Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 732

Chapter 732: Don't Want To Kill You

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Everyone around looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, is this guy crazy? How dare you do something against the people of the Thunder Prison Family, the three **** emperors of Minghui Temple have a smile on their faces, and the other party's shot, and the Thunder Priest Family met.

And they don't need to lose face or risk, they just need to watch the play quietly.

Who doesn't like this kind of good thing?

"Little Six!" Lei Ruofeng saw the man injured, and his face changed suddenly.

This pink-coated man is her favorite person, no matter what the other party wants, she will find a way to satisfy, so that this man called Xiaoliuzi is somewhat arrogant and arrogant, and no one is in the eyes, and even no one sees others. Speak coldly to Lei Ruofeng.

Now this guy regrets it, really regrets it!

He is also a strong person in the world, but in front of others is equivalent to a weak ant. The other party, he directly shattered all his internal organs, if there is no Sheng Dan, I am afraid to lie in bed for ten days and a half months To be able to recover.

"Girl I..." Little Liuzi had a huge abdominal pain, and as soon as he spoke, he spit out blood with visceral fragments, miserable.

"Don't talk!" Lei Ruofeng hurriedly took out a pill bottle and poured a fragrant pill directly into the other party's mouth.

At the entrance of Elixir, Xiao Liuzi's complexion quickly returned to normal.

"Yuande, it doesn't matter if you provoke the Lei prison family!" Zhu Luan asked quietly behind him.

Although he knew what kind of person Zhao Yuande was, but that was the Thunder Prison Family. Whoever didn't know the power of the Thunder Prison Family in the whole realm, he was still a bit worried for Zhao Yuande.

"It's okay, the Lei Yu family is also reasonable. It's on our side, what are we afraid of." Zhao Yuande gently touched her smooth long hair and nodded to him.

"That's good!" Zhu Luan has never seen Zhao Yuande suffer a loss, every time it is Cheng Zhu in the chest, she suddenly put her heart down completely.

"Hey, bald! You said these guys were screaming. Are they male or female? Are they guys or ladies? Straight or curved?" The black wind dragged a ring, and it made sense. Asked this question.


Someone in the crowd finally couldn't help laughing, but they were actually curious about the problem.


Xiaoliu, who had a better complexion just now, was flushed again, and his mouth spouted out another blood.

"You... it's too much to bully!" Lei Ruofeng handed Xiaoliuzi to another man, looking at Zhao Yuande's group with a gloomy look, and sneered, "You really want to fight against my Lei prison family ! I Lei Ruofeng swears here, I will kill you around..."

Lei Ruofeng's thunder suddenly thundered again, and his oath resonated with Heavenly Dao. This is Heavenly Dao's oath.

"Slow down!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly blocked the other party's swear, it was not a joke, he always had some friendship with Lei Jiuzhou, and Lei Zun was also good to himself, he did not thunder Kyushu's niece Died in his own hands.

Zhao Yuande was afraid that he could not stop it. He simply popped a force of time and immediately sealed the other party in time, interrupting her oath.

"Why? You're afraid, since you know you are afraid, then kneel down on the ground and beg me, I might forgive you!" Lei Ruofeng obviously was wrong, she thought Zhao Yuande was afraid, "Otherwise, I was mine The power of the prison family, none of these people around you can live! You weigh it!"

"Lei Ruofeng, in fact, I really don't want to kill you. If you really gave that kind of oath, you would be dead, so I stopped you!" Zhao Yuande's eyes gradually cooled down, even if the other party was Lei Jiuzhou Your niece also has a degree of patience. If you exceed this degree, no matter who you are, kill them together.

"Really? Since that is the case, then you die!" Lei Ruofeng, his body backed away, retreated to the three gods and strong men of Minghui Temple, "three, help me kill him, I thunder The prison family will definitely be rewarded!"

The three **** emperors were obviously in a daze. They didn't expect the other party to want three of them.

The young man in front of him must have strong power behind him. If they really killed him and provoke the forces behind each other, even if the Thunder Prison family came forward, they might not be able to end up in the end.

"Who can win this person, except for anything else, my Thunder Prison family is responsible!" Lei Ruofeng gritted his teeth.

As soon as Lei Ruofeng's words came out, the three **** emperors' eyes lit up, and the middle half-monk old man looked at the old monk with a staff.

"Brother, go!"

"Yes! Brother!" The old monk with a staff walked to Zhao Yuande with a stern look, squatting on the ground with every step of the caduceus in his hand. The powerful force made the earth tremble continuously, and the surrounding space was like a undulating river.

The monks and passers-by who saw them saw this situation and retreated.

"You retreat!" Zhao Yuande waved to everyone behind him.

"Brother Zhao, are you okay!" Yi Jie looked at Zhao Yuande apologetically, "If you are not invincible, I can try to contact the master and let my ancestral ancestors come forward..."

"Okay! It's okay, do you still have no confidence in me?" Zhao Yuande blinked to everyone and smiled, "Do you think I'm stupid?"

"Not stupid! Hey, if you are stupid, we are all wooden people!" Heifeng grabbed a ring and said, "Okay, do you still not know him? This kid can't lose money."

Everyone also stepped back, withdrew hundreds of feet before stopping.

Zhao Yuande, holding the euphorbia, looked at the old monk who was walking step by step. His face also showed dignity and dignity. After all, the other party was an early strong man of the emperor.

And by looking at this man's temperament and dressing, he knows that he is the host of the King Kong Hall of Minghui Chanyuan, and a sharp edge in Minghui Chanyuan's external battle.


The old monk waited a few feet away from Zhao Yuande, shouted violently, and held a Zen stick in his hand and smashed it towards Zhao Yuande.

The old monk did not display the strongest fighting power of the unity of heaven and Taoism, but just wanted to kill Zhao Yuande with a strong physical body.

Zhao Yuande actually has a great headache for the control of the God Emperor's Heavenly Path. If he wants to fight with the other party, he must first prepare for the confrontation with the Heavenly Path. Fortunately, the other party is the strong of the Mido domain, and this is the beginning. Heavenly Dao, they want to have a certain adaptation stage to control, or like the monk with a staff who has just stepped into the Divine Emperor Realm for a period of time, they cant communicate with the Beginning Heavenly Dao at all, and they cant play the most powerful Divine Emperor Realm. Fighting power.

"Come well!"

Zhao Yuande is very confident in his physical body, and he is most satisfied with the physical battle of the other party.

He waved the euphorbia and confronted him directly.


The metal symphony sounded, deafening, and those who pushed less than a hundred feet around them all felt their heads dizzy, their ears buzzing, and they were sitting on the ground with a weaker butt.