Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 717

Chapter 717: Already

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The barbaric dragon roared upward in the sky and opened his mouth biting toward the child.

The magic knife in the child's hand seemed to see a peerless enemy. Instead of continuing to escape with the child, he suddenly turned into a black dragon and screamed toward the barbarian dragon.

"Windless! Retreat!"

Zhao Yuande shouted loudly, his eyes wide open between his eyebrows, and a thick black and white two-color thunder shot directly at the black magic dragon's head.


Thunder hit the black magic dragon, directly penetrating the black magic dragon's head through a huge hole.

The powerful breath of the black magic dragon was obviously reduced by a few points, and it was at this time that the dazzling sword-like awn of the sun suddenly fell down and collided with the magic dragon again.

The dragon's body could no longer be maintained, and it fell to the earth all at once. When the dragon fell to the earth, it suddenly turned into a black light and flew back to the child.

The magic knife took off the child, and the child seemed to remember something in a sudden moment.

But at the next moment, the magic knife flew back, and he reached out involuntarily.

It was at this time that the long rain that had been lurking for a long time rushed out and punched the child's head.

The child subconsciously hid, but the punch still hit the child's chest heavily, and the child flew out, so he didn't catch the magic knife.

The magic knife was fierce at this time, changing its direction and even rushing towards the wind that was tracking.

The magic knife is extremely fast, and the moment comes!

Feng Wujiang was too late to dodge, throwing a punch at the magic knife.

How sharp was the magic knife, directly splitting Feng Wujiang's fist into two halves, followed by a heavy split on Feng Wujiang's shoulder.

The magic knife was cut on the shoulder, and did not continue to hack down, but sprayed a magic energy toward the brow of the wind and boundlessly rushed past.

"Quick! Strike the magic knife away!" The old servant's voice came, very anxious.

These are the pillars of the future Wa Palace. He doesn't want to let these geniuses lose their heart under the magic knife.

Zhao Yuande was the closest. He picked up the euphorbia and directly flew the magic knife.

The magic knife is about to seize Feng Wujiang's mind, but Zhao Yuande is badly damaged, and whistling toward Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande knew that the level of this magic knife should not be much worse than the Eternal Tower, so one hundred and twenty cautions had taken place in his heart, and a war was launched with it.

"Everyone comes to me!" the old servant whispered.

Except for Zhao Yuande, who was fighting against the magic knife, everyone came to the old servant at this time.

Feng Wujiang had stopped the blood on his shoulders and fists at this time. He looked at Zhao Yuande, who was still at war with the magic sword in the distance, with a sigh in his heart, and quietly made his decision.

The child who had lost the magic knife panted, looking at the old servant, his face guilty.

"Okay! Tong'er, I know you don't think that way in your heart!" The old servant lifted up his rough palm like old bark, and gently rubbed the little boy's face, his face full of love.

"I'm sorry your master!" The child cried and burst into tears.

"Zhao Yuande is fighting and retreating, come to my side!" The old servant passed on to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande had already felt some unstoppable trend at this time. This magic knife was really too powerful. He even retreated back and forth. If it weren't for the eternal tower in his hand, he might have been controlled by the magic knife.

Hearing the words of the old servant, Zhao Yuande stepped back continuously, freed from the stormy attack of the magic knife, and flickered back to the old servant.


The old servant sipped, and the entire Wa Palace seemed to come to life at once. The whole palace seemed to be a terrifying creation treasure, and a majestic momentum was only suppressed in the void in an instant.

The magic knife is flickering in the direction of the old servant like an electric stone, and a black dragon rushes out of the knife, trying to kill all the hundreds of people here.

However, after the majestic momentum was suppressed, the magic knife seemed to be shocked by this momentum, as if the mouse saw the cat, staying in place and daring not to move.

"This kind of power..." Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a tremor from the Eternal Tower, and even the Eternal Tower was afraid of this power. Is this entire Wa Palace really a creation treasure?

The so-called Genesis God Treasure is a treasure above Chaos Treasure. It is said that only powerful people in the Chaos Sea have accidentally obtained it.

The most famous creation treasure is the Pantheon. It has infinite space and can be transformed into the same high-level plane as the fairy world. No one knows which powerful treasure this creation treasure is mysterious. .

And if this Wa Palace is really a creation treasure, wouldn't it be possible to develop a high-level plane that is not weaker than Immortal Realm after becoming its owner? Becoming a master of this high-level plane is something every cultivator dreams of.


The old servant's hand gently pressed toward the magic knife void, and the magic knife was suddenly pressed to the ground.

"Tong'er, suppress this magic knife under the statue of Wa, so that it can't turn over forever." The old servant smiled at the little boy who was still sobbing around him, and gave him this important task.

"Yes! Master!" Xiao Tong focused on his head, grasping it with his palms in his palms, an invisible force grabbed the magic knife and walked towards the statue of Wa, not far away.

"Okay! It's also that I didn't notice it for a while, and almost made you demons to disturb the plan of my Wa Palace. Now the storm is over, everyone continue to prepare to go!" The old servant raised his hand to everyone.

Everyone let out a breath, and Zhao Yuande was also a little bit afraid at this time. The magic knife gave him a very strange feeling.

Even such a powerful character as a child is instantly controlled. If he is caught in it, he may not be able to escape the fate of being controlled.

"Zhao Yuande! Thank you!" A voice came from behind, and Zhao Yuande turned his head and turned out to be Feng Hanjiang.

"Hehe! It's just a hand!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, indicating that he didn't care.

"No! If it weren't for you just now, I'm afraid I will be controlled by the magic knife, and I don't know what will happen. How can I forget this kind of great grace! I decided to withdraw from the trial to fight for the master of the Wa Palace!" Feng Wujiang smiled with a heavy burden on his face, and continued, "After seeing your fight just now, I still have some self-knowledge in my heart. I quit with my own nature. I only hope that when you become the master of the Wa Palace, Dont be too harsh on us!"

"Am I that kind of person?" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"I hear some people secretly calling you to smile at the tiger, you won't really..." Feng Wujiang didn't pick up the good words, but asked such a question.

"Bullshit, I am Zhao Yuande's true temperament, my anger is on my face, and I have said a lot of words!" Zhao Yuande solemnly said, "We have become friends, and you will soon know who I am!"

"Then are we friends now?" Feng Wujiang looked at his face.

"It was already just now!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, showing a bright smile.