Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 724

Chapter 724: A Wider World

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Just while the master and the disciple were talking here, the giant flame giant was bitten by a cyan boy for seven or eight consecutive times, and the entire body was reduced to the size of a normal person. It has become weak and weak, and now there is no one breath. The yin and yang unity practitioners are strong, and the cyan child has a tall body and a small head.

Zhao Yuande looked at the blue child, and Qinglian was really like his child. He watched it grow up a little bit, and slowly evolved from a blazeless flame into a blue child. Now he finally sees the stunned flame giant. Shaking, there is a sense of pride.

Zhang Fan's face was very unsightly, and his big help was just abandoned in this way.

By this time of the battle, both his white tiger and Moyuan blood Phoenix were almost at the time of summoning, and Zhao Yuande's measuring instrument avatar was energetic, and there was no feeling of exhaustion at all.

"Zhao Yuande, it seems that today I am going to come up with the final hole card." Zhang Fan suddenly felt that if he continued to delay like this, I am afraid that not only his master's character could not be completed today, but I also want to stay here.

"Some tricks to show it!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party, feeling that there was a powerful force hidden in the other party's body. If the other party spurred this power, it might pose a huge threat to himself.

However, since the battle has reached this point, there is no escape route, and today the opponent must be won.

"In this case, then..." Zhang Fangang was about to say it, and suddenly hesitated, and suddenly turned back, jumped out of the battle circle, and waved at Zhao Yuande, "Well, I don't want the opportunity here! You are the master of the Wa Palace!"

Zhao Yuande froze for a moment. He clearly felt that the majestic power in the opponent's body was about to erupt, but he didn't know why he stopped.

"Why?" Zhao Yuande just asked quietly, "You weakly burst out that kind of power, I'm not necessarily your opponent!"

"That kind of power does not belong to me. Even if I defeat you with it, I will lose myself!" Zhang Fan looked at the old servant who was not far away, and smiled slightly, "The old servant has already guessed my identity, If I lose myself, I am afraid he will take the opportunity to kill me! It is impossible to lose my life for the opportunity here."

"Your choice is right!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party and suddenly smiled softly. "Even if you use that kind of power, you can't defeat me. The only one who wins in the end is me!"

"Good!" Zhang Fan suddenly sighed softly, "You do give me the feeling of a stone in a pit, stinky and hard, I can't help you! Your undead body is too perverted!"

"Since you have admitted that you have failed, then you go!" Zhao Yuande waved to him, beckoning him to leave.

"You let me go?" Zhang Fan felt a little weird. "Aren't you afraid of letting the tiger return to the mountain? Are you afraid that I will beat you in the future?"

Zhang Fan did not doubt whether Zhao Yuande had the right to let himself go, because as long as he admits defeat, the other party is already the owner of the Wa Palace.

"Without your opponent, I will feel very bored. In this heaven and earth, you are the most powerful young man I have met, so when I need to test whether I am improving, maybe I will go back to you and fight. If it kills you, who deserves a fight?" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, but there was a convincing domineering in his words.

In the younger generation, he only regarded Zhang Fan as an opponent!

"Actually, there is still a wave of people who are not weaker than us, but they are busy with another big thing and have not come! Otherwise today is not the situation where you and I are fighting!" Zhang Fan suddenly sighed and continued, "Hey !If they knew that I was defeated by you here, they must laugh at me."

Zhao Yuande asked curiously, "Who the **** are you talking about?"

"A bunch of masters with a strong backstage, according to them, there are people who are more powerful than them, but they are all in the Pantheon and the Immortal Realm! They say that our heavens and the realm are just a small pond, the Pantheon and the Immortal Demon The world is a big lake, and the sea of chaos is the real ocean... It is said that there is still beyond the ocean..." Zhang Fan's face showed endless yearning.

Zhao Yuande also listened to itchy and impatient. He felt that he was a loach in a small pond, longing for a big lake and longing for the sea, but he still had no ability to go. world.

"I really want to see the big lake and the ocean as they say!" Zhao Yuande's voice was full of yearnings.

"Soon! At the speed of your cultivation, I am afraid that this wish will not be achieved in fifty years!" Zhang Fan also sighed, but after the emotion, there was a trace of loss on his face, "Actually I lost today! Don't use that Strength, Im afraid I wont be able to persevere any longer."

"I hope to see you next time, you can become stronger, otherwise you will be pulled far away by me." Zhao Yuande bypassed this topic with a smile.

"You probably don't know what character is behind me, and if you let me go today, you may regret it in the future!" Zhang Fan reminded, "Did you forget the horror of the Shadow Snake Sword?"

"I already have a way to restrain the Shadow Snake Sword, it can't threaten me anymore!" Zhao Yuande said, "Don't try me anymore, I am a man who speaks a lot and never regrets, even if I will die in the future Your men, I will not regret letting you go today!"

"Then I'm gone?" Zhang Fan smiled, turned around and left.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Master, what should I do? Just let him go? This is against our rules, he should be a slave to the Wa Palace!" Xiaotong was a little unwilling.

"Who is the largest in the Wa Palace?" The old servant turned and asked the boy.

"Of course it's the palace master!" the boy said openly.

"Palace Lord personally let him go, can you and I defiant?" The old servant pointed to Zhao Yuande and smiled, "He defeated everyone and is already the Palace Lord!"

Zhang Fan walked out of the martial arts court. There was a black spell in his hand. He shattered the spell and opened a gate in the void. Zhang Fan stepped into the gate and turned his head to glance at Zhao Yuande's mouth.

Zhao Yuande waved at him with a little anticipation on his face.

"Yuanshan has seen the palace master!" The old servant shuddered and bowed his head, bowing to Zhao Yuande.

"Little carp has seen the palace master!" The child kneeled on one knee.

"Two people please get up!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and lifted the two of them, said softly, "Also please Senior Yuanshan to tell me, what is the place of the Wa Wa Palace? Is it the illusion or the truth that I experienced? Stone Clan... Whether the Stone Clan really existed."

"Uh..." Old servant Yuanshan did not expect that Zhao Yuande would ask this question for the first time. He thought the other party would be excited to ask how powerful Wa Palace is, and how many of them are strong.

"Master, let me tell you!" Xiao Tong was also stunned, bowing to Zhao Yuande, "The lord of the palace, in fact, what you experienced has happened! The Shi people still exist and live in the depths of the Wa Palace. ."

"I want to see..." Zhao Yuande nodded lightly. He was a person with a lot of feelings. In the first test, he personally rescued the stone clan from the depths of the water and watched this simple clan struggling in that full In the oppressed world, he has an inexplicable feeling of distress.

Therefore, he would go to Huaxu City by any means, and use his own strength to change the destiny of the Shizu little by little.