Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Tricolor

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"Brother Zhao, what are we doing here?" Yi Jie asked curiously.

"Rental Dan Room, if you want to make the best delicacies, it's better to use ground fire or innate flames. I think that only the Sheng Dan Bao Lou has such a Dan room in the Windy City." Zhao Yuande looked at the Sheng Dan Bao Lou with some thoughts With emotion, he can be regarded as the inheritance of the real person of Dan Ding. For Sheng Danzong, he still has a special feeling in his heart.

"This son, are you going to sell Elixir or elixir? Please take a look inside!" An older man, who seemed to be in charge, came out and just saw Zhao Yuande hovering outside the door.

"This senior, I want to rent a Dan room." Zhao Yuande was very polite.

Yu Guang in the corner of his eyes warned the ring and the black bear fiercely and shut them up.

"Oh! Master, are you a Dan master?" The old man looked Zhao Yuande up and down, with a smile on his face.

Zhao Yuande is now only seventeen or eighty years old, but he has already become a Dan master. This talent is not bad.

The old man himself is a good Dan teacher, and when he saw such juniors, he immediately felt a little kind, and his words became much gentler.

"I don't know what immortal medicine the young man wants to practice? If the young man has alchemy for a while, he can also ask the old man." The old man is kind, as if he is concerned about the elders of the younger generation.

"Well! I want to refine a few Celestial Pills..." Zhao Yuande said this, and suddenly felt a little bad.

"Heaven...Heaven Spirit Pill!" The old man opened his mouth with red tongue and red ears. He is still unable to cross the threshold of the Xuan-level Pill Master. It is a Spirit-level Pill Master!

The Celestial Pill is a high-level metaphysical level. The ordinary metaphysical pill master can't be refined. This young boy even said that he wants to refine the Celestial Pill? Isn't he kidding?

But when he saw Zhao Yuande's expression, he suddenly knew that the other party was not kidding.

"You... are you Xuanji Pill Master?" The old man's mouth stuttered, he swallowed hard, and asked the question he wanted to ask most, even the name changed from the son to you!

"Oh! Probably!" Zhao Yuande touched his nose modestly.

"Goodong!" the old man swallowed hard, and the ghostly angel asked, "Can you prove anything?"

"Does this count?" Zhao Yuande thought for a while and took out the "Xuanyuan True Spirit Pill" he had refined and handed it to the old man.

"This is the Xuanyuan true elixir!" The old man tremblingly took the elixir and carefully looked up and down. "It's still a top-grade elixir, is it made by you?"

"Good! If you don't believe it, you can take me to apply for the rank of Dan Master! I also want to be recognized by Sheng Danzong and become a recognized Dan Master." Since Zhao Yuande came here, he wanted to pass this test , Get Dan Shi's identity, let this identity cover up his eating.

As the most powerful alchemy sect of the Eastern Emperor in the world, Sheng Danzong is qualified to assess alchemy and distributes the badges of the Danish Master qualifications recognized by all the powerful in the world.

"Oh! Then please come with me. Today, my predecessor of "Sheng Yangzi" of Saint Danzong just came here, and his old man can preside over your test." The old man led the way diligently.

"The two of you are waiting for me outside now, remember not to cause trouble, otherwise you know the consequences!" Zhao Yuande asked Yi Jie and the Black Bear to wait outside, and of course there was a period of threats and intimidation.

The two guys nodded boredly, and each found a place with their heads down for tea and snacks.

Zhao Yuande was taken by the old man to a large Danfang. At this time, several people outside the Danfang were waiting anxiously.

"Please wait a moment, I'll go in and report it!" The old man carefully pushed open the door of the Danfang and walked in.

But for a short while, a few people walked out of the Dan room. Some were elated and some were downcast. The elated men raised their heads and raised a golden badge on their chests.

Several people outside looked at the little badge enviously, as if that was the hope of tomorrow.

"The next batch of testers, please come in!" The old man has come out at this time, beckoning to everyone, and then came to Zhao Yuande very respectfully and made a gesture of invitation.

Several people didn't care about Zhao Yuande's arrival, but now the old man's posture makes them have to start guessing Zhao Yuande's true identity.

The space in the pavilion is huge. An old man with white eyebrows and white beards sits on a high platform with his eyes closed, and there are eight simple red furnaces in the row below the platform. Each of these red furnaces belongs to the top-level spiritual weapon. The alchemy has a very good blessing effect.

Several people looked at these dan furnaces with excitement, as if the perverts like beautiful women and monks like knocking on wooden fish. Having such a dan furnace is the dream of every alchemist. These dreams are now in front of them. How can they not be excited.

"Senior Yoko! That is the boy I told you about!" The old man came to the white-browed and white-bearded old man respectfully and whispered.

"Huh?" Zhen Yangzi's eyes suddenly opened like two Cabernet Sauvignon, instantly covering the entire Danfang. When his eyes fell on Zhao Yuande, the whole person couldn't help but slightly faint, his face continued A pity is revealed.

Zhao Yuande is also looking at the other party at this time. The other party's body has a strong breath, which has exceeded the yin and yang unity and reached the next realm of realm. Curiosity.

"Young man, what's your name?" Zhen Yangzi looked at Zhao Yuande's face and smiled.

"The younger generation is called Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande did not conceal his real name and told the truth.

"It turns out that you are a disciple of Dan Chi, no wonder no wonder!" Zhen Yangzi seems to have known Gu Tiande for a long time, he looked at Zhao Yuande and sighed softly, "Okay Zhao Yuande, you are an old friend, I Ill give you a convenience. I can provide you with any medicine you want to refine. You only need to give me half of the finished medicine!"

"Thank you senior! Juniors want to refine tricolor Fenyuan Dan!" Zhao Yuande heard the other party saying this, and he couldn't help but feel happy, there are many spirit-level medicines that are very precious.

Just like the three-color Fenyuan Pill, this is the most anti-natural medicine that can be taken in the blood sea **** fetal environment. The anti-natural thing of this elixir is that one elixir can be integrated into any three attributes. The three attributes can Free combination, you can prepare what attributes you need to make the tricolor element.

This kind of panacea can be made out of nothing, so that Zhao Yuande has the three acquired attributes of thunder, fire, and void that he wants most. It is the panacea that Zhao Yuande wants to refine after entering the realm of the blood sea god.

Of course, because the required medicinal materials are too precious, he used to dare not even think about it, but now that the other party makes this request, he naturally wants to speak out his own ideas.

"Wh... what? You want to refine the tricolor Fenyuandan!" Zhen Yangzi, who was originally silent like water, stood up in shock at this moment, his eyes staring straight at Zhao Yuande, his voice Very tremblingly asked, "You... do you have a three-color pendant?"