Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Cow Chewing Peony

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Seeing the shocked expression of the other party, Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered that his own Danfang was all obtained from the real person of Danding, and the real person of Danding was originally the master of the Saint Danzong. Since he disappeared, many unilaterals have been lost. one of them.

"Oh! Yeah! The master gave it to me, but there was only one change, the thunder fire was empty!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to push everything to the master. Anyway, his old man was already dead, and there was no proof of his death!

"There is only one..." Zhen Yangzi's face was a little disappointed. He did not doubt the Danfang's affairs. Legend has it that the ancestor of Danding was also derived from a broken volume, and it is reasonable for others to get it.

"Can you tell me what kind of materials are needed?" Zhen Yangzi is thirsty for knowledge. If he knows the materials, he has some confidence that he can perform some clues.

"Since the senior is willing to give me the elixir, this Danfang tells the senior what is the point!" Zhao Yuande looked extremely generous and stepped forward to whisper.

"Good! Good! Zhao Yuande, from now on you will be a distinguished guest of my Saint Danzong! This is a Shengdan Order, representing the authority of my Saint Danzong, who dares to embarrass you, you can take it out to stop the disaster!" Zhen Yangzi With Danfang, his face was full of excitement.

He didn't even think that the other party could tell Danfang himself, to know that the value of this Danfang can make a sect flourish, and cultivate several powerful geniuses with three attributes.

If this is taken out for auction, I am afraid that several big families will come out to push the cows, and the price will soar to an incredible level!

So he gave Zhao Yuande Sheng Danling no exaggeration!

"Thank you, Senior!" Although Zhao Yuande was in repentance, this Shengdan made him not take it for nothing. If he didn't take it, he would be too pretentious.

"Well! Dekang, you come to preside over this assessment!" Zhen Yangzi waved to Zhao Yuande, "I don't have all the materials you need for the time being. You will come back in three days, and I will make you satisfied!"

"Thank you, Senior!" Zhao Yuande knew that this matter was in a hurry, and quickly thanked him.

"Okay, I will go back to Zongmen, and we will still meet here three days later!"

Zhen Yangzi left in a hurry, and Zhao Yuande also nodded to the old man and walked out of the Dan room.

Everyone around them naturally heard the dialogue between the two, and they couldn't help but look envious when they saw Zhao Yuande's back.

"It's over so soon? Could it be that the failure was driven out?" Zhao Yuande showed up, and he couldn't help showing a gloating expression.

"You guessed it wrong! This kid is a Dan Dao genius, he will not be driven out of you!" Black Bear deeply knows the power of Zhao Yuande's Danshu, and even Gu Tiande is full of praise.

"Or the black wind knows me!" Zhao Yuande patted the black bear's muscular arm, and the black hair stuck like a steel needle.

"Hey! Can Grandpa Xiong eat more at that time?" The black bear smiled flatteringly, and the Harazi began to tick off again.


Zhao Yuande quickly got a best Dan room for free with the Sheng Dan Ling in his hand.

The three guys walked in and started the cooking business.

They divided the material into three parts and took out three blast birds.

The task of handling the blast bird was designated by Zhao Yuande and finally assigned to the Black Bear.

While Master Yijie is not idle, responsible for controlling the temperature of the underground fire veins, Zhao Yuande is responsible for the delivery time of ingredients and many herbs.

The three men performed their duties, and after an hour, the first pot of delicious food was finally ready.

"Brother Yuan De, I don't know what kind of miracle effect this time will have?" Master Yi Jie asked this question curiously before he started to eat.

"Well! It may be that you have a special ability..." Zhao Yuande's eyes flickered and he stopped talking.

"Special ability? What ability?" Some breathing was short, and the pupil contracted slightly.

Even the black bear with the greedy DC Harala was also attracted to this problem.

"It may be hanging upside down to sleep! Haha!" Zhao Yuande looked at his blackened face and laughed.

"Grandpa Xiong can ignore these messes, try the taste first, and then talk about it!" The black bear grabbed a piece of meat from the green tripod while the two were not paying attention, and stuffed it directly into his mouth. "Oh, really fragrant..."

"Xiong Blind Man, you are really a cow chewing peony!" Master Yijie was very distressed, this guy ate more than ten kilos of meat in a single bite.

The two rushed past almost at the same time and began to enjoy themselves.

A blast bird weighed a lot, and the three guys quickly killed the first pot.

"Wow! Grandpa Bear feels his body is much lighter, as if floating in the air!" Black Bear closed his eyes and felt like he was as light as a feather.

"Well! My comprehension of the wind is one more point, and the speed has increased by at least 20% at least!" Yi Jing's eyes were astonishing. Where is the food, it is even worse than the panacea.

Zhao Yuande also felt silently. He felt that there was a hint of wind in his body. This feeling suddenly penetrated into his blood and merged with his newborn fetus.

My **** fetus actually merged with the wind, which gave me the first ventilation, not only for the speed enhancement, but also some increase in combat!

However, this feeling of the wind has always been too little, and it is not enough to affect the result of the battle. However, my last life was somewhat comprehended about the way of the wind, but it only required a process of slow integration!

Half a day later, they walked out of the Shengdan Baolou.

Black Bear and Yi Jie looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes at this time. They were a little crazy, but in just half a day, their combat effectiveness had at least increased by 30%. If they continue this way, they will not be able to go to heaven!

This also made them make up their mind to eat and drink with Zhao Yuande!

When they returned to Piaoxiang Garden, it was already night. The bustling night scene set off against the prosperity of Windy City. Countless practitioners were drinking in Piaoxiang Garden and chatting about the day.

Zhao Yuande they also sat down in the lobby on the first floor, ordered some food and listened quietly to the news from the four parties.

"His motherfucker! Is this urine?" The black bear was used to the monkey wine, and then he drank these ordinary fine wines. He couldn't drink anymore, and he dropped the quilt directly on the ground.

"Hey! The wine here is like white water, there is no taste at all, I really miss..." Master Yijie turned his gaze to Zhao Yuande, and there was a burning flash in his eyes, "Brother Yuande, do you still have that wine?"

"Hey! Bald man, if you want to drink, please come and beg your grandfather!" The black bear smugly took out a wine jar and shook it in front of a ring!

Suddenly a strong scent of wine permeated the entire hall. The cultivators who were still ridiculing Black Bear's lack of wine were attracted by this scent and focused their attention on it.

Zhao Yuande couldn't stop it, and the black bear began to brag about the wine in his hand.

"This is the world's famous monkey wine... Um!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly covered the black bear's mouth, let him continue to speak, I am afraid that will attract all the practitioners in the world.

It didn't know how precious the monkey wine was, and now it would almost explode the whole hall.