Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 718

Chapter 718: Understand

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Next, they rested for a long time, and the wounds of several people were basically healed. Only the palm of Feng Wujiang's palm was not fully grown, but it did not affect the battle.

"The first sword drifts and wins!" The little boy came again, but his spirit was slightly weakened. He continued, "The second game of Zhang Fan vs. Nether Rain!"

Zhang Fan got up silently and walked to the Yanwuchang.

Ming Yu glanced at Zhang Fan, and he also looked at Zhao Yuande, and hesitated a little.

However, after a few breaths, her face became firm again, and strode towards the Yanwuchang.

Zhang Fan's power is obvious to all, especially the face of the magic knife just summoned a thunder big trip, and forced the magic knife back, the kind of power still echoed in front of everyone.

And Ning Yu is not weaker than others, and she can even wait for an opportunity to attack in the directly concealed void. If she hadnt seized the opportunity to blow up the child just now, the war might not end so soon.

As soon as Ning Yu entered the martial arts field, her body suddenly disappeared into the void, and no one could detect her position no matter what method she used.

Zhang Fan, who was standing still in the field at this time, couldn't help but frown slightly. The concealed method of the other party was so brilliant that even he didn't notice any clues.

However, this does not make Zhang Fan afraid. The other party can hide again and finally appear, as soon as she appears, she can defeat it instantly.

Just now he clearly saw the true strength of Ming Yu. Although cooperating with concealment can pose a great threat to him, he could not really hurt him.

His patience is very good, just standing in the Yanwuchang, immobile!

I don't know how long the two have been deadlocked. Some people have lost their patience. They all feel a little doze, and this kind of battle is too boring.

The sun hanging in the sky quietly dropped the huge building in the distance at this time, just as the last ray of sunlight swept on Zhang Fan's stubborn face.

An inexplicable black ray suddenly appeared from less than three feet behind him.

This is a short sword with a long ruler. It is dark all over the body, without the slightest harshness, as if it were just a plain dagger.

Zhang Fan didn't turn around at this time, but there was a light smile on his face.


The short sword in Ming Yu's hands pierced silently to Zhang Fan's neck, as if a willow branch fluttered in the wind, without a trace of threat.

Just at the moment when the dagger was about to touch Zhang Fan's neck skin, Ming Yu's face was not yet proud, and suddenly a large hand penetrated the void and directly came out, and pinched Ming Yu's dagger.

Ning Yu looked at the big hole that the void was splitting inconceivably, and Zhang Fan dived her arm into the void in front of her. She suddenly understood the difference between herself and the other party.

People with strong flesh can already tear the void, even if their daggers stabbed the other person's neck, I am afraid they may not be able to cut a little skin!

"I admit defeat!" Ming Yu gave up the short sword in his hand, and the body quickly backed away, shouting four words that caused her some pain.

Zhang Fan is not an aggressive person. He threw his short sword directly to the opponent, and then turned around and left the Yanwuchang.

"Zhang Fansheng!" The child looked at Zhang Fan and nodded slightly to him.

Zhang Fan walked back to his position and grinned at Tong Tong slightly.

"In the third game, Zhao Yuande has no bounds on the wind!" Xiao Tong looked at Zhao Yuande and the others.

"Okay! I'm not Zhao Yuande's opponent, I gave up!" Feng Wujiang waved his hand and looked at the sword drifting not far away, "Sword drifting, I think you just give up, we and the two monsters There is more than one level difference!"

Jian Piao Ling looked towards Feng Wujiang, and then Zhao Yuande and Zhang Fan, but he couldn't help but also showed a helpless smile.

"Okay! Anyway, if I go up, I will lose!" Jian Piao stood up and walked to Feng Wujiang and Ming Yu. Although he admitted that he was not as good as Zhao Yuande and Zhang Fan, he was far stronger than the group who gave up at the beginning.

People are divided into groups by clusters, and she feels that she has no common language with those people.

"Okay! That's what I want to say! The final battle is between Zhao Yuande and Zhang Fanzhong, let's start now!" The little boy nodded at them when he saw Jian Piao Ling and Feng Wujiang, and then looked at Zhao Yuande and their eyes. There was a strong hope in, he had long wanted to see the decisive battle between the two.

"Brother Zhang, please!" Zhao Yuande looked at the opposite Zhang Fan with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, but his heart was a little dignified, and this person felt a little dangerous to himself.

This is the first time he has felt this feeling on his peers. He knows that he may have encountered the biggest enemy in this life. The other persons physique is not weaker than himself, and his spirit is not weaker than himself, and he is three smaller than himself. In the realm, this battle may only ultimately determine the victory or defeat on the treasure.

The opposite Zhang Fan also felt an invisible pressure. Zhang Fan was the arrogant of heaven. He had emerged from an early age. After his powerful physique was discovered by the master, he arrived at his current Zongmen Yuleizong.

In Yu Lei Zong, he did not show the mountains and dew, but in the Central God Realm, he became famous with the pseudonym of Thor. He defeated his peers again and again, and finally succeeded in reaching the top to become the first talented boy in Central God Realm.

The master died unexpectedly at this time. Before he died, he left a sentence for him to take care of Yu Leizong.

The people of Yu Leizong didn't even know that such a figure appeared in his sect, so they didn't care about Zhang Fan, and because his master died, many people who harbored ghosts wanted to take what the master left for him. Something.

In the end, Zhang Fan broke out and beheaded all those who harbored ghosts, and he was disappointed with the inaction of some ancestors of Zongmen. He left Yu Leizong angrily.

From then on, he wandered around the Central God Realm, tempered himself, and finally became the disciple of his current master, and then he had the opportunity to come to this Wa Palace to seize this opportunity.

Zhang Fan slowly raised his head and looked at Zhao Yuande.

The two faced each other, and they both saw the excitement in each other's eyes. This is a kind of excitement that the opponent will meet Liangcai.


Zhang Fan also shook his body, and came to Zhao Yuande in front of him, punching Zhengping and punching Zhao Yuande in the chest with one punch.

Zhao Yuande naturally did not dare to take it lightly, and also fought to fight.

The two collided with their fists and feet, and they didn't make a tremendous loud noise, just a dull sound.

Each of their impacts seems bland, but in fact, they completely control the power in their bodies, except for collisions with each other, they do not leak a bit.

Otherwise, with their terrible power, I am afraid that the void around them has already been beaten to pieces.

Most people can't help but frown slightly when they see this kind of scene. They can't understand it. The battle between the two is like a fight between two mortal warriors, without the slightest grandeur.

At this time, Feng Wujiang was full of expression, looking at Zhao Yuande and his eyes showing excitement.

"Can you understand?" Jian Piao Ling looked at Feng Wujiang's expression, scratching his head slightly.

"Good! Wonderful! This life is worth it!" Feng Wujiang commented three times, with a higher evaluation than a single one.

"Is it?" Jian Piao Ling turned his head and looked back at Ming Yu, seeing the flashing light in her eyes from time to time, could not help but whispered, "Can you understand?"

"Slightly understand!" Ming Yu was originally a dumb character, and now that he is intensively watching the game, it is good to be able to say two words.