Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 714

Chapter 714: Frozen World

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"This woman seems to be a black horse, won't that Zhao Yuande overturn the ship halfway?"

"This woman has always been very low-key. I have only seen her fight two times. The body is fair. Although the soul is very powerful, it is not as good as Zhao Yuande. This accident should be Zhao Yuande victory!"

"Do you know the identity of this woman?" Suddenly someone grinned and asked everyone.

Everyone shook their heads and looked at the speaker: "Hurry up and say, don't appease us."

"This lady is the virgin of the ice and snow domain, and it is said that it is the reincarnation of the previous generation of the Snow God! Do you know the Snow God? Forget... The Snow God is a world-class superpower, and it is said that she has got a kind of rebellion Heaven's exercises, nine deaths and the promotion of immortals, nine reincarnations and nine revisions can eventually transform the ninth unity into a fairy king!"

"What! Fairy king... aren't you talking nonsense!"

"There is a lie to you, I am your grandson!"

"In this way, this battle is really a bit mysterious, can Zhao Yuande really win?"

"So don't make conclusive conclusions, this battle depends on me to win five or five points!"


The voices of these discussions naturally entered Zhao Yuande's ears, and he became more and more interested in this freeze. Perhaps only this kind of talent can make him come up with real skills!

"I know you, Zhao Yuande!" Unexpectedly, Bing Feng even took the initiative to speak, she was a little calm and scary, said, "I have seen your battle, and I know that the chance of defeating you is very slim, I am the reincarnation of the Snow God, I dont want to die here, so we only make one move, and if we lose or win, I will quit."

"Oh! I promise you!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment and gently nodded, "I just don't want to expose my strength too much in front of these great enemies, one trick at a time!"

Hearing that the two men negotiated a victory, the eyes of everyone suddenly brightened. They were looking forward to it. What kind of brilliant sparks could the two men's strongest power explode?

"Master, you said Zhao Yuande..." The child looked at the old servant.

"Zhao Yuande must win!" The old servant glanced at Tong Tong lightly and said softly, "His real opponent is Zhang Fan."

On the court, Zhao Yuande nodded to the ice.

"My strongest state, the Snow God is born!"

The frozen eyes suddenly became empty, as if the whole person lost their spirituality at once, and turned into a walking dead without the soul!

At this moment, everyone suddenly felt a terrifying force and landed from an inexplicable void!

Suddenly, there was heavy snow falling in the sky, and a terrible feeling that made people cold into the bone marrow made everyone tremble.

Even if they were as powerful as Zhao Yuande and Zhang Fan, there was a trace of shock in their hearts, and even they felt the action seemed suffocating at this time.

The frozen body slowly flew into the sky, an unpredictable power was injected into her body, her eyes opened at once, and two bright cold mountains swept towards Zhao Yuande.

"It's that you want to win or lose with me! Well, I'll do it for you!" Bingfeng seems to have changed his mind all at once, with a powerful voice and an arrogant attitude, as if he will always refuse to be thousands of miles away.

"It's not that I want to win or lose with you. This is your request! If you are still so high up next, and think you are the original Snow God, don't blame me for not showing mercy!" Zhao Yuande hates each other very much This style, even if you used to be the Snow God!

"In this case, let's not die!" I don't know if it is really the **** of the snow god, or the ice has become unbridled because she has obtained supreme power at once, and her attitude is determined and cold.

"Okay! I used to think that it was not easy for you to practice. Now it seems that your nine-death ascending immortal tactics is over. This time you are really dead!" Zhao Yuande no longer hides his strength, his body shakes gently It seems to have unloaded an ancient ancient mountain that was pressed on the body. A terrible breath instantly stirred in the Yanwuchang. The space around it seems to be unable to withstand this terrifying power, and there have been black cracks!

"This is... the power of pure flesh!" Someone suddenly screamed in horror.

"How is this possible! All the voids that his physical strength actually cracked have appeared. He can now tear the void freehand, and only need to master a part of the laws of space and the location of the space, he can tear the void directly and freely!"

"This...does it mean that he can compete with the powerful Divine Emperor just by his physical body!"


At this time, even if the old servant who always thought that Zhao Yuande was very powerful couldn't help but slightly surprised, are the two stars already so powerful? If the seven stars are fully turned on, will it be able to compete with the strongest in the world?


Feng Wujiang swallowed hard, and his body was trembling with some feeding at this time. This was not fear but excitement!

The flesh tearing the void is his dream realm. He originally thought that his flesh had reached the limit of the realm of the field. Unexpectedly, he saw hope in Zhao Yuande's body. He decided to continue on this road until he The broken body of the flesh is promoted to the world!

You have to know that the stronger the physical body, the more stable the state. If a strong person with a broken and broken body cultivates from scratch, there will not be any real state of suffocation, and you can cultivate all the way to the realm of the Divine Emperor. This is a solid foundation. benefit.

At this time, the only person who did not change color was Zhang Fan.

He seemed to have foreseen that Zhao Yuande's body was so powerful, and his face was smooth, as if the other party's power was justified, and it shouldn't have been so powerful.

"Very powerful flesh! But do you only want to win me with this flesh?" Bingfeng gently shook his head, "This is simply impossible, if only this level, I will shoot! Bingfeng world! "

Bing Feng gently pointed towards Zhao Yuande.

Suddenly, the world seemed to become a world of ice and snow, and a huge finger resembling a mountain seemed to fall slowly from the high nine heavens.

Standing in the same place, Zhao Yuande only felt that his body sank, as if a large world suppressed him out of thin air. A bone-chilling cold instantly penetrated into his body, and he got into the internal organs and wanted to freeze the blood on his body.

"Is that only this degree?" Zhao Yuande looked up at the huge mountain-like, slowly falling finger, and a slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"What is he doing? If he doesn't fight back, I'm afraid he will be killed by a finger!" Someone looked at Zhao Yuande anxiously, thinking if he was scared or dumb.

"Zhao Yuande is about to lose. This kind of power has gone beyond the realm of Divine Emperor Realm. Even an ordinary Divine Emperor might not be able to play such a terrifying finger!" These people are all large sedan chairs, and they are very knowledgeable. It is easy to distinguish what kind of state this power has reached.

"No... you see there is still a smile on his face at the moment, this is a confident smile, he will never lose!"

"Maybe a scared smile froze on my face!"


"Are you here? I look forward to it!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists and looked at the huge fingers in the sky, his eyes suddenly revealed a dazzling divine light.