Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Ren Hang Will Lose

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Everyone looked at Ren Hang's face with contempt at the moment, and at the same time a little envious!

Zhang Fan glanced at Ren Hang with a slight sneer in the corner of his mouth. The other party conspired to calculate himself. He had already guessed it, but he did not expect to be so mean.

"Hoo! As you wish!"

Zhang Fan gave Ren Hang a light look, his eyes filled with indifference.

"Brother Zhao, who said you can win this battle?" Gu Ling looked at the two curiously and asked Zhao Yuande.

"Zhang Fansheng!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, "Although Zhang Fan was injured, he was still a lion and a tiger, and Ren Hang was only a jackal at best!"

"Brilliant, Brother Zhao's analysis is very brilliant." Some people around came together and looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile, "However, if the brothers fight Zhang Fan, what will happen?"

Zhao Yuande glanced at this man, with a moderate figure and a square face, and compact facial features. It was an ordinary look that could no longer be ordinary, so that people would be ignored when they were placed on the street.

"Sun Shizhang, Lieshan territory, Lieshan big world Lieshan clan biography, the sixfold heaven realm of the realm, innate soil spirit body..."

He glanced at the ranking again, at this time the Sun Shizhang was photographing himself on top.

"I will win naturally." Zhao Yuande chuckled without any sense of humility.

"Brother Zhao, it is really confident!" Sun Shizhang chuckled.

"If you are confident, you will win. Without confidence, you can only lose." Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Brother Zhao, they started!" Gu Ling pulled Zhao Yuande's sleeve.

"Missed!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to the spirit to challenge the space.

Zhang Fanyi is holding Fangtian Huaji, while Ren Hang on the opposite side is now fully armed, Soul Soldier armor, Soul Soldier shield, Soul Soldier sword, each of which is above the innate spirit treasure, he almost Turned into a big turtle shell.

"Does he want to fight the attrition battle with the other party?" Zhao Yuande chuckled, "Ren Hang's plan is good, but he first lost his energy and will definitely lose."

"I think so!" Gu Ling smiled happily, "That Ren Hang is not a good person at first glance, it's best that Zhang Fan can beat him quickly!"

"Within three strokes, Ren Hang will lose." Zhao Yuande made a conclusion.

"Brother Zhao is too full! The two are of equal strength. How can the three moves be the winner!" Sun Shizhang, who was on the side, continued to come forward.

"Look for yourself! You'll know it soon!" Zhao Yuande glanced at this person, feeling that this person was a little inexplicable.


When Zhao Yuande talked to them, Zhang Fan's Fangtian Huaji touched Ren Hang's long sword.

The sound of the symphony of gold and iron came, Ren Hang shook his body, barely stood still, and when the long sword resisted Fang Tian to draw the halberd, his large shield swept violently towards Zhang Fan.

Zhang Fan's body rose into the air, and Fang Tianhua halberd violently over the opponent.

A light smile appeared on Ren Hangs face. On the first blow, he noticed that the opponents spirit power was slightly stronger than his own, but it was only a little. In the second blow, he planned to give the opponent a disarming power. Master Zun's method of shocking the soul.

However, when the sword in his hand touched Fang Tian Huaji, suddenly a powerful thunder came from his hand. At this moment, he completely lost his ability to resist, and the powerful thunder Into his soul, so that his soul is numb, can not resist.


Ren Hang's long sword and large shield fell directly to the ground, and Fang Tian painted a halberd on his helmet.


The helmet was split in half, but it kept the soul from breaking.

But at this time Zhang Fan's Fang Tianhua halberd waved again, and the terrible coercion made everyone outside feel a sudden palpitations.

"No..." Ren Hang's face changed greatly, and he wanted to avoid this third halberd. Unfortunately, it was too late. Fang Tianhua halberd directly split the body of his soul into two halves, a terrible flame from Fang Tian Rushing out of the painted halberd, he directly wrapped Ren Hang's two bodies.


The screams of Ren Hang's heart-breaking heart came from the flames, but the flames disappeared in a flash, and Ren Hang's soul was gone, and only a set of armor fell from the flames.


"It's so powerful, the soul has controlled the power of thunderfire!" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

They didn't expect Ren Hang to be full of confidence, and before he exerted the most powerful force, he was beheaded in the challenge space.

At this time, Sun Shizhang's face was uncertain. He didn't expect Zhao Yuande to say three tricks. Then he realized that his vision was not as good as that of the other party. His thoughts about coming to the other party's words just now were put down. An old man who accidentally might have been caught.

He sighed and turned away.

Zhang Fan grinned and glanced at Zhao Yuande outside, but turned a blind eye to the others. It seemed that only Zhao Yuande could enter his eyes.

"Brother Zhao, he looks at you! I see it, this is a provocative look, he wants to fight you!" Gu Ling looked at Zhang Fan and Zhao Yuande again, and felt the battle between the two. It will be very exciting.

"It's not time yet, otherwise we will lose both sides and make many people jump for joy!" Zhao Yuande swept a lot of powerful people around him, and said with a smile in his mouth, "The battle between us is destined to be the final finale, I don't Will challenge him prematurely."

"Okay!" Gu Ling nodded, thinking that Zhao Yuande was right.

"I don't know these two little guys, which one can become the master of the Wa Palace?" The old servant who was not far away sat cross-legged on the futon, with deep eyes on the two.

"I think that Zhang Fan should be able to do it." Hui Tong flashed in the child's eyes, as if he had his own judgment.

"Oh! Why?" The old servant couldn't help asking, in fact, he also had this idea in mind.

"I always feel that Zhang Fan has a natural fearful temperament, and he is calm, wise, and not arrogant!" Xiao Tong said happily, "The most important thing is that he is a chaotic thunderfire body, and the fusion of thunderfire can evolve terror killing. , God blocks the killing Buddha to block the Buddha."

"Oh! Not bad, not bad!" The old servant nodded. He actually thought the same way, but he still needs to add one. There is a terrible force behind the opponent, so he must have a strong hole card!

When the two men are equal in strength, the hole card in their hands becomes the key to winning!

"Master thinks the same way?" Xiao Tong's face was amused.

"Good!" The old servant nodded.

"Then can I get in touch with him first, and he will be better for us when he becomes the master of the Wa Palace." Xiaotong's eyes shone brightly.

"No!" The old servant shook his head.

"Why?" The boy was puzzled.

"Remember, dont make a premature conclusion no matter what the last step! If you go to Zhang Fanla at this time, in case Zhao Yuande finally becomes the master of the palace, we will be passive! Cough..." Cough, flushing for a while.

"Oh!" The child nodded, and seemed to understand something.