Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 728

Chapter 728: Eye High But Hand Low

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"Let me go, you always hug, others thought that between us..." At this time Heifeng still tightly holding Zhao Yuande refused to let go.

"Hey! Who dare to think so, I broke his neck!" Heifeng laughed and released his hand.

"Master! I have been working hard recently, and cultivation is already triple in the field! Hey, Master, your cultivation is..." Qin Xingyu just wanted to show his cultivation in front of his master, but he was shocked to find that Master was actually a quadruple in the field. .

When everyone heard Qin Xingyu's words, they were taken aback, and a closer look at Zhao Yuande had indeed reached the realm.

"Boy, you... have you survived the territorial disaster?" Heifeng then realized that he grabbed Zhao Yuande's arm with excitement, and there was a flash of light in his eyes.

"Hey! Good!" Zhao Yuande flicked the hands of Heifeng. "Okay, this is not a place to talk. I will tell you my experience of this period when there is no one."

"Yuande! Now that you have reached this level, you have to count the things you said before." Zhu Luan walked to Zhao Yuande and bit his lip gently.

"Count, absolute count!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Zhu Luan's little hand and pulled her into his arms, "I will give you a grand wedding!"

"How many of us?" Zhu Luan pulled into Zhao Yuande's arms without panic, but instead looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile.

"One, two, three...well! Let me think about it!" Zhao Yuande scratched his head a little awkwardly, "Anyway!"

"Good! As long as I have it!" Zhu Luan lightly broke Zhao Yuande's arm and stood opposite Zhao Yuande, with a happy smile on his face.

"Go! Let's sit over there! I will show you some friends!" Yi Jie waited for Zhao Yuande and Zhu Luan's eyebrows to come to an end, and then came forward.

"Friend? Okay, your friend is my friend!" Zhao Yuande smiled and followed a ring into a tea house.

There is a group of people sitting in the teahouse, and a group of young people on the outside.

Three men and two women, these five people are the same as the one ring, all are bald!

Yi Jie hesitated slightly when he saw the five men. His eyes replayed on a tall young monk in a red robe, and there was a trace of displeasure in his eyes.

The tall monk in the red robe just gave a slight glance, as if disdain appeared in his eyes.

A little nun sitting next to the red monk also showed a slight disgust at this time. The little nun had red lips and white eyes, and his eyes were very picturesque. He looked very flattering, but there was an arrogance in his bones.

Her look in the ring was as if the people in the city saw the countryman. It was a very nasty look.

These subtle little actions could hide Zhao Yuande so much, he all got into his eyes.

It seems that Yi Jie is not a friend in these two people's hearts.

As for the other three people, one is a white monk with a handsome face, one is a young monk who looks like he is silent, and the last one is a woman with an enchanting look and a hot body. This woman has a long hair covered by a monk hat, which is a belt A female laywoman practicing spiritual practice.

"Brother Yijie, do you have friends again?" The white monk smiled. This white monk had a handsome face and a kind of dusty temperament.

"Come on! Brother Yiming, I will introduce you to my friend." Yi Jie introduced Zhao Yuandela to himself and solemnly introduced, "This is my best friend, Zhao Yuande! Don't look at him The cultivation of talents is very powerful!"

"Zhao Yuande has met all the masters!" Zhao Yuande naturally wanted to give a face to his face and smiled at everyone.

"To what extent can a quadruple person in a field be strong?" The little nun said indifferently, turning to look at the red-clothed monk and laughing, "Brother Cheng, what do you say?"

"Sister Jing is saying yes!" The monk in red nodded, instead of looking at a ring, but looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes full of provocation.

"Master Zhao!" The white monk nodded with a smile.

The silent monk glanced at Zhao Yuande without speaking, but nodded gently.

In the end, the hot woman smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande: "Brother Zhao, don't care, it's done, Jing is nothing but nonsense!"

Later, the three monks apparently went out together. They looked at Zhao Yuande and even a ring. They didn't have that kind of superiority, nor did they look down on them.

But when they talked, they had a very rigid feeling.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the two of them. He didn't care about their words at all. Instead, he turned to look at the other three people, especially a few more on the hot woman.

"I don't care, Brother Yijie, let's sit over there!" After Zhao Yuande nodded to them, he pointed to an empty table not far away.

"OK!" Yi Jie nodded, smiled apologetically at the five, and took the clan to another table.

"Yi Jie, you didn't have such a good temper before, and those two are called Jing Jing, and they are very rude to you." Zhao Yuande looked at Yi Jie and felt a little curious.

"Hey! Brother Zhao, you don't know! My master won't let me cause trouble, saying that these people are all from the domain of Mido, which is the birthplace of my Zen, and I need to pay respect to others!" Zhengde smiled helplessly.

"Huh! Even a few of us are so angry with this bird!" Heifeng showed anger on his face. "These little cubs are really nobody's eyes. If it was not to save face for you, I would have scolded! "

"More than pride, lack of strength!" Zhu Luan mouth sneered a sneer.

"I see that, I'm afraid I can't even beat it!" Qin Xingyu didn't seem to be used to the other party's style.

"You have such deep grievances?" Zhao Yuande looked at several people and couldn't help but show curiosity. "What the **** did they do?"

"They! I like to point the rivers and mountains and blow the cowhide the most!" Qin Xingyu whispered, "How many people are on the top of the list, and I don't know what they are doing is the ranking of the heavens and the world!" "

"Eye-high and low-handed, it means they!" Zhu Luan gai coffin concluded.

"It's so wasteful?" Zhao Yuande looked at the five people, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't compare with them.

"What are you talking about!" The little nun named Jing was obviously eavesdropping on a few of them, and heard people commenting on themselves like this, and suddenly there was anger in her eyes. She stood up and walked to a few people. Tao said, "If you have the ability to say it again, and you have a warning, don't think that what you are is the reincarnation of the Buddha, it's amazing. The number of reincarnations in our Spirit Buddha can't be counted!"

"Sister Jing..." Yi Jie was a little embarrassed. He didn't expect the other party to overhear them and didn't know how to explain for a while.

"Who is your sister!" The little nun sneered at the corner of her mouth, "Call me sister, are you worthy?"

"I..." The ring was flushed. If there was no one here, he didn't care, but how could his face pull down in front of your friends.

"What are you talking about?" Zhao Yuande hadn't planned to speak before. They were all Zen disciples. They could say anything, but he found that this guy dared to be so humiliated. How could he not be angry in his heart.