Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 730

Chapter 730: Your Father's Mother?

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Exciting glory appeared in the eyes of Potian, and only such a Zhao Yuande was qualified to truly be my master.

Zhu Luan's happy eyes popped up with little stars.

Since she got the Vulcan heritage, she has made rapid progress. There is a feeling that she wants to break through the Emperor Realm, and her fighting power is even more outrageous.

She was afraid that if she continued like this, she would probably surpass Zhao Yuande sooner or later. She worried that if she was stronger than Zhao Yuande, would the other party feel uncomfortable? Now it seems that there is no such concern. Zhao Yuande's combat power is at least comparable to the early stage of Shenhuang.

In fact, the most shocking thing is the black wind and Yijie. The three of them basically grew up together, but they did not expect it. It was only after such a short period of time that Zhao Yuande's combat power had made them unable to catch up.

"Bald, you give me a slap!" Heifeng grabbed a ring.


"I see if I'm dreaming!" Black Wind said impatiently.

"You let me fight!" Yijie said.

"Long word!"


With a slap, slap the black fan in two circles.

"Oh! Really hurt! Really **** painful! Really, this is not a dream!" Heifeng covered his cheek gang and felt some loose teeth in his mouth, shouting at Yijie, "Yijie, what are you doing? So ruthless, I want to fight you!"

"Don't come here! You let me fight!" Yi Jie directly retreated to Zhao Yuande, "Brother Zhao, you are fair!"

At this time, Zhao Yuande had no time to help them break the case, and there were several waves of people coming down the stairs in succession. The last three had a strong breath, and they were all God Emperors and Strong.

The white-haired old monk saw the last three of them, and his face suddenly turned white, his head lowered as if he had done a wrong thing, and he obediently came to the three.

"Okay, Zhenghai! This skill is not as good as a man!" A middle-aged monk standing on the left-hand side looked peaceful and waved gently to the white-haired old monk to signal him to retreat.

"Uncle Shi!" Zheng Hai's face turned red, and he refused to leave while standing on the spot, begging softly, "Are we Minghui Temple being bullied like this?"

"Shut up! If you shoot indiscriminately, would you do this to someone? Wouldn't this be a thing!" An old monk holding a golden zen stick on the left hand slammed the zen stick on the ground and sneered coldly.

The old monk holding a golden zen stick, with a bronze face, a strong and majestic body, and a temperament was a bit irritable. The eyes shot at Zhenghai's body, making him feel a burst of chills.

"Master! I..." Zheng Hai was most afraid of this master, so terrified that he almost sat on the ground.

"Forget it! Zhenghai is also to protect my disciples at Minghui Zen Academy, which is merciful!" The middle-aged man was a half-monk old man, half of his head was bare, and the other half had sparse short hair. The face is also black and white and yin and yang, which is indeed weird.

"Yes! Brother!" The two monks left and right were very respectful of the half-monk and half-vulgar old man, and both bowed their hands slightly.

Zhao Yuande looked at these monks here and you said one thing, I said one thing, non-stop sneer on his face.

These three people, one by one, soon described the recklessness of Zhenghai as a disciple of the protection of the monastery, becoming much taller.

"Let's go! Let's go back and talk!" Zhao Yuande didn't bother to talk to this group of people and waved his hand towards the table just now.

"Little friend, have you beaten me at the Minghui Zen Academy, have you just left?" The middle-aged monk on the left-hand side seemed very polite and spoke very gentle, but the words spoken were full of threats. "What do you want?" Zhao Yuande turned his head and squinted at the three monks.

"Bold! Do you know who these three are? They are the three powerful emperors of Minghui Zen Academy in Mido Realm! Are you trying to provoke a war between the two realms?" A middle-aged monk came out of the crowd, pointing Zhao Yuande questioned very politely.

"Who is this person?" Zhao Yuande turned to look at Yi Jie and asked.

"He... he is a law enforcement elder of my Tianzong sect, Master Yuanxin!" Yi Jie looked at Zhao Yuande, with some apologies on his face, but this was his uncle.

"Just one ring, don't take the favor of your brother and do whatever you want, you come to me!" Yuan Xin saw a ring next to Zhao Yuande and suddenly raised a face and shouted at him sharply.

"Yuanxin, isn't it?" Zhao Yuande turned his head and looked back at Yijie's uncle, grinning, "If you're not Yijie's uncle, you're lying on the ground now! Help outsiders to bully me "Emperor of the East Emperor's World, you still have a face here and yell at me. It's a real embarrassment to me."

"You... you dare to be so rude to me!" Yuan Xin's face twitched and seemed to be on the verge of rage, but he knew he was not an opponent of the young man in front of him.

Who is this young man? Why does it appear here?

This is a question in the minds of many people at the moment.

"Little friends, stay here! Let's talk about it." The half-monk and half-vulgar old man smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande and beckoned to him. "My Minghui Zen Academy is not aggressive, you can rest assured!"

"Forget it! You are not aggressive, why did you hit me in the Eastern World, who will believe it if you say it." Zhao Yuande sneered.

"You young man should speak reasonably! We are the bullied party, and here are the people of the Thunder Prison family of the Eastern Emperor Great World. We specially invited them to prevent people like you from coming out! The old monk holding a stick on his right hand showed a sarcasm on his face.

"Miss Lei, please come out and say a fair word!" The middle-aged monk on the left looked in one direction.

I saw a beautiful woman who was lazy and was laughing with a few handsome young men. When you heard the middle-aged monk, she couldn't help but frown slightly: "Master, you don't need to call me this kind of trivial matter! You solve it yourself!" Thats it, Im just bringing a little kindness from the Thunder Priest family."

The beautiful woman didn't glance at Zhao Yuande from beginning to end.

"Which family are you strong?" A young man with a beautiful appearance and a white skin like jade beside the beautiful woman looked at Zhao Yuande, and the look was actually charming for some women, but her eyes were a little high. You dare to control, dont you know the rules of the East Emperor Great World?"

"Disgusting!" Heifeng finally couldn't help it, and sarcastically said, "Your father's mother? Here, she flirts with me, but I don't eat in the morning because of my uncle."

Heifeng made a vomiting gesture.

"Three girls...he...he dared to insult me, you don't care!" The skin-white Ruyu man was even scolded by the black wind, his eyes aggrieved, and aggrieved at the beautiful woman.

Everyone's skin is twitching, is this TM really a man?