Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Meet Jiang Tianyue Again

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At this time, the Song family had fallen into chaos. There were more than 30 of these blast birds, which was not only a good messenger, but also a powerful fighting force.

These blast birds were cultivated by the Song family from generation to generation, and developed from the original pair to the current scale. This is also a small capital that the Song family can show off before other forces.

Unfortunately, Zhao Yuande grabbed a dozen of them and lost nearly half of them directly.

Song Zhenlin stood in front of the old tree with his teeth clenched, looking at the only blast bird left in the tree, the muscles on his distressed face jumped straight, even if his son was humiliated and his wife was beaten, he has never been so angry!

"It must be those thieves, they must be them!" Song Zhenlin instantly thought of the three guys who confronted himself in front of Song's house during the day, his eyes suddenly turned red.

"Let me check! Find out who did it, and Song Jia and they are at odds with each other!" Song Zhenlin was like a angry lion with his hair standing up.

Just as the Song family was furious and searched all over the city, Zhao Yuande and the three of them had swaggered into the city's largest treasure building,'Wantong Baolou'.

Zhao Yuande has always been in awe of Wantong Baolou, and as soon as he entered the Baolou, he instructed the two guys not to make trouble, otherwise they would not give them a blast bird meal.

When the two guys heard the threat, they immediately behaved like good babies, and followed behind Zhao Yuande honestly, with a zipper on their mouths.

The goods of Wantong Baolou were indeed complete. Zhao Yuande quickly gathered up the necessary auxiliary materials of elixir, and he walked out of Wantong Baolou with anticipation on his face.

"Zhao...Brother Zhao?"

Suddenly a familiar voice came from behind, and Zhao Yuande turned his head to look, and suddenly an intoxicating fragrance came.

A beautiful girl with a slender figure, skin as fine as fat, and clear and moving eyes was approaching him.

Behind the girl were several young people with strong breath. These young people were looking at Zhao Yuande with alert eyes, but when they found out that Zhao Yuande's cultivation at this time was not enough to be a blood goddess, most of them suddenly showed contempt. color.

All of them selectively ignored the one ring and the black bear, only if they were Zhao Yuande's bodyguards.

This made the two guys very uncomfortable, but thinking of Zhao Yuande's threat, they pressed down their anger and shut their mouths hard.

"It turned out to be Miss Jiang!" Zhao Yuande knew who was coming as soon as he smelled the fragrance. It was Jiang Tianyue, the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family who met in the Zhenyang Baolou of Tianhuo City.

In order to perform this fast, in just over a year, she has crossed a large realm and entered the middle stage of Lingtai's pregnancy. From this, you can see the depth of the big family and the extraordinary qualifications of Jiang Tianyue.

"Several brothers, let me introduce to you, this is Brother Zhao Yuande Zhao, the master of Brother Zhao is a powerful Dan Master, and Brother Zhao's own alchemy level may have reached the Xuan level!" Jiang Tianyue turned around Several young people solemnly introduced Zhao Yuande.

"This is Prince Li Tian of the Dali dynasty, this is Brother Long Cheng'an of the Yin Yang Sect, and this is Brother Long Yuming of the Changyu family..." Jiang Tianyue also introduced the people behind him one by one to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique swept these people one by one, and found that their various qualities were extraordinary, all of them were talented people, their cultivation practices were all in the middle and late stages of Lingtai's conception, and everyone's combat effectiveness was extraordinary.

Zhao Yuande knew through their eyes that they were all Jiang Tianyue's suitors, and they all hoped to be able to get married with the Jiang family's daughter-in-law, so that the forces behind them would be tied to the Jiang family giant.

Jiang Tianyue is also taking advantage of these people to gain a higher status and resources in the Jiang family.

This is the delivery of Chi Guoguo's interests, and both parties are mutually beneficial.

"Have you seen Xiongtai!" Although Zhao Yuande disdain to be with these people, but he didn't want to offend them easily, so he politely took a fist and nodded and smiled to everyone.

These young people must say that he is a Xuan-level pill master, and the brilliance in his eyes is a little more. Although they were born in a big family, the supply of pill medicine is not endless. If they can make good use of this potential Master Dan is also a resource.

Several people came up and called Zhao Yuande brother and brother, but they were enthusiastic, but it was a bit depressed to leave Jiang Tianyue awkwardly aside.

After the greeting, Jiang Tianyue smiled and asked: "I heard that Brother Zhao was staying in Huoyunzong, and if Brother Zhao was interested in coming to my Jiang family, my Jiang family would definitely give you the equivalent of a core genius. Discipline treatment!"

"Ms. Jiang, I will take the lead first. I just want to go out there now. If I really want to join a certain force in the future, I must go to the Jiang family first!" Zhao Yuande doesn't want to be mixed with the Jiang family. Together.

"Where does Brother Zhao live? If possible, I would like to visit." Jiang Tianyue did not ignore Yi Jie and the Black Bear like other young people. She had long secretly observed the two guys and found that their strength was no less than The most powerful Prince Li Tian.

If we can add more to this exploration, the success rate may increase by a few points.

"We live in Piaoxiangyuan and are always waiting for Miss Jiang's driving! We still have some things here, so let's leave!" Zhao Yuande doesn't want to get involved in these people's whirlpool, it is better to evacuate early.

After leaving the Wantong Pavilion in a hurry, Zhao Yuande let out a breath. The fly camp dog goo between these big families made him feel a little disgusted.

"Hey! That girl is so beautiful, or is it the absolute best burner of Tianxiang body?" Master Yijie walked out of the Wantong Pavilion, and suddenly his mouth began to be idle. "The poor monk stole a joy. Great Zen Gong, or should we take her back...hehe!"

"Huh! That girl is so watery, Grandpa Xiong can't eat her in one bite!" The black bear didn't want to go down. "This kind of girl has the best taste. How about we grab her back and stew?" "

"You are a black blind, you know to eat, this is a beauty to be used to hurt!" Shake his head again and again, that you do not understand the man's business.

"Bah! The thief is bald. Are you still a monk? No wonder you were kicked out of the mountain gate!" Black Bear's face looked contemptuous.

"Aw! How dare you bald beat me to see if I don't kill you! Aw!"

"Xiong Blind Man, you have to peel off your skin and boil the soup to drink today! Ah... you are talking!"

The scene was chaotic and uncontrollable!

These two guys will fight if they can't stay together for half an hour.

"You two are playing first, I'll go back first!"

Zhao Yuande scratched his head in pain, walked two steps quickly, and disappeared on the street in an instant.

"Hey! Brother Zhao waits for me!"

"Boy! Don't swallow it alone... woo!"

"You **** bullshit, we will be chased down by the city!"


When the two guys caught up with Zhao Yuande, he was already in front of a treasure plaque with a huge plaque in the south of the city. The name of the treasure plaque was Sheng Dan Bao Lou.