Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 726

Chapter 726: Real Man

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Just after these powerful emperors entered the portal of the star field, the entire Wa Palace suddenly shrunk into a dust, and then disappeared into this space.

Above the extremely high nine days, a high-end big figure sitting in the fairy hall frowned suddenly and said softly: "The breath of the Wa Palace is gone. Did you choose a new owner?"

On a black misty island, a deflated old man looked into the endless black ocean, and a grieving smile appeared on his face.

On the endless sea of chaos, there is a majestic mountain halfway upside down, and a woman in Tsing Yi stopped climbing. She looked back in the direction of the heavens and the world, and she gritted her teeth and continued silently. Before, but there was a hint of comfort in the depths of her eyes.

In a small world, in a mortal big city, there was a fortune-teller who somehow had a smile on the corner of his mouth.

In the heavens and the world, there are many people with different expressions at this time, they all sensed the disappearance of the Wa Palace!

And at this time, Zhao Yuande had returned to the Eastern Emperor World with Lei Zun.

Originally, Zhao Yuande thought that after obtaining the Wa Palace, he could rely on this great treasure beyond the ranks of the Eternal Tower, but he did not expect that it was just a dream.

The Wa Palace has suffered great damages because of the extremely long years and countless battles.

It is still magnificent from a distance, but it is full of holes when it is looked closely.

The child took Zhao Yuande around the Wa Palace for a while, and Zhao Yuande realized that the role that Wa Palace can now play is that it can be used as a big world that can be carried around!

The powerful existence of those Wa Palaces, except for the old servants and the children, have their own tasks. They need to maintain the operation of the Wa Palace and bond the flawed Wa Palace to keep it from breaking.

Among them, the cultivation resources and exercises can be controlled by Zhao Yuande, but he does not need them now.

He just gave some exercises and resources to the young people who became servants of the Wa Palace soldiers, so that they could grow up faster.

During this period, all he had to do was find a way to restore the Wa Palace and restore the Wa Palace to a creation treasure.

But this is a super huge project, and Zhao Yuande even doubts whether he can complete it in his life.

"Senior, we still do what it does, just leave it alone, I will take you a bunch of powerful people to sweep the world!" Zhao Yuande once tried to persuade the old servant.

"Hey! No! Our gods and souls are connected to the Wa Palace, and the Wa Palace disappears, and we will die in an instant!" The old servant's answer made Zhao Yuande very frustrated.

"Did I fight a big deal, but did I just have one more responsibility?" Zhao Yuande was a little unwilling.

"It's wrong! As long as you can repair the Wa Palace, you will get in touch with the Wa Emperor and get the experience of the Wa Emperor's cultivation, and you will know where Wa Huang went?" The old servant said excitedly.

"This is the reason why the Immortal Pantheon and Bajing Palace want to get the Wa Palace?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Yes! They had grievances and grievances with the Emperor Wa, and they had continuous causation, so they would not **** your Wa Palace, they would only draw you around and help you restore the Wa Palace! Only then can they get what they want. News!" said the old servant with a smile on his face.

"Do I have any advantage now?" Zhao Yuande was disappointed.

"Yes! The Watian Palace has all the Avenues. If you want to reach the ultimate in the Emperor Realm, there are only a few places in this world, and the Wa Palace is one of them!" The old servant proudly.

"Okay! Not bad!" Zhao Yuande was a little helpless. He wanted to go to the Emperor Realm, and he still had a big realm and three small realms in it. This would have to wait until the Year of the Monkey!

Upon returning to the Eastern Emperor Great World, Zhao Yuande returned directly to the Holy Medicine Sect.

In the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, it met Liu Dong, inquired about the recent development of the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, and then asked Hope Zong to send him a message to the women and tell them that they were back.

Back in his backyard, he went directly into the other side of the world.

The fighting was fierce the other day, and everything was entangled. He simply could not enter the world on the other side to meet Rushuang and his parents.

Rushuang was practicing at this time, and felt that Zhao Yuande's breath appeared in the other side of the world, and suddenly his face couldn't restrain the expression of happiness.

She remembered that Zhao Yuande once said that he would marry himself after returning to the Eastern Emperor Great World!


Zhao Yuande appeared in Rushuang's room and looked at this beautiful woman with a smile.

"You're back!" Rushuang showed a trace of shame on her face. She felt like she was saying that a wife saw what the returning husband should say.

"I'm back! I'm here to honor my promise!" Zhao Yuande is in a good mood at this time, and everything has been so smooth recently.

"You..." Rushuang's face couldn't help but red, she felt that the man's breath in front of her seemed to have some rapidness, should he?

"Oh! I just want to tell you that our wedding will take place soon! Let you prepare!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile, quietly leaned over to sit next to her, curiously smiled, "You don't It would be crooked!"

"You... you guess it's crooked!" Li Rushuang pushed Zhao Yuande once, though her mouth said so, but her face was even redder!

Zhao Yuande looked at this shy person, and an inexplicable heat burst suddenly from somewhere in his body, making his breath rush.

"Oh! All right! I want to be crooked!" Zhao Yuande grabbed her little hand and gently pulled her into his arms.

"You..." Li Rushuang only felt a strong force from her arm, and entered a warm embrace next moment.

When was Rushuang approached by a man so much, he suddenly felt a stiff body, and subconsciously curled his head in front of his chest.

With nephrite in her arms, Zhao Yuande felt the hot breath constantly wandering in her body, especially when she went to a certain place, and this place has undergone tremendous changes.


Suddenly, Li Rushuang felt abnormalities on the outside of his thighs, and he immediately understood how this happened.

"No... don't..." She didn't know why she said that in her mouth.

"No! It must be!" Zhao Yuande was already a little hot and unbearable at this time. She ripped off her clothes, and what appeared to him was...


There were heavy gasps from time to time in the room, and I didn't know how long it took before Zhao Yuande came out with satisfaction.

He was refreshed and felt full of power when he walked.

He is still recalling the crazy battle with Li Rushuang just now.

Reborn for so long, he finally became a real man.