Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Sword Drifting

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The tragic experience of Ren Hangs failure has made most people desperate. This Zhang Fan is too strong. In the end, should he become a servant of this person?

They subconsciously looked at the old servants and children, remembering what they once said, even a servant of the Wa Palace was enough to be proud of the territory!

In this case, it is better to give up fighting!

Some people have such thoughts in their lives. They probably have hundreds of people. They just got together to study who can win this brutal competition.

"Hey, who do you want to be the master of the Wa Palace? Zhao Yuande? This guy looks like a smiling tiger, don't look at the brilliant smile on his face, but killing people is not unequivocal, not a bit moody!"

Someone talked about Zhao Yuande, his face all over and over. They saw Zhao Yuande and Zhengde fighting, and they all felt that he had this strength.

"Zhang Fan's introverted personality makes people see no joy, no joy, no joy. If he succeeds, our life will not be easy."

"What do you think of her?" Suddenly pointed at a woman.

"She? There were still more than 200 people just now. Why did you reach the tenth in a blink of an eye? How could you be promoted so quickly?"

"She is constantly challenging. Every battle changes with different challenges, but in the end the battle usually does not exceed ten breaths. Her strength is so powerful!"

"Ming Yu, a genius woman from the Earth Demon Realm. She used to be lukewarm. Has she started to work now?"

"There is that man. You see that he did not lose to Nether Rain. He also challenged continuously, especially his physical body. He can bomb his opponent with just one punch. Seeing his figure, he seems to be a barbarian!"

"A barbarian? How could his spirit be weak, how could he be so powerful!"

"He was called Feng Wujiang, and he began to be unknown. He heard that he was a barbarian in a barren land, but he didn't expect it to break out at this time. Is this a scene in which four dragons are fighting for heroes?"

"No... look at that man! What a terrible sword qi! The sword qi is cut across the soul, cutting the endless void, is this going to be against the sky?"

"This is still a woman! The sword is drifting away, the peerless swordsmanship genius girl from Wan Jianyu, at first she also hid!"

"Quickly, all recorded! The five-man battle for hegemony, which is wonderful enough!"


Of course, many people think that they are not weaker than others, and they still have to fight. Others have a strong personality, and would rather die as a servant in battle.

They are working hard for their dreams and freedom!

Zhao Yuande also watched some brilliance and added three super powers. He felt that it was not so boring, and the last five dragons might be interesting.

The third day passed quickly, leaving only 234 people out of 243!

Ninety-eight of them gave up the challenge and got together.

The remaining twenty people all have strong fighting power, and each of them has their own pride.

In the end, Gu Ling knew that if he persevered, he would definitely be challenged by others. He would directly challenge Zhao Yuande. In the spiritual challenge space, Zhao Yuande urged the Eternal Tower to include Gu Ling in it, and he had no contact with the outside world. Disappeared on the stele.

At this time, even the old servants were a little shocked, able to isolate the connection between Wa Palace and Gu Ling. What level of Zhao Yuande's Lingbao?

His heart suddenly tilted again, if Zhao Yuande possessed this terrible spirit treasure, there were many more variables in the final loss.

"Three days passed, some people chose to give up, some people chose to continue fighting, and your last moment finally arrived!" The old servant appeared in front of everyone at this time, he said softly, "Please give me up now."

The ninety-eight people came to the old servant. Although their faces were frank, they still had some loss in their hearts.

The remaining twenty people, including Zhao Yuande, were standing still. He looked at the old servant, not knowing what he would do next.

"Next, we started the elimination system, two pairs of battles, the winner stayed, the loser died or became a servant!" The old slave slowly sank into the earth with a wave of stone tablets, and a huge performance martial arts field appeared in front of everyone. .

"How to match the combat objects?" Some people questioned.

"Draft!" The child walked out from behind the old servant. He had a bamboo stick in his hand. "The same number is drawn as the fighting opponent, and the empty lot is drawn for a round."

The children came to the twenty people and gave them bamboo sticks one by one to let them draw.

I don't know if I was intentional or not, Zhao Yuande and Zhang Fan were divided into the last two bamboo sticks.

"Everyone will reveal the number on the bamboo stick!" The little boy returned to the old slave, and the old slave spoke softly, "Let's start on the two!"

"I'm number one!" Jian Piao Ling came out first, and he showed the bamboo stick to everyone.

"I'm also number one!" The other person is a middle-aged man with a bit of dark eyes, but his face is obviously not pretty.

Obviously this middle-aged man was a little afraid of Jianpiao, but he gritted his teeth and strode toward the center of Yanwuchang.

Jian Piao, with no expression on his face, also silently walked to Yanwuchang.

The two stood opposite each other, and the four eyes intersected, and all of them burst into a powerful force.

"You are not my opponent, now I admit that I will not kill you!" Jian Piao Ling looked at each other, his voice cold and ruthless.

"Noisy! I Zhang Linning can stand dead without kneeling!" The middle-aged man shouted, and a huge real dragon phantom emerged from behind him, and a terrible dragon threatened the world.


Jian Piao Ling's body seemed like a peacock to open the screen. A thousand swords of light rose up into the sky, and finally turned into countless golden gods shot towards the middle-aged people.


The roar of the dragon roared into the sky, and all the people watching around felt that the eardrums were buzzing, and the blood in the body was rolling.

True dragon ghost shadow and countless golden sword lights are flying in the sky, confrontation!

However, the obvious real dragon shadow is getting smaller and smaller, and those golden sword lights are getting more and more prosperous, as if these golden sword lights can absorb the energy of the real dragon shadow into their own use!

"The sword is drifting away, the ancestors of the Wanjian domain and the Wanjian sect, the body of the devourer, the body of the sword emperor..."

"This sword drifting is really a genius, and he has two special constitutions, and can also combine these two constitutions into one, giving her sword a powerful swallowing power, which is rare!" Zhao Yuande's mouth showed a touch of faintness With a smile, he was somewhat looking forward to fighting this strong man.

"Dragon God Cut!"

Zhang Lin also felt that his real dragon phantom was gradually shrinking, and even the power in his body was gradually passing away. If it goes on like this, I am afraid that he will lose it soon.

So desperately, he could only suddenly burst out, wanting to use his most powerful tricks to instantly reverse the situation.

A dragon-shaped scimitar in Zhang Lin's hands drew an arc in the void, and a huge real dragon head emerged from the void, biting towards the sword.

"Sword Flash!"

There was a sneer in Jianpiao's zero eyes. She gently squeezed her fingers and flicked toward the mighty dragon head.


Jianmang seemed to pass the time, passing by.