Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 708

Chapter 708: I Want To Challenge You

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"I hope Brother Zhao can defeat him so that Gu Ling can get a free new life, and I don't have to look at Grandpa's face anymore!"

"I will do it! Sister Gu Ling, I'm going to retreat a little bit now. You can guard me for a while." Zhao Yuande closed his eyes. He felt that he should sort out his many combat methods, the selection of many items, and various Exercises, spirits...

"Brother Zhao, you can rest assured that as long as I am there, no one can disturb you." Gu Ling nodded.

Zhao Yuande nodded, closed his eyes, and began a brief retreat.

Someone has seen the power of Zhao Yuande and Gu Ling, so no one has challenged them for the time being.

Now it is generally those who are behind that are challenging.

The current battle is very fierce, attracting the attention of a large group of people, and also deliberately ignored the top 100 people.

Time passed in a hurry, and the day passed.

Zhao Yuande is still in retreat at this time, but the battle is going on all the time. In just one day, 108 people have died 326 people!

Forty-two people were seriously injured because of both defeats or the other party's mercy.

The next day, the fighting was even more tragic, and soon one of the top 100 characters was overthrown and died on the spot.

And Zhao Yuande still did not wake up at this time.

Gu Ling was also challenged by others during this period. In the physical challenge space, a woman ranked 83rd was crucified in the space.

After she came back, she was still silently guarding Zhao Yuande.

The next day passed, and 497 people were lost on this day!

All the rest were better than one or two games. They became more cautious. Some people looked at Zhao Yuande.

After two days of challenges, Zhao Yuande's comprehensive ranking is already in the 20s.

The other three lists are lower.

And whenever someone surpassed Zhang Fan, he would stand up to challenge this person, and soon his name returned to the first.

Everyone has a headache for this Zhang Fan. The strength shown by this person definitely makes it difficult for others to recite.

At this time a group of people are discussing how to deal with this person.

"Na Lanchen, you are now ranked sixth. Are you sure you can beat him in a certain way?" A red-haired young man looked at the person opposite, with a wicked smile in the corner of his mouth.

"I'm not sure, he is too strong!" What is called Na Lanchen is a young man with a certain expression. He looks at Zhang Fan in the distance, frowning slightly.

"I have a mythical treasure here. If it can be suddenly detonated during a battle with his soul, it may seriously hurt his spirit!" The red-haired young man took out a black wooden box and gently opened it, which contained a black glowing sign paper.

"Dementor! You are going to blow me up too!" Na Lanchen's face suddenly changed when he saw this rune.

"It's okay, I know you practiced the soul-dividing method. You separate the soul in tenths and put it in the body!" The young man in red tempted. "As long as you can seriously hurt him, I'm sure Being able to kill his dementors, when he dies, the identity of the owner of the Wa Palace is half as good. As long as I become the master of the Wa Palace, you can all be my close friends without being slaves."

"I still have to consider this matter!" Nalan Chen waved his hand.

"No need to think about it, as long as you help me this time, I will help you solve the crisis of your Nalan family!" The young man in red threw out a huge temptation, "I know that you came here to solve this problem The crisis of the Nalan family, if I become the owner of the Wa Palace, only one sentence is needed for the Nalan family!"

"Okay! I promise you!" Na Lanchen gritted his teeth and nodded fiercely.

As the other party said, this time he came to solve the crisis of the Nalan family. The Nalan family has been forced to a dead end. If it does not come, it will die. There is still some hope!

And now he obviously can't compete with the young man in red in front of him. This young man in red is named Ren Hang. The other party is the first powerful genius in the Sea Emperor's domain, or a progenitor of a ancestor of the innate **** of the creation world. The disciples have a very strong background, maybe they can really succeed in capturing the master of the Wa Palace in the end.

He took the rune paper, held it in his hand, and walked slowly toward the Soul Stele.

Na Lanchen against Zhang Fan, this is destined to be a peak showdown, immediately attracted the attention of nine adults.

Zhao Yuande slowly opened his eyes at this time, and the first one saw Gu Ling.

"Sister Gu Ling, how long has it passed?" Zhao Yuande slowly got up and stretched his muscles.

"Brother Zhao, it's been two days and two nights, and only 243 people are left!" Gu Ling looked to the God Soul not far away to challenge the space. "Now I'm being challenged by Zhang Fan. Do we want to go?" Look."

"Zhang Fan? Go, be sure to go!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, and knowing oneself and knowing the other would be a victory. If you want to fight with the other party, you must understand the other party's cultivation behavior.

The two rushed to the Soul Challenge Space and saw that they had just entered the field at this time.

Na Lanchen's spirit turned into a giant unicorn beast, and Zhang Ya danced toward Zhang Fan.

Another identical Zhang Fan, walked out of his body, holding a huge Fangtian painted halberd, and immediately battled with that unicorn beast.

Zhao Yuande can see that Na Lanchens spiritual cultivation at this time should be in the late stage of Divine Emperor Realm, while Zhang Fans spiritual cultivation is almost the same as his own, all hovering in front of the threshold of the Divine Emperor.

The gap in the realm, Na Lanchen was at the bottom from the beginning. Although the Qilin beast was powerful, it was blocked by the halberd. Zhang Fan didnt look a little silent, but the battle was very violent, especially the euphorbia in his hand, the power Extraordinary, definitely the top soul soldier.

In just a few rounds, the Qilin beast was swept by the euphorbia, almost cut in half.

"Roar!" Qilin Beast's eyes were red, and he flew towards Zhang Fan without fear of life or death.

Zhang Fan's euphorbia was open, and the divine power was covered, and he added several huge scars to the unicorn beast.

However, Qilin Beast is still desperately close to Zhang Fan.


The unicorn beast that had just approached Zhang Fan exploded, and the power of the horror spirit swept through, and even Zhang Fan was directly flew out.

Zhang Fan fell heavily on the ground, his face suddenly turned pale, and the corner of his mouth was overflowing with silky golden blood!

In fact, this is not the real blood at all, but the essence of the soul, which has already hurt the origin of the soul.

And Na Lanchen's body suddenly made a loud noise in his mind, and the split soul also exploded at the same time, and people who died can no longer die.

Many people twitched and looked at Ren Hang's eyes, full of disgust.

This person is absolutely insidious and cunning, which makes many people fear him.

However, some people see this situation, and they suddenly move in their hearts. The method is a bit mean, but it is very practical and can be used for reference.

Zhang Fan got up and silently returned to his own body. His eyes were gloomy and out of the challenge space.

"I want to challenge you!"

Ren Hang walked out of the crowd with a smile, gently on Zhang Fan's name, the same brilliance broke out on the two.