Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 729

Chapter 729: Still Don't Leave Me

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He stood up and looked at Jing calmly, and said coldly to him: "Apologize to my friend immediately, and I will assume that this has not happened, otherwise..."

"Otherwise what?" the tall monk named Cheng Cheng came over and asked coldly, "What do you want to do?"

"Brother Zhao, forget it!" Yi Yuan held Zhao Yuande's face in a pleading look, "Give me a face, I don't want to embarrass the master."

"Humph, just want to finish this? You promised that we wouldn't agree!" The success of the tall red suit, as if an angry King Kong, stared at Zhao Yuande in a dreadful manner, a murderous opportunity appeared in his eyes.

The other three looked at it, and Jing and the two went to the door, and they all couldn't help showing an expression of interest. They didn't come to persuade, just looked at it quietly,

"Oh! What do you want to do?" Zhao Yuande looked at the monk in red with interest.

"I think... Hey!" Cheng Cheng glanced at the little nun beside him, "Apologize to my sister, or you will die here today! I'm not scaring you, our Minghui Zen Academy is not so annoying, Why did the Jiang family fall to such a state today, that is what I did at Minghui Zen Academy!"

"Is it?" Zhao Yuande was undecided, and suddenly turned around and asked Yi Jie Tao, "Yi Jie Brother, what is the strength of this Minghui Zen Academy? How many powerful men are equivalent to God Emperor Realm?"

"According to my master, there should be three, two early, and one middle!" The stranger didn't know what Zhao Yuande asked, but he still said what he knew.

After seeing Zhao Yuande asking for a ring, he didn't interrupt him. He thought the other party was afraid, but he didn't expect Zhao Yuande to make him jump.

"So weak? How dare you run into our East Emperor's world to be wantonly?" Zhao Yuande puzzled. "Why didn't the Thunder Priest family come out to drive? What are they doing, it's not ridiculous!"

There is nothing wrong with Zhao Yuande's words. If he said this in front of Lei Zun, Lei Zun can only take it for granted, because his current identity is different, and the identity of the owner of the Wa Palace is no longer Lei Zun can reach. !

But in front of these people said that these people do not know his identity, and suddenly felt that he was bragging!

"Hey! Blow the air, it seems that I will take you down! There is a strong man from the Thunder Priest family here. You might as well go to her and talk!" Caught Zhao Yuande.

With his grasp, a gigantic King Kong with four arms and a huge Buddha suddenly appeared behind him.

"Brother Zhao..." Yi Gui gave birth to guilt, and his face showed a shocked look. Although the other party is only a strong man in the field of six heavyweights, he is a few smaller realms lower than him, but the other party's combat power is in his. on!

"It's okay, this kind of power can't hurt my master!" Qin Xingyu has full confidence in Zhao Yuande, as if Zhao Yuande is an undefeated God of War!

Zhao Yuande looked at the palm of his opponent's palm, and a slight smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. His fingers bent slightly against the palm.

"Tang arm is a car!" The red man's success, shouted, his face showed a kind of domineering world.

"Brother Cheng, after taking him down, let me take care of it!" The corner of Jingzui's mouth slightly curled up, and his expression was slightly untidy.

"Relax... Ah!" Before the finished word, he felt a sharp pain in his palm.

Only then did he see that the other party popped a finger wind that even penetrated his palm and blasted toward his eyebrow.

He tried hard to dodge, and finally directed the wind to fly a large piece of his belt, and Bai Sensen's skull was exposed, making people feel terrible.

Learning from the other party's appearance, Zhao Yuande also reached out a palm and grabbed towards Cheng.

This catch was bland, and there was no terrible power, but Cheng Cheng felt a horrible killing intention that made him shudder.

It was only after Chengcheng that he knew that he had met the peerless strongman, and he couldn't help but retreat from body to body, exclaiming: "Master save me!"

How could Jing think that such a thing would happen? She couldn't help but stunned in shock. She opened her mouth wide and couldn't make a sound in her throat.

The three people in the other seat had narrowed eyes. They didn't expect that Yijie's friends would be so strong. They all regretted that they should have more friendship with him just now.

"What's the matter?" An old bald monk appeared in front of everyone. The old monk was tall and burly, with a pair of white eyebrows.

"Master! He..." After Cheng Cheng didn't know what to say, he was in trouble for a while.

"He bullied you!" The old monk looked at Zhao Yuande. At this time, the palm that Zhao Yuande had probed had not been retracted, and he grabbed it directly towards the old monk. He couldn't help but sarcastically smile.

His smile is exactly the same as that of the red monk, and he really deserves to be a mentor.

"It seems that I will give you some lessons today! Otherwise, how can you know to respect the elders in the future!" The white-browed old monk slaps lightly toward Zhao Yuande.

Yi Jie and others are a bit unbelievable at this time, Zhao Yuande is not a reckless person, is he sure that he can overcome the old monk in this early divine emperor?

"Zhenghai, don't mess!" Several monks rushed down from the restaurant, and one of the old monks shouted at the white-browed old monk. "How can we intervene in the battle between the juniors!"

Zheng Hai didn't care at all, his temper was hot like him, and his own apprentices were bullied to such an extent, how could he just stop because of other people's words.

But at this moment, the old monk with white eyebrows suddenly felt his arm seemed to be clamped by iron tongs. I don't know when the other party grabbed his arm and pulled himself over, and then saw the light and shadow in front of him.


His face was sturdy and was slapped by Zhao Yuande. A horror came violently. He almost fanned his face. If Zhao Yuande didnt grab his arm, he would probably be slapped by him. Go out.

"" The white-browed old monk clutched the painful cheek in one hand, and Zhao Yuande grabbed the back of one hand. His face was terrified, and you didn't say the following words for a long time.

Zhao Yuande threw the old monk out, and a cold voice came out of his mouth, "Dare you like me to cultivate to the east emperor of the world, who is giving you the courage! Don't let me go! !"

The old monk was full of grief and indignation at this time. He didn't know what happened to him today. He even encountered such a quirky strongman.

He believes that the other party must be a strong emperor, this is playing a pig and eating a tiger.

The people behind Zhao Yuande were stunned at this moment. They had long known that Zhao Yuande could fight the Divine Emperor and the Strong, but they did not expect that he would become more terrifying after he was promoted to the realm of the realm. Weak.

"Haha! This is my master Qin Xingyu!" Qin Xingyu almost laughed out loud.