Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 723

Chapter 723: Even I Am Jealous

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There was one more white tiger avatar, and the battle situation suddenly changed again, and the two became equal again.

"Brother Zhao, in fact, I still have a doppelganger. I don't know if I can summon it, if Brother Zhao can support it." Zhang Fan has shown that terrible power, and the whole person has become a lot of ghastly and lost. The indifference and indifference just now became evil.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly: "Brother Zhang's transformation really made me a little unexpected, but just let me know what I can do! Don't hide it."

"Hey! Brother Zhao will soon know what character I am!"

Zhang Fan snapped his fingers, and once again a phoenix with a black flame rushed out of his body. The phoenix had a black horn on his head, and his eyes were cold and terrible!

"This is... Moyuan Blood Phoenix! Where did he come from!" Feng Wujiang's complexion suddenly changed and became extremely ugly. He could feel that the power of Moyuan Blood Phoenix was no less than If that white tiger, if Moyuan Blood Phoenix joins the battle again, Zhao Yuande might lose.

"Brother Zhao must hold on, his calling has a time limit, at most it can only support half an hour!" Feng Wujiang shouted.

"Relax!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at Feng Wujiang, his face full of confidence.

"Brother Zhang, in fact I also have a doppelganger!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhang Fan and smiled, "Come out! Let Brother Zhang look!"

Among Zhao Yuande's bodies, a doppelganger came out again, which was exactly the same as Zhao Yuande!

"You..." Zhang Fan saw this clone, and his face suddenly changed slightly. He could feel that this clone was as powerful as the clone that started it, and it was not as simple as the clone, as if... Ontology!

"Is this little guy..." At this time even the old servant's face showed a suspicious look, this is too much like the legendary... one gasification three clear!

"Master... I'm back." The little boy hurried back and couldn't help but see the situation at the scene.

"Okay, the plan is temporarily cancelled!" The old servant waved his hand.

"Brother Zhao really did not disappoint me, it seems that I am going to take out a little thing that presses the bottom of the box!" Zhang Fan's mouth showed a strange arc, "Fire Spirit appears!"

A huge flame giant appeared in the field at once, and the huge body stood up to the ground. The power of the horrible flame ignited the entire space production point.

"They... are they fighting a summoning war?" Feng Wujiang was speechless. "I'm thinking about what Brother Zhao can summon next? Is it a big turtle?"

"No kidding, the strength of this flame giant is at least the peak of Divine Emperor, Brother Zhao is in trouble!"

"Is the flame giant?" Zhao Yuande suddenly smiled slightly on his face, "Aren't you here to send me vegetables? Qinglian fire, don't you still lack promotion materials? Come out and see, this big guy does not agree desirable?"

"Huh?" The child tone just sounded again, "I'll take a look..."

A blue child on Zhao Yuande's wrist was curiously protruding his head. When he saw the giant flame giant, his eyes suddenly showed a very exciting light.

"Like! Like! It's such a big cake!" The cyan boy dangled from Zhao Yuande's wrist, and the jumper rushed towards the Giant Fire.

His body was only the size of a thumb, and the giant flame was so tall that it was like an ant standing in front of an elephant.

Everyone looked at this cyan boy, not knowing what it was like, feeling funny, and feeling ignorant.

But in the chaos of everyone's heads, when all kinds of conjectures and thoughts appeared, I only saw the flame giant with a height of hundreds of feet, and saw that the blue boy was stunned, and then turned around and ran away.

However, before it ran a few steps, it hit the enchantment seal of Yanwuchang.

"Ah! Zhang Fan, drive it away, don't let it come near me!" The giant flame giant curled up suddenly, his body trembling constantly, as if the mouse had always met the cat.

Zhang Fan was stopped by Zhao Yuande at this time. He had time to deal with the flame giant. He just frowned and looked at the flame giant. He asked in doubt: "Flame, I am blocked and I can't help you at all. Why are you afraid of this blue boy?"

At this time, the cyan boy had jumped to the front of the flame giant, and looked up and down at this tall flame giant, his eyes gradually showing excitement.

Just when everyone was puzzled, the cyan boy walked to the torch of the flame giant, opened a small mouth with a few teeth, and bit it up.

"Click!" Everyone could hear a clear sound.

"It's delicious!" The blue child showed a very satisfied expression on his face, a little red appeared in his mouth, and he could see the slightly open mouth and the flames rolling.

"Ah! Don't!" The flame giant's body at this time seemed to have become smaller all at once, with a pig-like howl, and magma-like tears came out of his big eyes, "Zhang Fan, take him quickly open!"

Zhang Fan was fighting with Zhao Yuande at this time. If he didn't pay attention, he might be worried about life and death.

"Flame, I can't get away!"

"It's over! Ten thousand years of practice, and once became a stepping stone to others!" The flame giant trembling, the magma rolling in his eyes, curled up next to the seal enchantment, as if he was a desperate child.

"Click!" At this time, the cyan boy bit again on the flame giant's foot.

The flame giant's eyes were all desperate. His body was again a little smaller. In contrast, the child in Tsing Yi actually grew a little taller.

"Master, what's going on? That Tsing Yi child..." The child looked at this ridiculous scene and couldn't help but ask the old servant.

"The fire of Qinglian can restrain the fire, and can swallow the fire!" The old servant's eyes showed a bright light. "This kind of baby, this opportunity, fell on the head of Zhao Yuande, even me. Jealous!"

"So Zhao Yuande won?" the child asked.

"It's not easy to say, Zhang Fan is the disciple of that man, and he can't say that he has any cards at the bottom of the box." The old servant shook his head gently.

"It's really ups and downs, when are these two guys going to fight." The little boy was anxious.

"What anxiety, I have waited for trillions of years, do you still care about this time?" The old servant's face was a little ruddy.

"Master, are you worth it? Earlier you gasped for a few words. Just like this popped bean, why didn't you see you panting?" The little boy was puzzled.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!" The old servant coughed quickly.

"Master!" The child hurried over to gently straighten the back of the old servant, his face even more anxious.

"Okay! It's okay! The man is old, it's about to die!" The old servant gradually changed it, but what the boy didn't see was a hint of cunning in his eyes.

In fact, the old servant only behaved so badly to inspire the child.