Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 721

Chapter 721: Shadow Serpent Sword

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Don't look at Feng Wujiang and Jian Piao Ling to concede defeat, but they still have a bit of pride in their bones, and don't think they will really become servants of the Wa Palace.

Ming Yu said this, and the two of them faced this matter in their hearts, and inevitably suffered a huge loss in their hearts.

The two could no longer calm down and fell into a pain.

Let's talk about Zhao Yuande again. In this matter, he split his body, his body fist waved, and fought against the golden figure in Thunder, while the spirit of the gods still dealt with Zhang Fan.

As soon as the body was in contact with this golden figure, I immediately felt the other party's moves, which were the same as their own halberds, and they even had the shadow of their own battles.

He knew immediately that it must be that Tianguai recorded his fighting style, and then condensed his own avatar to let him fight the avatar.

It took Zhao Yuande and Golden figure to fight for only a few rounds, and he saw the many unreasonable aspects of his halberd method. He bit by bit took all these unreasonables into his mind.

He became more and more excited and more and more crazy, and the other party was just himself. All his own tricks were under the control of the other party. Although this feeling of control was not good, it was still the same. He could see many flaws in the golden figure. .

He suddenly felt that this golden figure was not the final punishment of Thunder Tribulation, but the final welfare!

At this time, the battle with Zhang Fans Soul Soul was gradually coming to an end. His Soul Soul was retreating. In the end, the Yujing bottle was directly smashed by the other partys thunder. He could no longer resist the terrible power of Lei Ding. Admit defeat.

Zhang Fan smiled faintly and looked at the battle of Zhao Yuande's body. Only then did he find half of Zhao Yuande's soul to return to the body. The golden figure suddenly showed a defeat. In a few breaths, Zhao Yuande held his halberd in pieces.


Zhao Yuande took a long breath and nodded slightly as Zhang Fan looked at himself with a smile not far away.

"Brother Zhang won the soul, but don't care, the next battle is the real decisive battle!" Although Zhao Yuande lost the battle of the soul at this time, he was all smiles.

In just a short period of time, he mastered the Tower of Eternity a little bit, and he got a little more confidence in the next third battle.

"Go directly to the third game or do you take a break first?" Zhang Fan suggested, "You have just gone through the Thunder Tribulation, you might as well take a break for a while, or you can give your full strength, otherwise if you lose, will you Say I took advantage of it!"

"Haha! Brother Zhang thought for a while, in fact, I didn't have any losses!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands and pointed at the crowd watching from outside, laughing. "Let's go on! Otherwise, they will be in a hurry!"

"Now that's the case, let's start!" Zhang Fan had an extra Lei Ding in his hand, and he looked at Zhao Yuande with glaring eyes, "I hope this time it will be a real battle!"


Zhao Yuande held the euphorbia, and the two collided instantly.


This time is a real collision of force and force, which includes not only physical strength, but also spiritual blessing and more spiritual infusion.

The moment when the euphorbia collided with the thunder, it was as if two huge suns collided together, and the erupting force directly impacted on the enchantment seal of the Yanwuchang.


After the seal of the enchantment reinforced by the old servant last time, there was a clear cracking sound.

"not good!"

The old servant changed color for a while and hurriedly raised his finger. A powerful force of the world descended on the enchantment seal, which instantly improved the enchantment seal by several defense levels.

"These two perverts!"

At this time, even the child couldn't help but show a shocked expression. With the strength of his peerless emperor, he couldn't help but be shocked. The two people's full-time collision really exceeded some common sense.

At this time, if there is no Yanwuchang to block the aftermath of the battle between the two, I am afraid that the crowd watching around will be overturned long ago, maybe some unlucky people will be directly crushed to death.

"These are two evil spirits, and their real fighting power has reached the limit of their realm. If this hits me, I can't take it!" Feng Wujiang admitted very frankly that he was not as good as others.

"They are no longer our class!" Jian Piao Ling said in a loss of spirit. "The master once told me that there is a genius called evil spirits. They are not what we can look up to. I didn't understand it at the time. But I understand the battle between the two of them. I am afraid they can now be compared with the God Emperor!"

"I've heard of such a genius!" Ming Yu whispered suddenly.

"Who?" Jianpiao Ling and Feng Wujiang simultaneously asked.

"Spiritual Emperor Zhang Jiyang!" Ming Yu said, "This is now one of the strongest immortal emperors in the fairy world. He seems to be a strong man from the world of the Eastern Realm! It is rumored that he once worked as a emperor. At that time, he successively beheaded 17 **** emperors who invaded the beginning realm, and finally forced the invaders to withdraw from the beginning realm. After the Spiritual Void Emperor reached the peak of the Divine Emperor, he personally smashed the immortal realm against the beginning The blockade of the realm, hitting the fairy realm all the way, slashing dozens of immortals, and completely blocking the blockade of the fairy realm to the starting realm. Since then, some people in the realm have gradually been able to ascend to the fairy realm, and the realm has re-qualified the seed of the fairy realm!"

"I have heard of this person!" Feng Wujiang nodded. "It is indeed a peerless wizard who can become the strongest fairy emperor in the fairy world. Zhao Yuande and the two can indeed be compared with him at that time."

"Know that the Immortal Emperor is equivalent to the eternal realm. Since Zhang Jiyang can become the Peerless Immortal Emperor, the two of them must not be ordinary. Their future achievements are limitless!" Feng Wujiang said with some yearnings, "So Speaking of which, we are not ashamed of being an immortal emperor or an eternal realm!"

"Absolutely not shameful!" Jian Piao Ling's eyes lit up, and she still felt a little stubborn, but when she said this, she felt suddenly bright.


Suddenly a crisp sword sounded.

Zhang Fan didn't know when there was an extra long sword in his hand. The blade was dark and lacked the slightest luster to give people a bland feeling.

Holding a long sword, Zhang Fan made a weird posture, with his head high, as if an irritated viper, and the long sword in his hand seemed to spit out a golden sharp edge with the tongue of the viper.

Shadow Snake Sword!

Zhang Fan pours three words in his mouth, and the long sword in his hand suddenly burst out into the air, as if a small black snake suddenly fell into the void.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis over his body. He felt that an invisible poisonous snake was swimming in all directions. If he didn't pay attention, he would be bitten out by the snake.

At this time, he was playing against Zhang Fan. He couldn't be distracted at all. He had to shake his body, and a avatar came out of the body and greeted Zhang Fan.