Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 711

Chapter 711: Trembling With Excitement

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Zhang Lin saw that the other party seemed to be underestimating the enemy and was about to sneer, but he saw a bit of Jianmang flashing in front of his eyes, and then disappeared in an instant.

He was slightly stunned for a while, and then suddenly felt a bit chilly, and then found that his eyes were getting farther and farther...

All the people watching around at this time had their eyes widened. They saw Zhang Lin split into two halves from the heart of his eyebrows, and blood spewed out of his body, instantly staining the whole ground.

As soon as Zhang Lin died, the huge real dragon head seemed to lose its supporting power all at once, as if it was a bubble breaking in the air.


Everyone took a breath at this moment, and they stared at the sword in a daze for a moment. The eyes were first shocked and then deeply horrified.

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown a little at the moment. The sword flash was just too fast just now, and even he could barely catch the speed of the sword light. It was basically infinitely close to teleportation!

Many people are thinking about a question at this moment, what should they do if they face this sword!

Jian Piao Ling was light and turned away from Yanwuchang.

"Two No. 2 please come on!" Xiao Tong looked at the rest of the crowd.

"I'm number two!" A bald man came out, his expression dignified.

"Me!" Also coming out is a middle-aged man who seems to be in his forties. He holds a long knife with a sheath in his hand. The dark sheath of the knife flashes with a little light, as if it is not ordinary.

When the bald man saw the middle-aged man, he took a long breath.

The two of them looked right, did not speak, but quickly separated and walked into the Yanwuchang.

"Brother, I think you look very nervous, otherwise you will admit defeat, as long as you admit defeat, we don't have to fight, you don't have to be nervous, you live me to advance, how good it is!" Bald man, looking at each other, watching The hand holding the knife to the other party seemed to tremble, as if very nervous, and could not help smiling.

"Did you finish?" The middle-aged man's appearance has no characteristics. It belongs to the public face. His hand holding the knife is shaking, and it is shaking more and more.

"Finished!" The bald man looked at the other party and suddenly felt a little weird. The Dao with the black sheath had a burst of fame at this time.

"Then you can die..."

When the middle-aged man loosened his hand, the black knife with sheath disappeared from his hand, and appeared in front of the bald man next moment.

The bald man didn't expect the other party to have such a speed. With a loud roar, the sound wave rushed towards the black sword with a sheath like a thunder.

The sheathed black knife is flexible like a swimming fish. It flashes in the air and directly hides into the void. The next moment appears behind the bald man.


The bald man heard the sound of a knife screaming behind him, and his complexion shifted quickly to the side.


But as if it was too late, the bald man's half arm flew directly.

"I surrender!"

The big Han felt cold in his heart, and he immediately shouted out the words of confession.

But even if he yelled out the words of confession, he didn't use the knife to light up again. The head of the bald man flew high and blood spewed out of his neck.

"come back!"

The middle-aged man tweeted, and the sheathed black knife had returned to his hand at the next moment.

"I'm not nervous, I'm too excited, trembling with excitement!" The middle-aged man looked at the body of the bald man. Although his voice was very light, there was a faint excitement in his face, and his face was even more irresistible. Exposed mine state, "This time I want to challenge everyone, let everyone become the soul of death under my magic knife!"


Almost everyone at this time came up with such a word.

Zhao Yuande looked at the black sword with a sheath. He felt that there was a strong sense of autonomy in the black sword, as if the black sword was the real master, and the middle-aged man seemed to be just an unimportant carrier.

Although many people think that the black sword is terrifying, they are not as intimidating as the sword drifting, so they feel that this scene is not exciting at all.

"End! Draw No. 3 to continue!" Xiao Tong glanced at the middle-aged man and frowned.

"Don't care, this is just a demon servant. Those five people should be able to defeat them!" The old man's voice sounded in the ear of the child.

The middle-aged man walked off slowly. The black knife with a sheath in his hand was still trembling, as if he had just tasted the taste of blood, and was particularly excited.

"I'm number three!" A graceful and luxurious middle-aged beautiful woman walked slowly towards the Yanwuchang.

The other person didn't speak, but just stood up silently and walked towards Yanwuchang, even Zhang Fan.

The middle-aged beautiful woman didn't hear someone talking, turned around and looked around curiously, but she saw Zhang Fan's somewhat wooden face.

"You..." The middle-aged beautiful woman frowned lightly. She stopped and looked at the coming Zhang Fan and asked, "You won't kill me in a while!"

"The sword has no eyes, I can't guarantee that you can live!" Zhang Fan was stunned and told the truth.

"Okay! I still admit defeat in advance!" The middle-aged beautiful woman thought for a while, or sighed gently and turned to the 98 people!

"Why do you admit defeat? Why didn't you choose to give up earlier?" someone asked.

"I thought I could play a game and see the geniuses of the heavens and the world! I still have some confidence in meeting other people, but I have no confidence in Zhang Fan, so I can only admit defeat!" The woman understated her lightly and had an insulting attitude.

The little boy glanced at Zhang Fan, nodded to him gently, and then continued to announce: "Two No. 4 playing!"

On the 4th, two young people called Feng Buzheng and Zuming. They were not the focus of the battle, so people did not pay special attention to their battle at first, but when the battle was together, they suddenly let everyone 'S attention was concentrated.

The fighting between the two people is wonderful, the fighting power between the two is almost the same, they even fought this battle day and night.

They are all peerless geniuses with more than one set of skills. Their fighting skills are also different. The lore tricks that often pop up during battles make people praise from time to time.

At the end of the war, both of them were exhausted, and finally they both got rid of their strength.

The two didn't even know each other, they lay directly in the center of Yanwuchang and made friends.

The child waved, and several people who gave up rushed up consciously to lift the two down. "

"In the fourth game, two people were tied, but they were disqualified together, what do you think?" The little boy looked at the two who were lifted down.

"we agree!"

"Absolutely agree! Hey, the brother put the two of us together. I have a lot of words to say to Brother Feng!"


"No. 5!" The child looked at the rest.