Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 734

Chapter 734: Smoke

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At this point Jiang Tiandong knelt in the hall, and the three ancestors of the Jiang family angrily asked what happened.

When he heard that Jiang Tiandong had provoke the Lei Yu clan, the three ancestors were almost scared and gasped, this is just looking for death! In front of the Thunder Prison family, the Jiang family's little bit of power is just a little ants, and they will step on it whenever they want to!

"Ancestor, there was a fight outside!" A young Jiang family gasped, rushing in before he could knock on the door, and said excitedly when he saw the three ancestors.

"Who is fighting?" Headed by a long-browed old man, it was Jiang Lanfeng, the ancestor of the Jiang family!

"I don't know, but it seems that I've seen this person before, that is, the young man who was injured by the Master Tianling last time and took the rescue!" The Jiang family youth seemed to think of something, and suddenly said "It seems to be called, Zhao Yuande!"

"What! Is it him? Who was he fighting with?" Jiang Lanfeng's expression suddenly rejoiced, "This person may be able to save the Jiang family!"

"What? Impossible! He is just a junior. What can he do to save our Jiang family. Don't forget, it's the Thunder Prison family who came to trouble this time!" Jiang Lanjian didn't believe it at all, and there was sarcasm on his face.

"You know a fart! If it weren't for you, did this **** thing have the courage to provoke the Thunder Prison family? I'm still gloating, believe it or not, I'll abolish you!" Jiang Lanfeng, the old man with long eyebrows, was furious and almost reached out to this guy a slap.

"Big Brother! Breath of anger!" Another, Jiang Lanzhen, is Jiang Lanfeng's younger brother. He hurriedly grabbed the angry brother, "I think we still have to think long, and a junior is really unreliable."

"Go away! You two fools! This Zhao Yuande and Lei Zun know each other, and Lei Zun really appreciates him! Last time I was a younger generation in the World of Devil Warfare Devil, Zhao Yuande shot for Wanjie and is said to have won several games in a row! Jiang Lanfeng told the news he knew and walked out of the hall. "The two of you brought Tianling and Tianlin together with me. Tianling and Zhao Yuande have some personal relations, maybe they can send Useful!"

"Yes! Brother!" Jiang Lan shook his head helplessly to Jiang Lanjian. "There is no way, since Brother thinks so, we can do it!"

"Humph! I don't believe that the kid named Zhao is the one who can do it!" Jiang Lanjian twitched and turned to look at Jiang Tiandong, who was kneeling on the ground and shivering. "Your kid kneels for me. Its better to say that if you dont get through, you will be dead!"

"Old ancestor! Save me!" Jiang Tiandong shivered with his head down, and now he really regretted his intestines.

If he knew that the other party was a member of the Thunder Prison family, he wouldn't dare to scold him if he killed him. His father was seriously injured and his grandfather died directly in the world of Wantong!

"Go! Let's go to Tianling's brother!"

Zhao Yuande opened a star in his hand, and the fighting power soared, and the old monk holding a stick with Dali King Kong made an incomprehensible break.

Everyone around was attracted by this fierce battle, and even they forgot the purpose of coming here.

Jiang Lanfeng of the Jiang family quietly propped up the suppression of the heavenly dragon and octave bell in the sky, walked out of the Jiang family, and also saw the battle between Zhao Yuande and the old monk holding a stick.

The half-monk and vulgar old man connected to the heart and soul of the Tianlong Eight-Tone Bell looked strangely, but found no anomalies. It was only when the aftermath of the two men's battle disturbed the Tianlong Eight-Tone Bell and did not care too much.

He suddenly recognized that it was Zhao Yuande, and what shocked him was that Zhao Yuande was able to fight a **** emperor and did not reveal a defeat!

This gave him a little more hope in his heart, but he saw the two strong men of Minghui Temple who were staring at him not far away, and his heart could not help being tight. If the other party joined forces, Zhao Yuande must not be an opponent.

He quietly approached the battlefield, but he helped Zhao Yuande at the most critical time.

In the battlefield, the two of them have fought to the point of fierceness. Almost all of Zhao Yuande's clothes were shattered. A big mouth on his shoulders was bloody. He had no time to urge the undead body, and his thighs were torn alive. Large pieces of flesh and bones and bone forks are exposed, and the distance to the most critical place is less than five fingers away, and Zhao Yuande grinned.

"Old guy, really shameless, are you a zen stick? Is the zen stick so insidious? It also has barbed thorns!" Zhao Yuande got angry when he thought of it, and the opponent's weapon was really surprising.

"Bah! Boy, where are you! Going to greet the Buddha!" The old monk holding the rod also rose wildly, irrespective of what he said.

At this time, the state of the old monk holding a stick was worse than that of Zhao Yuande. One arm was twisted. It seemed that it was broken by a person. The front foot of one foot was cut off in full, and the scalp on the top of the head was rubbed. The blood and flesh of his body were blurry. Looking at the sole print, he knew that Zhao Yuande had stepped on it.

"Huh! Old man, I won't play with you anymore. I'll solve you and your two brothers earlier!" Zhao Yuande didn't go all out at this time. He still had the power of a star left in his chest. If it was direct Exploding, I'm afraid I can turn this old guy in an instant.

"Buddha also had this intention!" The monk in the hand of the old monk with a staff burst out with a brilliant golden light, and six golden dragon phantoms rushed out of the Zen staff and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

These are the six dragon souls of the six dragons, and at the critical moment they can unexpectedly defeat the enemy.

"Old traitor!"

Zhao Yuande's body shook and a clone appeared.

This avatar is holding a chaotic sky seal, and will be bluntly fighting with the six dragon souls.

The true fighting power of this avatar is 80% of Zhao Yuande's, and the chaotic sky seal in his hand is the nemesis of the soul, so he instantly prevailed.

"You... there are such powerful avatars!" The old monk with a stick changed his face, and his body retreated, and the six dragons left towards the dragon soul of the heavenly staff. Now when it is most vulnerable, the opponent's euphorbia is very powerful, if so Hard to touch, I am afraid that the Six Dragons will soon be shattered.

"Sister Brother, let me help you!" The middle-aged monks can no longer stand by. The six dragons are one of the three great treasures of their ancestors. In case of damage, it can save them a lot, and he can't control others to scold him. Two hits and one.

"Old stuff, shameless!" The black wind scolded suddenly, "You two **** emperor realms besieged my brother, Lao Tzu fights with you today!"

Seeing the other party so shameless, Black Wind no longer cares about the others, so he rushes out to help Zhao Yuande.

"Mo Yao panic, I can still cope!" But Zhao Yuande's voice quickly turned up in his ears.

"Hey! Bald man, don't you pull me, do you want me to die?" Heifeng loosed his heart and immediately looked at the ring around him, "When did you come to me?"

"I want to go with you to pump Naya's old bald donkey!" Yi Jie's face is not good-looking, but they are Zen people, I didn't expect it to be so shameless!

"Yuande is okay!" Zhu Luan looked at Zhao Yuande with a complex expression. His strength has exceeded his imagination. Facing the two early emperors of the Divine Emperor, he was confident!

"Master! Sure enough, it's a master, powerful and ridiculous!" Qin Xingyu's eyes were as bright as stars, and his body couldn't restrain trembling, which was completely exciting.