Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 707

Chapter 707: Chaos Thunderfire

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"Both are over!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "For safety's sake, you must challenge me! Otherwise, if you encounter this lifeless fight, I'm afraid you will have problems."

"This level... there should be no problem!" Gu Ling looked at the battle in the field and couldn't help but pouted.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande heard the other person say this, and his eyes suddenly showed curiosity. He really didn't know what the girl's cultivation practices were.

"Brother Zhao, don't forget that I am the ancestor of the bone sect. My bones are harder than ordinary people. Even Brother Zhao may not be able to surpass me!"

"Is that really the case?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but grow curious.

"Well! My weakness is in Spiritual Power!" Gu Ling whispered in Zhao Yuande's ear, "If there is no Spiritual Power, maybe Brother Zhao will also lose in Gu Ling's hands."

"Is that so?" Zhao Yuande was more shocked and curious!

"Brother Zhao doesn't believe it?" Gu Ling smiled slightly and walked toward the Soul Stele. He casually clicked a name on it, ranking No. 8 in Qiu Xing Tian.

The gleaming golden flame suddenly ignited on Gu Ling, and not far away a golden face of a cold-faced big man also ignited the golden flame, and established a sense with Gu Ling.

"Little girl, will you challenge me?" The cold-faced Qiu Xingtian smiled faintly, looking at Gu Ling.

"Accept or not!" Gu Ling nodded and asked softly.

"Haha! Give me points, how can I not accept!" Qiu Xingtian's face showed a proud smile, confidently strode into the space of God's soul challenge.

Gu Ling turned his head and smiled mysteriously at Zhao Yuande, and then followed into the Soul Challenge space.


A large group of people gathered around, and the physical battle was almost over. Everyone saw that they were both at the end of the crossbow and stopped paying attention.

Now every battle cannot be missed, because a person can only be challenged twice a day, so every battle requires careful selection of opponents, especially the challenges of others must not be missed.

As soon as the spirit of Qiu Tongtian came out, it was a terrible headless giant. He condensed the ancients with the spirit of soul to defeat Penalty. A terrible killing gas emanated from this headless giant. There was a loud bang.

"Little girl, you made a wrong choice today, and I will crush you directly into scum!" The headless giant, holding a giant axe in his hand, walked step by step in the direction of Gu Ling.

"Oops!" Gu Ling's body rushed out of a quirky little girl. As soon as the little girl appeared, she raised her mouth, facing the body of Gu Ling for a while, without feeling the headless giant. Horror pressure, "It's suffocating! Gu Ling, you should let me out soon!"

"Roar! You dare to despise me, you are done!" The headless giant was now approaching behind the little girl, and with both hands holding a big axe, he slashed toward the back of the little girl.

The power of fear tears the void, causing a gust of wind to blow across the challenge space.

"It's really annoying! Didn't you see me talking?" The little girl turned very uncomfortably and held out her palm. A thick bone spur shot from his palm.


The bone spurs arrived first, directly penetrated the body of the headless giant, and flew away with the huge body of the headless giant. The bone spurs were directly inserted on the ground, and the headless giant seemed to have become a bamboo stick. A big meatball.


Everyone took a breath, how powerful is this bone spur?

Even Zhao Yuande showed a surprised look at this time, this bone spur is really too strong, I am afraid that I have to deal with it!

How can the other party cultivate the bone spurs into the soul? Is there a skeleton in her soul? If there is more flesh and blood, wouldn't it become the second bone spirit?

Gu Zong was able to study the bones into the soul of the gods, and it was truly extraordinary.


The headless giant froze for a long time, and suddenly felt a huge pain hit, and immediately shouted.

"It's really noisy!" The curiosity little girl frowned and pouted. "Originally, people didn't want to kill you, but your cry is so unpleasant."


The little girl snapped all over her body, and white bone spurs shot from his body.


The headless giant was punctured fiercely by countless snow-white bone spurs on his body at the next moment, and he had turned into a sieve, and his voice stopped abruptly.

At the same time, the body of the hatred punishment crooked and lost all its support, apparently already a corpse.

Everyone couldn't help but sweat, and the voice was unpleasant. Can you find some normal reason?

The little girl glanced outside at Zhao Yuande comparing his thumbs before he re-entered into Gu Ling's sea of knowledge.

"Some of her personality has split!" Zhao Yuande sighed. Apparently, the other party's body had been suppressed for too long before the soul appeared another character. No wonder she wanted to escape and want to find freedom.

Watching the little girl come out, countless people were in awe of her. Her soul has already mutated, and she has gradually divorced from the category of the spirit of the gods. It is so powerful that everyone can't help but feel a little hairy in her heart.

"Brother Zhao, what do you think?" Gu Ling recovered some Mu Na's expression, but looked at Zhao Yuande very much.

"Yes, it's better than me!" Zhao Yuande grinned.

"It's almost the same!" Gu Ling smiled with satisfaction.

"Let's go! Let's go sit down first, it's too noisy here!" Zhao Yuandela led the little girl away from the four stone tablets, and appeared not far from the old servants and children.

They sat on the steps, hung their legs down, and rocked at random.

"Brother Zhao, are you sure you can get the final victory?" Gu Ling looked up at Zhao Yuande. She didn't know why at first, she would save Zhao Yuande, know that her grandfather was on the other side of the Great Lakes at that time. , And was scolded again and again.

From childhood to old age, she was most afraid of grandpa. Not to mention the reprimands of grandpa, even if grandpa was cold, she would feel cold all over her body.

Every time Grandpa scolded her, she would be scared to sleep for a few days, so she had developed a habit for so many years. Grandpa's words were the decree, she would never dare to defy.

But that's it. When she saw Zhao Yuande, she couldn't help saving him.

Maybe there was a trace of longing in her heart at that time, longing for this person to be able to take herself out of that bitter sea.

"It shouldn't be difficult." Zhao Yuande turned to look at the group of people. One of the lonely figures made him pay special attention. "Except for the person named Zhang Fan, I should be able to deal with the rest easily."

"That person seems to be a disciple of a mysterious strongman. I have seen him once, but I don't know his specific situation!" Gu Ling glanced at Zhang Fan and whispered, "But that person seems to be an eternal The strong above the realm, the disciples of such strong feel terrible when they think about it."

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande didn't pay much attention to this person, but he felt a sense of crisis from the other party, and now he felt the need to pay attention to it.

"Zhang Fan, Young Master of the Pantheon Moyun Palace, the Realm of the Sixth Heaven Realm, Chaos Thunderfire..."

Chaos Thunderfire Body! It turned out to be one of the four holy bodies, no wonder it will bring me a sense of crisis, it seems that this person is really my biggest enemy.