Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Pass The First Test

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In addition to the several elders and three emperors of the Divine Emperor Realm, only the Shaoxing family is still alive!

They no longer dare to carelessly, but this is their last solitary seedling, if they die again, they may have to be reborn again, and it will be impossible to accomplish this in 20 years.

Twenty years! That divine emperor or divine emperor realm will waste 20 years, they all have their ultimate goal of cultivation, even one year can not be delayed!

Most of the time, Feng Shaoying has become a piece of sweet and sour meat. All the strongmen simply closed their doors and practiced in Feng Shaoying's mansion, turning it into a Tietong. Even an ant couldn't crawl in.

And Zhao Yuande has already hurried on the road at this time, and the Shi people may arrive at the site of the White Tiger in two or three days.

His speed is extremely fast, but just over half an hour, he has caught up with the Shi people.

At this time, they were full of confusion about the future. Now Zhao Yuande has not returned. I dont know what to do in case of conflict with them after entering the site of the White Tigers?

The strength of the stone clan is now very weak. There are only thirty or forty warriors, which is only equivalent to a small clan. In case of conflict with the white tiger clan, it is likely to be a genocide.

"Uncle Shiman, do we really have to move on?" Shi Chongtian looked at a huge cottage in front of him with some concern. "We will not clash with them!"

"Let's rest here first! Wait for fourteen." Shi Man had no idea, without Zhao Yuande and the high priest, they were like headless flies.

"It's fourteen! He's back!" Suddenly, cheers came from the barbarians, and they saw a person's shadow rushing like electricity and flint.

"Everybody is okay!" Zhao Yuande looked at the faces full of expectation, his heart relaxed at once.

"Good! Good!" An old man walked tremblingly, grabbed Zhao Yuande's hand, "We are fine, just waiting for you to come back!"

"I tell everyone a good news!" Zhao Yuande looked at the face that everyone was expecting, and took a long sigh of relief. "We don't have to go to the site of the White Tigers. The Huaxu came out of the news and decided to communicate with many barbarians. And no longer targeting barbarians, we can go back!"

"What! Is this true?" Someone looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief. The news he brought was too shocking. If possible, who would want to leave the country and who doesn't like his hometown.

"The current owner of Huaxu City told me!" Zhao Yuan nodded with a smile.

"Then we now?"

"Go back and rebuild your home on the ruins!" Zhao Yuande waved.

"But our deep hatred, the death of the high priest..." Some people were unwilling in their eyes.

"The big hatred has been reported! The city master of Huaxu, the twenty-one children of the heirs, only the current city master is what I killed!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold, and everyone could not help but feel cold!

"What!" Everyone's eyes widened in shock, they couldn't believe it!

"Go back! Go back and rebuild your homeland!" Zhao Yuande looked at these plain barbarians with a smile.

"Go home!"


Even if it is broken and rotten, it is still its home!

They returned all the way back and finally returned to the ruins of the cottage after seven days.

They paid tribute to the lost warrior, the high priest, and then began to rebuild their homes.

Zhao Yuande stood silently in the middle of the ruins, opened the wooden box of the black evil **** left outside the ruins, and took out the silver soul beads and put them in his palm.

"High priest, rest assured! The Shi people are back, they will no longer be oppressed and will not be displaced in the future!"

The bead in his hand suddenly radiated a soft light, and an old voice came from it.

"Young man, congratulations on completing the first test of the Wa Palace!"

As soon as the sound fell, the surrounding scenes turned into pieces of streamer, and he blinked and returned to the familiar hall, when the old-faced old servant was looking at him with gentle eyes.

In an instant, Zhao Yuande felt that he was a bit lost. So many living people disappeared at once, which turned into a bubble, making him unacceptable for a while.

"Is this all illusory?" Zhao Yuande whispered to the old servant.

"It is both real and illusory! Whether or not illusion depends on your heart, you say that reality is reality, and you say that illusion is illusion!" The old servant looked at Zhao Yuande and smiled in his eyes.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande's drama seemed to capture a trace of enlightenment. He slowly sat down cross-legged and began to think about it. Everything he experienced these days quickly rotated in his heart, making him fall into a kind of enlightenment.

"A good genius boy, it really deserves the value of the character." The old servant looked at Zhao Yuande and nodded gently, his face showing a satisfied color, "The first level he passed, I don't know the next level. What kind of performance will it be?"

Not knowing how long, Zhao Yuande slowly woke up from Mingwu, only to hear a noise around him.

He opened his eyes and found that he was already full of people around him.

"Are these the first people who successfully passed the first test?" Zhao Yuande looked around and found that Zhengde was not far away. At this time, his face was full of excitement. Obviously this time he also passed The first test.

There is also Guzong's Guling, who is still standing quietly in a corner at this time, not talking to people, but there are also excitement flashing in his eyes.

I dont know if they experienced the Shi people's affairs as they did. How did they deal with them?

"Okay! You, two thousand and two hundred of you, successfully completed the first test. I will keep in mind the score of each of you. When the third test opens, you will see your specific score. Finally, we will arrange them according to the score. The first score is naturally the new owner of the Wa Palace." The old man said something inexplicable for a long time, which caused everyone to hear it, but this did not hinder their high enthusiasm.

"Let's start the second test, let's go!" The old man's mouth showed a faint smile, and once again flicked his palm, the last sentence was unheard of, "Continue your suffering!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the transition of light and shadow, and the next moment he saw himself standing in a familiar place.

Among the remains of the Shi people, the Shi people around them are working hard. At this time, they have cleared a large area of space and even built a solid big house.

"Eleventh brother, you have been in a daze for a long time!" Shi Chongtian ran happily and took Zhao Yuande away. "Let's take a look at our new home."

Zhao Yuande was pulled by him with a smile on his face.