six Young Masters. At this time, the Divine Emperor strongman beside the Sixth Master had disappeared, and only one Divine Emperor Realm strongman was there to protect him.

"Hey! You're out of luck!"

Zhao Yuande reappeared with his old skills, and instantly took away the lives of the six young masters!

"You die for me!" The Divine Emperor strongman was furious and patted Zhao Yuande.

But Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared into the space.

This palm **** emperor was angry and directly overturned the whole hall. A large group of soldiers in training were screamed and shouted at the debris shattered by the sky.

Zhao Yuande's figure was hidden in Tongyou Mirror, and he quietly left here.

In a short period of time, the Fuxi old man in linen was killed, the six young masters were killed, and the three **** emperors and powerful men of the Huaxu family were almost gone.

Their gods and spirits united to block the entire Huaxu City. They were screened one by one and wanted to catch Zhao Yuande, but Zhao Yuande had already entered the Eternal Tower.

The Eternal Tower is the treasure of chaos. According to the truth, this is the treasure that only the strongest of the creation world is eligible to use. He now uses it with little use.

The eternal tower is ever-changing, and it can be transformed into a mountain that supports the sky, or it can be transformed into small fine dust. The powerful person of the God Realm can't even perceive its existence.

But Zhao Yuande can always sense the outside world, which is simply a bug.