Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 704

Chapter 704: Challenge The Rules

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The old servant looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile, his eyes curled as if he was very satisfied with his performance.

"Senior, you aren't playing well like this! You let me hold my breath. If I can't release it, I may be crazy!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party and always felt that the other party smiled a little badly.

"Little guy, you should thank me for being right. Without the test just now, can you be promoted to two stars? To know that each star of the Chaos Holy Body needs a great opportunity to open, I will help you again." I'm very happy. Although talking a little harder, I still talked to Zhao Yuande so much.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande was helpless, the other side said well, "So what about the others? Am I the first one?"

"The first one! But don't be proud, some of this group of people can compete with you!" The old servant gasped before speaking late.

"Someone can compete with me! I'm looking forward to it!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed with excitement.

"You recover first! There will be a very cruel knockout game soon, and I hope you can win the final victory!"

After the old servant said this, he never said it again, but kept panting, really wanting to be unable to survive.

Zhao Yuande also felt that the test just now was too cruel, but he knew it himself, although he felt cruel, but for some people with cold nature, it was simply too simple, they might not even care about the lives of their loved ones In their consciousness, there are only two things: cultivation and strength.

He closed his eyes and began to look inside his flesh, and found that the flesh did not know how many times stronger than the original, a little glory circulated between his meridian blood and bone...

Time passed quickly.

Light and shadow flickered, and soon a figure of Dao appeared around Zhao Yuande.

There are more and more silhouettes, some of them show excited expressions, some of them still have tears on their faces, some of them have a painful look on their faces, and some are silent in their faces!

However, everyone who can pass the terrible test just now has a very strong will, and what they show now does not represent anything.

Do not know how long after that, the child appeared beside the old servant.

"Master, the people here are almost the same, there are 1,008 people!"

"Well! It's time to start the final challenge!" The old servant slowly opened his eyes and gently pressed his palm towards the ground.


A huge stone monument rose in front of everyone.

The stone tablet is dozens of feet wide and about one hundred feet high, with names written on it.

Zhao Yuande saw his name at a glance, photographed in the second place, followed by a number 188.

What does this eighteen represent? Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled.

The name above him is Zhang Fan, and the number behind is 189, which is only one more than that of Zhao Yuande.

"Zhao Yuande! Zhao Yuande, where are you despicable villain? There is a kind of battle with Dao Ye!" Suddenly a voice came, it was Zhengde, this guy suddenly looked very ugly when he saw the name Zhao Yuande, but the people on the scene It was too much, he could not verify them one by one, and he could only use this method to inspire Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande glanced at him and ignored it. Although Zhengde was strong, he ranked a hundred points away, and the number behind was 109. This kind of performance is quite satisfactory among this group of geniuses.

"Zhao Yuande..." Zhengde scolded for a while, and found that Zhao Yuande didn't even care about himself. Instead, many people looked at themselves like a neuropath, and couldn't help but stunned.

"You guys, 108 of you passed the second test, and now enter the final stage, ranking competition!" The old servant waited for a long time, waiting for everyone to see the name and position on the stele almost, before again Road, "The next ranking game is divided into several small links, cough! Cough!"

"Master! Let me say it!" The little boy couldn't bear it, patting the master's back gently, and said to everyone, "My master will open three stone tablets, representing the physical body, the soul of the soul, and spiritual power! On these three stone tablets The ranking will temporarily be sorted according to the ranking on the total ranking stone tablets. Each of you can only challenge the person before your own ranking. The ranking of the last three stone tablets will be aggregated into the total ranking stone tablets, and then it will be the real ranking! "

"Cough! Yes, the current ranking does not mean the end, I hope you can work hard! Now some rules let the apprentice to tell you." The old servant still couldn't help saying a few words.

"We will separate three large venues, each of which has three confined spaces, allowing you to challenge freely, regardless of life or death! Let's start now!"

There was a rumbling noise, and the three smaller stone tablets were separated in three directions. The initial ranking of each stone tablet was exactly the same as the big stone tablet, but there were no numbers behind these names.

"So many people, how do we find our opponents?" Some people questioned.

"As long as you find your opponent and gently touch the name on the stone tablet, your opponent will emit the same brilliance as you!"

"What if someone continuously challenges? This is very unfair!" someone asked.

"Everyone can only be challenged twice a day!"

"Can I quit now?" someone asked again.

"Now you are already a member of the Wa Palace, and those who survived will either become masters of the palace or slaves or choose to die."

"It's not fair!"

"There is no complete fairness in the cultivation field. Since you come, you must accept the consequences of your choice!"

Zhao Yuande didn't have time to listen to people asking questions, he found a familiar name on the stele, Gu Ling!

The ranking is still very high, at the 36th place.

After the explanation, many people circled around the four stone tablets. They were hesitating who should choose their opponent.

"Zhao Yuande, I'm going to fight with your soul!" Zhengde, a grinous guy, lightly tapped Zhao Yuande's name on the stone tablet representing the soul.

Suddenly Zhao Yuande and Zhengde's body glowed the same blue light.

"It turns out that you are hiding here!" Zhengde looked at Zhao Yuande's mouth with a grin, "Although he suffered a big loss in Zhao Yuande's hands, he was almost crazy, but after going out, he encountered surprises again and again, so that his soul was elevated to the Divine Emperor. In the mid-term, after entering the Wa Palace, the younger generation had not yet encountered an opponent, which made his self-confidence somewhat inflated, and felt that even Zhao Yuande was not necessarily his opponent.

"Boring!" Zhao Yuande rolled his eyes and did not have a good face for Zhengde. "If it weren't for seeing you and me coming out of the Eastern Emperor's World, I would have killed you many times! I didn't expect you to know not only gratitude, but also Provoked here with me, do you believe me or not, I will shoot you down before stripping your clothes!"

"Pull off your clothes!" Many people were watching these two people with interest at this time, especially one person's eyes sneered at Zhengde, and then smiled to Zhao Yuande, "He is thin and thin, There shouldn't be any material on you! Brother, your taste is really serious."

"Don't look at his thinness, he has muscles all over his body." Zhao Yuande shook his head seriously, "Maybe I will ask everyone to identify?"

"Okay! Brother or you, I can find a confidant! We will have a good chat later!" The man's eyes lighted up, sweeping on Zhengde's body more recklessly.

"Ah! Zhao Yuande, I'll fight with you!" Zhengde's lungs are going to be blown up. He feels that if he stands here for a while, he might run away!

"If you are free to do anything here, just wipe it out!" Tong Zi's cold words scared Zhengde.