Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 715

Chapter 715: Sword And Sword

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The eight different colors of light in his palm were surrounded by a bright star in his palm. The next moment he squeezed his palm tightly and held a force that could destroy the earth. In the palm of your hand.

His body jumped violently, like a huge flea, and he jumped a hundred feet,

"Give me!"

Zhao Yuande exhaled and opened his fist, directly facing his fingers in the sky comparable to the size of mountains.

This finger is crystal-like as jade, as if it were all made of jade, but it feels very cold and biting, and there is a trace of the power of heaven in this ice.

Just before the fist touched the finger, he opened his palm dreamily and slapped it on the finger.

The power of eight terrible rules contained in the palm surrounds the bright stars, and it is so fiercely printed on the fingers.

Zhao Yuande retracted his palm, his body hitting the ground like a shooting star.

In the solid Yanwuchang field, a big pit was smashed by his body, and a large piece of slate cracked around.

The finger of the sky is still falling slowly, and Zhao Yuande jumped out of the big pit, and he didn't start again, just stood quietly and looked at the sky.

"How is he doing? This palm seems useless?" Someone looked at Zhao Yuande puzzled and looked at the slowly falling fingers in the sky, some did not understand.

"It's a bit confusing..."

"Is it possible that Zhao Yuande found that he couldn't shake his finger in one blow and gave up resistance!"

"Not like! I think he has a good heart, maybe..."


Just as there was a lot of discussion, a clear sound suddenly came from the finger in the sky.

"Click! Click! Click!"

In the unbelievable eyes of everyone, Lei Kai's finger, which was comparable to the mountains, even said a huge mouth, and then it seemed to shatter completely as if the broken glass.

"'s impossible! I don't...believe!" The original white sky suddenly returned to normal, and a figure appeared in midair.

It was freezing, at this time she was looking at Zhao Yuande on the ground incredible.

"Poof!" She spouted a **** arrow, her face suddenly turned pale.

"Look, her body..." suddenly someone shouted below.

Everyone took a closer look and couldn't help but show an incredible look on his face, only to see a crack on the frozen body at the moment.


At the next moment, the ice burst and burst into a blood mist.

A white shadow rushed out of the blood mist and rushed to Zhao Yuande!

This white shadow came with a very powerful power of the gods and souls, which has surpassed the **** emperor.

"You ruined my nine deaths and rose to immortals. I'm going to tear you!" Bai Ying roared roaringly, turned out to be a soul avatar of the Snow God.

At this time, everyone was silent, and the power of this kind of soul was so powerful that they could not bear the heart of resistance.

However, Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry at this time, nor was he afraid, just swept his eyes to the old servant.

"Come on!" The child's voice shook with thunder, and his eyes swept over.

Before Bai Ying fell on Zhao Yuande, he suddenly felt an irresistible force imprisoning him.

"You let me go, I'm going to kill him! I am the **** of snow and ice, how could I lose to a mortal, I am not reconciled!" The imprisoned Bai Ying hysterically roared, but could not escape anyway.

"Huh! Save it! You are a **** like ours! Wa Wa Palace catches a lot!" Xiao Tong sneered, finger lightly.

The white shadow was burst like a balloon, leaving nothing behind.

Everyone knew that this little boy was so powerful.

"Okay, the first screening has been completed, and now there are six strong men left, namely Jian Piao Ling, Dao Shi, Zhang Fan, Feng Wujiang, Ming Yu, and Zhao Yuande!" The child looked around the crowd, one on Zhao Yuande's face. After sweeping, finally whispered, "Everyone is scared today, take a day off, tomorrow we will start the second handsome selection!"

Zhao Yuande found a place to sit cross-legged, he had a sense of excitement that the war was coming, he didn't know who his first opponent was tomorrow.

Zhao Yuande's emotions have always been in excitement, he has an urge to fight Zhang Fan immediately!

The same is true for everyone else, everyone is watching their opponents tomorrow.

Those geniuses destined to become servants now have a mixed heart, and they expect that the future owners of the Wa Palace will not be too strict.

"You said these six people, who is most likely to win the final victory?"

"I think it should be Zhang Fan, he is unfathomable, and he looks good-tempered, should be a good candidate for the palace owner."

"No, I think its Zhao Yuande. Did you see that just now, his fighting power can definitely defeat the Divine Emperor! He is stronger than Zhang Fan, but he is the palace master, this is not easy to say, I think he is a smiling tiger, this feels very bad !"

"What do you know! Zhao Yuande is a person. I seem to have heard someone talk about it. This person is very principled and keeps his promises. It is best for me to say that he is the master!"

"I don't think Fengjiang is good, this person is generous and generous!"


Time rushed, and soon the next day arrived.

The boy appeared with his old servant outside the Yanwu Stadium, beckoning the six of them to Zhao Yuande.

"Six of you come!"

Six people hurried over.

"Today we will not draw lots, and my master will rank you personally and arrange opponents!" The little boy looked at everyone's reaction and saw that they did not show any objection, and then nodded in satisfaction.

"The next stop, Jianpiaoling vs. Blade Servant, you come on!" The little boy nodded at the two of them, and the two walked to the Yanwuchang.

Everyone heard the two men fighting, and their eyes lit up.

They were like knowing very early, who is faster between the two!

Was the sword flashing, or the swordman's magic knife?

Jian Piao Ling came to the field to stand still, looking at the black long knife he was wearing, holding his brow slightly.

"You are not my opponent, let's put away this magic knife!" Jian Piao Ling frowned, but still persuaded the other to leave.

"Hey! Don't be wordy, you will be the first soul of death under my magic knife today!" The knife servant's hand holding the black long knife began to tremble gradually, his face was sweating heavily, and his eyes had become red. , He could not restrain the excitement of the magic knife.

"Okay!" Sword drifting long sword in hand, a golden sword flashed, the next moment already appeared in front of the sword servant.


The long black knife came out of the sheath, and a black knife awn met the golden sword awn.

Daomang and Jianmang collided together and suddenly made a piercing sound.