Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 703

Chapter 703: Mysterious Voice

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Zhao Yuande rushed up and wanted to expose the original face of Zhao Yuande, but he rushed up and found that other people could not find his existence at all, only Zhengde sneered at him.

"No... this is not true! This is definitely not true! This is an illusion!" Zhao Yuande covered his eyes and shouted in pain.

"What? Angry? Are you scared? Hey, surrender to me and be my servant, it's all over!" The cold laugh of the thin wooden puppet appeared in his ears again.

"I... I... you get these off first!" Zhao Yuande roared.

"As you wish!" Mu Pang's figure appeared again in front of him. With a finger flick, Zhao Yuande suddenly dared to feel that he was back in the real world.

"Submit to me! All this will end, otherwise the next time you will see your parents..." Mu Pang's voice was cold and cold, as if he were really a waiter from hell.

"You... come here!" Zhao Yuande's voice was a little tired, as if he was tired of this world, and wanted to be released as soon as possible.

"If you surrender to me, I will let you be free!" Mu Pang came to Zhao Yuande and said full of temptation.

"Come closer, I want to ask some questions!" Zhao Yuande's body collapsed softly, and it seemed to have been hit hard.

"What do you want to say?" Muyang moved closer.

"I want to say..." Zhao Yuande's voice was getting lower and lower, and even his head was pulled down, as if his body could not bear the weight.

"Say what?"

"Go to death!" Zhao Yuande raised his head underground, and a bright light of thunder shot from his eyebrows.



Mu Yang shouted in horror, and his body retreated back and forth, but the light of the thunder was so fast that he couldn't dodge it completely.

Regardless of how he dodged, in the end he still pierced his chest, and the terrible thunder raged inside him, scorching his body with electricity.

"I'm going to kill you! I'll make you suffer unbearably torture!" Mu Pun yelled frantically, his fingers pointing towards Zhao Yuande repeatedly, and a black light entered his mind through his brow, countless terrible fantasy.

The pictures that Zhao Yuande didn't want to see were changed in front of him, gradually letting him fall into madness!

He kept roaring wildly, struggling constantly, letting the countless black chains penetrate into the flesh, causing blood to splash on him.

"Crazy! Crazy! Only you can be crazy to relieve my heart!" Mu Pang's body gradually recovered, he looked at Zhao Yuande really screaming madly, and he could not help showing a fierce expression on his face. .

"Dead!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands like a lunatic. The powerful soul was a burden to him at this time. He was too keen and felt too strong!

"Are you going to the limit?" Zhao Yuande sighed deep inside, "Too much affection! This is both his strengths and his weaknesses, it seems I will help him!"

"wake up!"

Suddenly Zhao Yuande heard a soft drink, his frenzied mind suddenly calmed down, but at this time a frantic energy in the body was frantically chasing, as if caught in a demon.

"who is it?"

"Don't care who I am, draw the silted power in your heart to your chest, and your second star may open because of this crazy power!" The voice was ethereal, as if it were a charitable elder.

Zhao Yuande also felt the potential crisis of this power. If it is not guided correctly, it may lead to a disaster!

"Start to guide with all your strength!" Zhao Yuande looks still crazy at this time, but his heart is extremely calm, he began to guide the accumulated power to the chest...

The location of the chest star is here!

Zhao Yuande's soul looked inside and saw a dim star point on his chest.

"Full impact!"

The vast power impacted on this dim star point.


A sound of thunder came from his chest, and the dim star seemed to be protected by a terrifying thunder force, making him unable to succeed.

"The Eye of Thunder absorbs me!"

Zhao Yuande urged the Thunder's Eye. The Thunder's Eye felt the existence of this Thunder's power and immediately absorbed it happily.

The Thunder Eye seems to be the nemesis of the Thunder Power. Those who have no resistance at all are absorbed into his Thunder Eye.

"Shock again!"


Suddenly there was a thunder explosion in the sky, and the endless thunder and lightning gathered above his head, and a sky-tribulation seemed to start coming.

At this time, the dim star on his chest burst into a bright light, and the second star opened.

Zhao Yuande felt a terrifying mighty force rushing out of this star at his heart, and began to scour his body constantly!

"What's the matter?" Muyang suddenly felt something was wrong. Why did the other person's body just make a huge thunder, and there seemed to be a thunder in the sky to fall, and the other party's red fruit flew a little black. Impurities!

This seems to be promoted to rank! How can this happen?

"No! I can't go on like this and give me confusion!"

The wooden puppets moved in ten fingers, as if playing a pipa, and fluttered in a row, and a black light was thrown into Zhao Yuande's body.

But Zhao Yuande's body seemed to be protected by some kind of terrifying power, and all these black lights entered his body and were melted.


"Huh? What voice?" Muyang suddenly heard a strange voice.

"Click! Click!"

"How could this be! This is impossible... This is a chain built by the innate iron mother, how could it be..." But he hadn't finished his words, and suddenly a big hand covered him overwhelmingly.

"No... it's impossible! I don't believe..." Muyang screamed, and was directly shot into meat sauce by this big hand.

"Is this the second test?" The black iron chain on Zhao Yuande's body was broken abruptly by him. His body did not have any scars at this time, emitting a brilliant light, as if the beautiful jade was delicately crafted and perfect!

"Although it is cruel, but it has benefited me a lot! But who wakes me up in time, otherwise I may really become a lunatic!" Zhao Yuande shakes his body emotionally, feeling the strength of his physical body. The opening of the two hearts made him suddenly feel that he had embarked on the path of a truly chaotic Eucharist.

"Who woke me up just now?" Zhao Yuande asked.

No one answered!

Its not the fire of Qinglian, his voice is immature, and he is retreating.

Its not chaotic days, this guy is not so stable, and I dont know why these days without his information, it seems that he is also in a closed door.

Not the Eternal Tower, the Eternal Tower has been with him for the whole life, and the sound is familiar to him.

"Forget it! Even if you don't want the road! Forget it! I remember this kindness, I also remember your voice, I think we will meet someday!" Zhao Yuande didn't delve too deeply, he always thought this voice was It was sent from the depths of his heart, but he couldn't guess who it was?

"Okay! Now that I'm free, should I get some interest back? Feng Shaoying I'm looking for you to collect debts!" Zhao Yuande broke the roof with a punch, and the light fell.

He suddenly felt an irresistible force to take him out of the place in an instant, and appeared in the Wa Palace.