Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 722

Chapter 722: White Tiger Doppelganger

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"He actually practiced a avatar, and the strength of this avatar actually has 80% of the body!" Feng Wujiang's eyes were burning, "but it seems a bit premature to take it out against the snake sword now!"

"The opportunity is the most appropriate at this time. It's not early!" Jian Piao Ling looked a little serious. "Do you know the true origin of the Shadow Snake Sword?"

"I know some!" said Ming Yu, "My dad said that there are three kinds of the most vicious practices in these star fields, the Soul Devouring Sword, Seizing Soul Bell and Shadow Snake Sword! Although the Shadow Snake Sword is ranked In the end, but its power is the most powerful except for being ruthless. Once stabbed by the shadow snake's sword, the shadow snake's soul contained in the sword will rush out of the opponent's body, constantly eating away the opponent's soul, mapping soul The soul of the most restraint cultivator, unless you have the flame restraint of the most yang to the stern, you will definitely die."

"So horrible! Where did you get this kind of swordsmanship cultivation method?" After Feng Wujiang heard it, the body shivered involuntarily.

The Shadow Snake continued to shuttle in the void, Zhao Yuande stood motionless on the spot, the doppelganger held the chaotic skymark in his left hand, the medical star in the right hand was shining brightly, and a quaint copper furnace above his head floated up and down. Quite well.


A burst of hiss came from the void to the left of Zhao Yuande, and a dark long sword protruded from the void and thrust directly under Zhao Yuande's ribs.

Zhao Yuande had already felt an emergency to avoid dodge, but at the moment he dodge, the void on the right torn, and a black shadow came out of the void, which turned out to be this black little snake, who bit the right hand of Zhao Yuande. Wrist.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a numb wrist, and the entire arm instantly lost consciousness, and the hand that originally held the euphorbia was suddenly released.

Then he felt that one of his legs began to lose consciousness gradually, his chest was tight, his breath was short, and a feminine force rushed down his shoulder towards his sea of knowledge.

He was crooked and almost fell to the ground, thanks to the euphorbia that supported his body.

Not far away, Zhang Fan, who was in a fierce battle with Zhao Yuande, suddenly burst out with a powerful and evil force, and forced Zhao Yuande's clone to retreat again and again!

"Not good!" Feng Wujiang's eyes narrowed, "Zhao Yuande was bitten by the shadow snake! He is going to lose!"

"How can this fanciful practice be so vicious?" Jian Piao zero frowned, "this kind of person should not practice this kind of practice!"

"The part of the exercises is good or bad, only the talents are divided, and he can make sense of practicing this exercise!" Ming Yu felt that he couldn't help it when he said this.

"Master, look!" The boy pointed to Zhao Yuande. "He was poisoned. This toxin is really terrible. Even he can't bear it. He was instantly poisoned."

"This Zhang Fan..." The old servant frowned slightly, always feeling that there was something wrong with it.

"This is Zhang Fan?" the child asked.

"Some familiar, that breath on his body..." The old servant twitched his eyebrows and suddenly exclaimed, "He is the disciple of that man!"

"That man?" The boy was confused.

"The demon rebellious, one of the three giants of the demon world hiding in the heavens and the world! Zhenyi Demon Emperor! This is the only true story of the Shadow Snake Sword. Why did this person send his disciples to my Wa Palace? Do you want to seize it? Wa Huang's legacy? It stands to reason that it doesn't take so much effort to follow this person's practice. Does he want to really take control of the hands of his disciples?" , "This person is really hard to deal with!"

Like the Wa Palace now, without a truly powerful presence, Zhen Yi Mo Huang can definitely sneak into the industry that captured the Wa Palace.

But between heaven and earth, it is not only that he really is a devil emperor who is a strong man, and there is also a friend of the emperor Wa, who is still active in these worlds, such as the owner of Bajing Palace!

If the old servant sends a message to the owner of the Bajing Palace, the owner of the Bajing Palace will inevitably come in this case. The Zhenyi Demon Emperor can only take part of the Wa Palace, and cannot control the Wa Palace.

"Zhenyi Demon Emperor, one of the three giants of the Demon Race!" Xiaotong was dumbfounded. This Demon Emperor is not an ordinary person, but a strong man of the same age as the Wa Emperor. His cultivation practice is not as good as that of the Wa Emperor, but the legend has already been Reaching the extreme of eternal realm, you can enter the highest realm in one step!

"His disciples are here, are we going to do something?" Xiao Tong suddenly felt that things started to get a little unclear. He carefully selected the master of the Wa Palace, and first appeared the disturbance of the devil servant, and then the disciples of the real devil.

"Nothing to do!" The old servant shook his head. "We can't let Zhenyi Demon Emperor catch the handle, now we can only beg for Zhao Yuande to turn the danger!"

"If it is done by this true devil emperor?" The child looked worried.

"So, you go..." The old servant's voice was low, and there was helplessness on his face.

"Yes! Master!" The child quietly retreated.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's body was about to fall, and the avatar had already retreated, and he was about to lose.

Suddenly a voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ears. The voice was immature, like a child.

"Ah! Sleep well!"

"Qinglian Fire!" The soul of Zhao Yuande, who was about to be eroded, suddenly made an excited cry, "Come and help me clear this vicious shadow snake!"


At the next moment, a blue flame suddenly appeared in Zhao Yuande's body, and the flame was blooming like a lotus flower.


Not far away, Zhang Fan suddenly showed pain on his face, and became terrible.


Zhao Yuande's internal crisis was lifted, and his euphorbia was swept away, and he joined the battle not far away.

"He is... this is..." The old servant's eyes were bright like two bright moons at this moment, "This is the fire of Qinglian! He has such a great chance that he can synthesize the fire of Qinglian, it seems... "

The worry on the old servant's face swept away, revealing a long-lost smile.

Seeing Zhao Yuande out of trouble, the smiles on the faces of Feng Wujiang's three people also showed Zhang Fan's transformation. The two or three people already had a repulsive emotion in his heart. They now really hope that Zhao Yuande can defeat each other.

Zhang Fan didn't know what energy broke out, and was able to temporarily suppress Zhao Yuande's doppelganger, but the upper doppelganger and the body suddenly became awkward and forced to retreat again and again.

"Okay! You have avatars, and I have it! White Tiger, come out!" Zhang Fan suddenly shouted, and a white tiger's phantom came out of his body. The white tiger's phantom turned into a white tiger with a length of tens of feet. Zhao Yuande's avatar rushed away.

"White Tiger Doppelgnger! He even got the spirit of a white tiger!" Feng Wujiang exclaimed.

"Don't make a fuss, this white tiger is not pure, you see his four-hoof, gray-black appearance, gray stripes on the tail." Jian Piao Ling's eyes were sharp.

"Scared me! If he could really get the spirit of the white tiger, it would be great, no need to fight!" Feng Wujiang wiped cold sweat.