Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 70

Chapter 70: The Poor Monk And You

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"You **** an egg!"

The black bear climbed up from the ruins and rushed to fight again, but was stopped by Zhao Yuande!

"Okay, Black Wind, Master Yijie has a lot to offer. The other party doesn't dare to hurt him. Didn't you send someone a punching bag at this time?"

"Is that true?" Black Bear scratched his head and watched the battle in the field carefully. Only then did he find out what Zhao Yuande said was true, "This kind of counseling, if it's fearful, if Grandpa Xiong..."

"Okay, Black Wind, don't say it. We'll close when we see it. In case this guy really annoys this guy, he's not going to die. We can't be better! We need to know that it's enough!" Zhao Yuande interrupted Black Wind.

"A good master of the ring, the other party is also the head of the family, you have to save some face for others!" Zhao Yuande said to Yi Jie, "Don't let his dog jump the wall!"

Although one ring is crazy, it is not a fool, knowing that the other party is afraid of the power behind this true spiritual zen stick.

But only he himself knew that the true spirit scepter was stolen in the master's room when he left!

"No more! No more!" Yi Jie jumped out of the battle circle and returned to Zhao Yuande and Black Bear, glancing at Black Bear fiercely.

The black bear smiled, and didn't care about the other party's threat.

"Senior Song, my two companions are just stubborn, in fact, they are not malicious!" Zhao Yuande took a fist at the panting Song Zhenlin, apologizing.

"There and there! It's because my godson is not strict, and I would like to thank you all for helping me discipline!" Song Zhenlin's hypocritical smirk, but it was a bitter hate.

"Forget it!" Yi Jie waved his hand, seemingly generous.

"Senior you are fine, we will go first!" Zhao Yuandela walked with a black bear and a ring. He was really afraid that the other party would tear his face away from everything. With the power of the Song family, they really could not get any benefits.

Seeing them leave, all the people watching around also left meaningfully.

Only Song Zhenlin's face was standing there in full.

"Can the two of you be a little more reliable, that is the Song family, more than one strong man with yin and yang, if we really let them out of scrutiny, all three of us will die here!" Zhao Yuande groaned, These two guys are so uncomfortable.

"Go! Let's go back and have a big meal!" Yi Jie pushed Zhao Yuande with a smile on his face.

"Hey! Grandpa Xiong, I like to eat it the most, but how can ordinary food satisfy Grandpa Xiong's appetite. Boy, why don't we get some good ingredients first!" The black bears stunned them, it seemed to be useful. Eyes glanced at the direction of the Song family's back mountain.

"Okay! The poor monk has this intention!" Yi Jie immediately heard this suggestion, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

"You guys! It's too much!" Zhao Yuande twitched at the corner of his mouth, lamenting in his heart, how could he encounter these two foodies.

"No! It's not too much, but a point of interest! That Song Zhenlin had already killed us. If it weren't for me to bring out the Zen Zen Stick, I'm afraid I won't be able to get out of the Windy City today!" Master Yi Jie's face There is a rare solemnity. This person has a stern appearance and a cruel heart, so we need to be more careful.

"That old thing is really powerful. That palm almost took Grandpa Xiong's life!" The black bear is also particularly palpitated. If he hadn't been able to advance for so many years, he had been tempering the flesh. Just stepping on that palm was enough to take it. Life!

"Since you all have complaints in your heart, let's go!" Zhao Yuande actually wants to see and see the fierce beast like the blast bird. I don't know what kind of recipe it can prepare?

"But it's not the right time. The blast birds are very alert during the day, but at night they will lose their energy, and we will go at night!" Master Yijie held them back.

The three guys casually found a restaurant, ate and drank, and then waited quietly for the night's heart.

"You must listen to me for this action. Bear Blind Man, let us ventilate us outside. Brother Yuan De and I go in. Bear Blind Man remembers not to speak out at random. The Wind Bird is very alert and powerful. The order beast, an accidentally our bird was not stolen, and it was a shame to be pecked by the bird!" Master Yijie gave a serious command, especially staring at the bead fiercely at the black bear.

"Hey! That's your incompetence, but don't blame Grandpa Bear!" The Black Bear didn't care, regardless of the threat of Yijie.

"Heifeng, the main loss of this failure is still with you. You eat the most in your stomach!" Zhao Yuande suddenly grabbed the black bear's weakness.

"Relax! Make sure to complete the mission!" Black Bear suddenly changed his rules as soon as he heard the food, and promised to the two of them.

The two took advantage of the night to climb the high wall of the Song family. Inside the wall was a cliff that was hundreds of meters high. A red strange tree grew on the county cliff. The strange tree seemed to be a huge bird nest with countless feathers. The big bird hangs upside down on the branch, as if it is a large bat.

"Fourth-order beast blast bird, the descendant of the ancient **** beast Qingluan has a thin bloodline, is born to protect the wind, match the recipe "blast wind emptiness", eating can increase the understanding of the wind, increase its own speed, ingredients list, blast bird, rift grass , Fengyunhua..."

Not bad! These accessories are not very precious, and should be able to get together in the windy city.

Zhao Yuande secretly rejoices in his heart that speed is one of his shortcomings. If he can increase the speed to the point where he can be comparable to the strong man of Yin and Yang, he does not have to fear Song Zhenlin.

"That's the swift birds, they are blind at night." Master Yijie was like a spirit ape, and swelled up the cliff, but when he climbed halfway, he found that Zhao Yuande hadn't followed, and he couldn't help but wonder. Look down.

But I saw that the other party did not mean to climb the cliff at all, but just looked at myself a little puzzled.

"Brother Yuan De, how can you catch a bird if you don't come up? Come up quickly, don't let anyone find it!" Yi Jie urged to climb up and reached the top of the cliff in a blink of an eye.

"Wasting time!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but toss his lips, and the white jade rue's palm protruded from the sleeve cage, scratching towards the void on the cliff top.

A huge palm fell from the sky, directly holding a dozen of blast birds!

The blast bird's neck was pinched, and he didn't even hum, so he was taken away.

Master Yijie looked at this scene dumbfounded, and he swallowed a spit, without knowing the expression on his face.

It was at this time that the Song family was suddenly alarming, and countless powerful people swarmed in this direction. It seems that the loss of the blast bird triggered some kind of prohibition.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the master Yi Yi who was still hanging on the cliff at the moment, and he fled if he turned his back.

The black bear also swore unconsciously and ran wildly with Zhao Yuande.

"You... you two unscrupulous guys, the poor monk and you are endless!" Master Yijie roared and jumped directly off the cliff.


The flat street was hit by a ring directly into a big pit, and the ring of dust rushed out of the gray-faced dirt face in the big pit, chasing his teeth in the direction of the disappearance of the second brother.