Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Hell Ghost

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But at this moment, suddenly a strong breath appeared in the distance, and it appeared outside the stone clan ruins instantly.

Zhao Yuande's face changed greatly, but he hadn't waited for his response. The three emperors of the Huaxu tribe had arrived here.

Feng Tianluo looked at Zhao Yuande among the crowd and couldn't help a little grin.

"Boy, let's catch it! Otherwise I will kill the barbarians!"

"Feng Shaoying told you!" Zhao Yuande suddenly understood.

"The good patriarch can't leave you as the bane for the prosperity of the Huaxu tribe, so you have only two choices now! One is to die in the end, and then we are killed, and the other is to fight with a hand, and there is a way to live. "

"As long as you promise not to disturb the life of the Shi people, I will go with you!" Zhao Yuande suddenly understood that this was a test for himself, he had no choice but to be caught!

"Very good, then let's go!" Feng Tianluo grabbed Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande did not evade and was directly in the hands of the other party.

"Haha! Let's go!" Feng Tianluo grabbed Zhao Yuande and took the other two **** emperors and strong men, and left like a wind.

What does this old guy want to do to crush my bones?

Zhao Yuande only felt a huge pain in his shoulders, and the other party was obviously working hard.

"Boy, your bones are very hard!" Feng Tian Lang's mouth grinned, "I don't know if your bones will be so hard when you arrive in Heaven!"

Zhao Yuande didn't speak, but there was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. Was the test in heaven?

"You still laugh, when you cry!" Feng Tianluo's voice was cold and quiet, as if coming from the Nine Nether Hell.

Zhao Yuande was undecided.

The speed of the Divine Emperor is not as happy as that of Zhao Yuande. After a dozen breaths, they appeared in Huaxu City.

Soon he was thrown into a dark prison.

He was sealed up for cultivation, and locked in by a terrible black iron chain, like a big dumpling.

Zhao Yuande was not nervous or afraid, he was just waiting silently, waiting for opportunities.

Although his whole body is locked at this moment, his physical strength is still there, and it is not difficult to kill people.

He was locked for a month in a row. In this dark prison, there was no sound, no food, no water!

If these are placed on ordinary people, even if the food is sufficient, they have already become madmen.

And Zhao Yuande seems to be unaware that he was the Divine Emperor in the previous life, and he has been used to this kind of loneliness and silence for a few years or even decades.

So this test is nothing to him at all!

"Boy, tell your origins!"

A voice came from the void.

"Don't you know?" Zhao Yuande raised his mouth slightly and looked into the void.

"You're not honest!" The voice has a taste of play, "but you will be honest soon! We know that you are powerful and can recover quickly, so we will not torture you physically, but from the soul. I will start with you! I dont know that you have seen your parents being killed again and again, your children are being eaten alive by murderous beasts, and your women are being raped by others..."

"Come to me by whatever means!"


Suddenly Zhao Yuande felt a flower in front of him, appearing in a mountain forest. In the distance, the Shi people were hunting, and a black tiger with a length of several feet flew over, directly throwing down the forefront of Shiman, and his sharp teeth directly put one of Shiman's arms. Torn to pieces.


Shi Chongxiao rushed up angrily, looking desperately with the black tiger!

The black tiger turned his head and opened his mouth, and a sound wave rushed out, directly shaking Shi Chongtian into a blood mist.

"Damn it, fight!"

More than a dozen big men rushed up in the back, trying to save Shiman, but another sonic wave rushed, and they were all shattered by the shocking body.

"Don't pull me, I want to avenge my brother!"

Shi Chongtian cried and wanted to rush over, but he was dragged to death by Shi Fang. Shi Fang's face was full of tears. A two-meter-tall man with tears in his face experienced what kind of fierce fighting. His experience How painful!

"Damn! Damn! Damn!"

Zhao Yuande growled, and he watched these simple and lovely Shizu people tear apart the black tiger, his heart seemed to be scraped by a knife!

But no matter how he struggled and howled, he couldn't move at all. He seemed like a passer-by for a time, unable to stop everything that happened.

"Submit to me, surrender to me, all this will end! You will start a new life!" A tempting voice rang in his ears.

"If you want me to succumb, it is impossible, even if you kill them, I can't succumb. I will only ferment this hatred in my heart, and one day you will regret it!" Zhao Yuande calmed down suddenly. He closed his eyes gently, no matter how miserable the Shi people called, he was only a dream.

"You are cruel and ruthless!"

The voice rang again.

Zhao Yuande still said nothing, didn't listen, didn't ask!

"These Shi people have no deep relationship with you. Now let's take a look at the relatives in your space?"

"Dare you!" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes at once, staring deadly somewhere in the void above his head.

"Did you find me? Hey, but what if you find me?" The voice was slightly surprised, but sneered in an instant.

A skinny old man appeared in midair, his face covered with a cold smile, and stepped down from the void step by step.

"Who are you?" Zhao Yuande stared at him.

"My name is Muyang, a **** ghost messenger! Of course I still have a part-time job, which is to torture a mortal like you!" Muyang sneered and flicked his fingers, "Next enjoy the feast I brought you Right!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande was in front of his eyes, he suddenly felt that his soul was pulled out of the sea by the other party, and the next moment was bright again.

This is a mansion, and a grand wedding is being held.

Zhao Yuande seems to be a bystander, walking among many guests.

These people are very familiar with them, including the disciples of the Northern Wilderness God Mountain, the strong men of the Water God Palace, the Ji family, the Jiang family, and even the Lei prison family.

He saw that someone had sent a huge flower basket, all made up of sixth-order seventh-order or even eight-order elixir. Congratulations were hung on the flower basket, and I wish Zhao Yuande and the daughters a knot!

"This is my wedding?" Zhao Yuande wondered, where am I?

"Groom's official is here! Look at the six figures beside him, all of them are beautiful, so blessed!"

"Look, that's the water in the Water God Palace, and she is surrounded by water clouds, the strongest emperor!"

"That's Ji Yuling of Ji Family, and beside him is Ji Yuzhen of Ji Family!


Zhao Yuande looked at the girls, and he couldn't help but smile on his face. These were all his own women. At first, he didn't go through the territories, and he didn't dare to get too close to them. Now he is finally ready!

He turned his gaze on himself and found that Zhao Yuande was sneering at himself, two faces changed on his face, one was Zhao Yuande, and the other... was Zhengde!