Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Is He Going To Lose

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Jian Piao's face was blank, and she turned to look at the rest of the people, and found that most of their faces were also ignorant, which made her loose. She was not alone.

"Master, what do you think of this battle?" The child looked at the old servant.

"Fantastic!" The old servant nodded sincerely. "These two did not disappoint me. Any one should be able to afford the burden of the Wa Palace."

"Master thinks so highly of them?" The child is a little weird. In the child's memory, the master has never praised anyone, let alone give such a high evaluation.

"Not high, not high! If you can reach this height ten thousand years ago, I don't have to worry! There will be no battle today!" The old servant glanced at the boy slightly. .

"Disappointed the master!"

The child's face was a bit sad, although he did feel a little unfair to the master's choice in his heart, but he also knew that his cultivation practice was indeed lower, and his talent was worse, not the kind of extreme.

In fact, Xiao Tong is a koi carp in a large lake who has become a humanoid figure. In that big lake, its talents are outstanding, and even in the entire world of the Wa Palace, it is absolutely top-level. This only got the attention of the old servants. Finally, after many tests, he became a disciple of the old servant.

The old servant was the true servant of the Emperor Wa, and was favored by the Wa emperor. Before the Wa emperor left the Wa imperial palace and went to the sea of chaos, he handed over the important tasks of the Wa imperial palace to the old servant.

The old servant has devoted his life to the palace of the Wa Palace, in order to preserve the industry of the Wa Palace and prevent others with ulterior motives from invading it. Just ten years ago, the old servant felt that his limit had arrived, so he designed it ingenious Open the Wa Palace, let the people from all over the world come, and finally select the next lord of the Wa Palace and some geniuses that can assist the lord.

And this boy was not unconsidered. It is just that the boy has good talent, but he is more than 10,000 years old. He is still in the realm of the **** emperor. He didnt break through the last level, so he can only choose again.

The battle between Zhao Yuande and the two is still going on. At this time, they have been constantly changing their fighting skills, but they have not changed the fighting method. The physical body is their most powerful weapon.


Suddenly, the sky was thunderous, and thick thunders seemed like huge pillars descending from the sky to fill the sky.

"What! Zhao Yuande couldn't suppress his own catastrophe at this time. He wanted to cross the catastrophe!" The old servant had a headache. The other party was just fooling around. Although the world is different from the outside world, the heaven is still there. Look at this disaster. I am afraid that the intensity of this world will cause considerable damage.

"Haha! Bathing in the Thunder War, this is the coolest battle!" Unexpectedly, Zhang Fan's face showed great excitement at this time, and he even looked up to the sky and opened his mouth to the overwhelming thunder in the sky.


It was incredible to see that Zhang Fan took a deep breath, and countless thunders were sucked into this mouth.

"So cool!"

Zhang Fan seemed to have drunk the wine and syrup, his face showed a very excited expression.

Zhang Fan, who has always been sullen, has some frustration. At this time, he seems to be full of enthusiasm, and this has the soaring pride.

"Brother Zhang is really a man of God!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

A black maelstrom burst out of his body. The maelstrom slowly turned over his head, and countless thunders were sucked into it by this black maelstrom.

In the light of Zhao Yuande's body, Wan Lei finally gathered between his eyebrows, forming a thunder vortex that kept turning.

The two men exhibited their means and fought continuously in the Thunder, and finally fought wildly, all of them were disheveled, and their clothes were shattered by powerful forces, revealing a majestic body.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande's palm was shining with bright stars, and there was a star in his chest unleashing the power of terror.

Zhang Fan's expression was very dignified, and a thunderous thunder sound suddenly broke out in his body. A huge thunder **** appeared outside his body. At the same time, the flames soared the thunder of the sky, and a bigger one. The Flame God Furnace appeared outside Lei Ding. The thunder and fire blended together, and the two great creatures superimposed to take Zhao Yuande's frightful punch.


The glittering fists of the bright stars collided with the flame furnace, and made a tremendous sound. All the onlookers around all rolled over the ground under this loud noise. The terrible impact directly shattered the seal knot of the Yanwuchang. boundary.

"The two little guys are going against the sky!" The old servant hurriedly pointed his finger, a powerful world power surging, and suddenly enveloped the place where the two were fighting, so that the broken and broken enchantment seals were completely restored, and Has been strengthened.

"Crush me!" Zhao Yuande growled.


The flame **** furnace outside Zhang Fan's body shattered into a mass of flame and burst into Zhang Fan's body.


Zhao Yuande's fist hit the Thunder through the Flame God Furnace.

Lei Ding sent a powerful anti-seismic force to push Zhao Yuan De Zhen back and forth, and a terrible thunder rushed into his body, making him feel a numbness.

"The Eye of Thunder!"

Zhao Yuande shouted in his heart!

Between the eyebrows and the vortex of the stars of the power of thunder, there was a huge suction that sucked all these terrible thunders away.

"Take me another punch!"

Zhao Yuande was furious, and his fist fell like a raindrop on the thunder giant tripod.

Every time he landed on Juding, his body was subjected to a bit of anti-bite force, and the other party was obviously uncomfortable. Every time Zhao Yuande's bombardment was passed to Lei Ding's body.

Two people are already fighting for endurance and resilience!


Zhao Yuande looks like a mad tiger, although his fists have already exposed his bones at this time, but he is still very crazy, falling down again and again, spitting blood again and again.

At this time, Zhang Fan's face also showed a trace of flushing. He played more passively during this period of time, and has been passively beaten since he put on the God Furnace and Thunder Giant Tripod.

Although it seems that the other party received a relatively large amount of anti-shock force, he always had a bad feeling.


Lei Ding around his body finally couldn't bear Zhao Yuande's continuous punches and broke directly.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's face was also flushed, a large mouth of blood spewed out of his mouth, and there were many traces of cracks on his body. Obviously, the force of the anti-shock was too strong.

"Zhao Yuande's body... Is he going to lose?" Feng Wujiang looked at it in disbelief. He felt that Zhao Yuande should not be so reckless.

"He may be anxious!" Jian Piao Ling shook his head helplessly. If he continued like this, he might lose more and lose less.

"You see Zhang Fan's complexion is obviously not good-looking, he seems to have suffered a lot of internal injuries." Ming Yu pointed to Zhang Fan, Zhang Fan's mouth suddenly overflowed a lot of blood.

"Master, what do you think?" A little pride appeared on the child's face. At first, he guessed that Zhang Fan would become the final winner.

"Tong'er, do you think Zhao Yuande is a reckless person?" The old servant answered unanswered, but with a light smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Is there anything he can't do?" The boy didn't believe it.

"Look at it!" The old servant said nothing, but just looked at the two of them on the battlefield.