Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 733

Chapter 733: Shidi Will Win

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The old monk descended from the sky and smashed it with a zen stick, but was swept by Zhao Yuande and his weapons hit him. After turning three or four heels in succession, this stabilized his figure.

On the other hand, Zhao Yuande did not step back, but waved his halberd and rushed up to start a war with the old monk.

"Everyone backs up! Back up again!"

The half-monk and half-vulgar old man could not help but frown slightly when he saw the battle in the field. This guy was even stronger than he thought.

Zhao Yuande's euphoria and the rod monk fought in the hands. In a blink of an eye, Kung Fu collided hundreds of times in a row.

Every time the old monk with a stick hit, his body stepped back a few steps, and his footsteps were a bit heavy. Hundreds of consecutive collisions made his face red, and his hands were all shaken with **** cracks. Flowed from his hand, dyeing the white robes to a blood red.

"Master! If you have always wanted to fight with me physically, I am afraid that you will not be able to kill ten strokes and you will be killed by me!" Zhao Yuande became more and more courageous. The monk was flying.


The old monk holding a stick flew in mid-air, spitting out a mouthful of blood.


"Little fellow! You're done!" The old monk suddenly showed a strange smile on his face, and slowly fell from the sky. A golden light rushed out of the body and instantly healed his injury. "I have been waiting, waiting for you. I angered the great vajra inside me, now you die!"

A huge golden phantom emerged from behind the old monk, and a dreadful Buddha's power waved out, pushing the surroundings back and forth.

"Brother, he..." The middle-aged monk looked at the half-monk and half-vulgar old man and asked tentatively, "He will be fine!"

"It's okay! The Vajra possesses great strength, and the younger brother will win!" The half-monk and half-vulgar old man shook his head with a smile.

"Eat me a stick!"

The old monk holding a rod looked solemn at this time, as if a real Vajrayana descended on the earth. The strength of the Zen rod in his hand increased more than ten times, and he was brutally beaten by Zhao Yuande.

He didn't believe that the other party could still pick it up.

Zhao Yuande also felt that the old monk's power seemed to have increased tenfold at once. He thought it might be that the vajra idol behind him had greatly improved him.

However, Zhao Yuande was not nervous about going to Russia. Just now, he did not use his full strength in the battle with the old monk holding a stick. He only used 70% of his own strength. Now that he sees the other party's power, he can only go all out.

"Yuande! Be careful!" Zhu Luan felt the old monk's sudden strength and was anxious.

"It's okay! You see that there is still no waves on his face, and he has practiced an immortal body!" Yi Jie whispered in Zhu Luan's ear, "Don't be impulsive! Otherwise it will only affect his performance."

"Hey! I'm actually more nervous than you!" The tense body relaxed and smiled, "I think what I said makes sense."

"Bald, don't talk!" The black wind next to him was watching attentively. He wanted to see how Zhao Yuande defeated each other. As for Zhao Yuande losing, he didn't quite believe it.


The two joined again.


At the moment when the two collided, a huge crack broke open between the two of them on the ground, and they became wider and wider. There was a faint sound of waves crashing on the shore below.

The old monk holding his staff backed up repeatedly, his face flushed for a while, and there was a trace of blood in the corners of his mouth. He was slightly injured in this blow.

Looking at Zhao Yuande, he flew upside down as if he had fired shells, and suddenly hit a high building with a bang. The high building was instantly collapsed by him. I dont know how many unlucky people are standing upstairs to see this. Fighting, buried alive in the rubble.



"Brother Zhao!"


Several people saw this situation, suddenly panicked, and rushed towards the ruins.


There was a wanton laughter among the crowd, which turned out to be Lei Ruofeng.

"Aren't you awesome? What's wrong now? Get up and continue fighting!" Lei Ruofeng walked out proudly, nodded slightly at the old monk with a staff. "Senior trouble, if this person is dead, except for what happened to me The Thunder Prison family is responsible!"

"I really don't know what to do! My sister might as well grab the man's companions and punish him fiercely! Especially the **** man, he's too bad..." A handsome man beside Lei Ruofeng took advantage of Xiaoliuzi Injured, trying to please Lei Ruofeng.

They are also very distressed. What is the purpose of fighting for jealousy, isn't it just for more cultivation resources?

He was also pointed and scolded for some unpleasant words, but everything was worth it for cultivation.

"Relax, he insults you, and I will take the lead for you. After I will take them down, I will give you a few disposals!" Lei Ruofeng squeezed each other's cheeks, with a strange smile on his face. .

"Oh! Thank you, sister, you are so nice!" The handsome man's voice was full of joy, and the tone was similar to the **** in the court.

Many people felt a bit of spicy eyes when they saw this scene, and all of them silently tilted their heads elsewhere.

Even the old monks with wands beside them couldn't help frowning and murmured secretly in their hearts, what the **** is this?

"Senior, please ask me to bring those accomplices to me!" Lei Ruofeng was very polite to the old monk holding the stick, the key is that now the vajra idol appeared behind the other party, with an inviolable majesty, she did not want to You are not polite.


Zhu Luan and Heifeng before they ran to the ruins, a figure soared from the ruins.

"Haha! Enjoyable! Old man, you hurt me!"

Zhao Yuande laughed and landed on the floor, with light blood on the corners of his mouth and cracks on his body, but at that time the wounds were recovering at a rate visible to the naked eye.

"Let's come again!"

Zhao Yuande's palm glowed as if holding a bright starlight.

Suddenly everyone felt a terrible breath rippling around. Lei Ruofeng and the handsome man's face were shocked. Their bodies backed away and they hid behind the rod monk before they felt the pressure. Subside.

"He... he was okay!" Lei Ruofeng's cultivation base has also reached the triple of the world. He will soon be promoted to the Emperor's Realm. She is also a very powerful genius, but she knows that if it is for herself If it does, I am afraid that the old monk will be beaten into a pile of meat sauce in an instant, and the other party is only bleeding at the corner of the mouth, with some slight scars!

And the power that the other party just broke out seems not much weaker than the old monk holding the stick. I am afraid that even if the three old guys join forces together, I am afraid that they may not be able to win this person. I am afraid that this battle is not what she imagined. It's that simple.

In desperation, she only quietly crushed the jade and jade in her hand, and then took a long breath.


The old monk seemed to be a golden god-man. Although he could feel the pressure brought by Zhao Yuande at that moment, he still had absolute confidence to defeat his opponent.


The two collided again, terrifying forces flew around, and the Jiang Family Holy City was almost destroyed by the aftermath of the two battles.

Lots of shops and treasure buildings collapsed, countless people fled out of the city screaming, everyone in the Jiang family was at a loss for a while, what the **** did they do.