Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 735

Chapter 735: Battle Buddha

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"Haha! It's good!" Zhao Yuande's body flew out of the body with two avatars, and the two killed at the same time toward the old monk holding the rod, while Zhao Yuande himself killed the middle-aged monk.

This middle-aged monk is obviously stronger than the old monk with a staff. He can take a twelve-point spirit to deal with it.

"You... This is Qiqi Sanqing! Who are you?" The middle-aged monk was obviously a little shocked. You must know that this Qihua Sanqing is the secret of Bajing Palace. If the other party is really a disciple of Bajing Palace , It's hard to do it!

"Who am I? Hey, nosy person!" Zhao Yuande, regardless of the thought of this guy, rushed up to fight with his euphorbia.

In the face of this guy, he no longer uses physical power alone, so I am afraid that he will lose miserably.

The body was poured into the euphorbia violently, and the regular power of the eight colors formed a small vortex in his palm, constantly absorbing the terrible impact of the other party's powerful force!

However, the powerful man of the other party exceeded his imagination. This middle-aged monk did not use any weapons, just a pair of fists radiating golden Buddha light. Every time he hit the euphorbia, Zhao Yuande felt a violent shock in his own body. .

The middle-aged monk became more and more courageous, and his mouth slammed again and again. It turned out to be the ancient sounds of Buddhist characters, and the eardrums of Zhao Yuande trembling buzzed.

"Bai Mi coax!" Zhao Yuande thought of the six-character mantra from the Buddhist monk on Yijie Muyu.

"This is the three words in my six-character Zen mantra! Where did you get it from?" The middle-aged monk's breathing was a little short of breath. If he could get the essence of these three words, his cultivation would definitely advance by leaps and bounds, achievement The emperor is not a dream.

"Don't put gold on your face, you are Zen, it's just a branch of Buddhism! I am a mantra of Buddhism!" Zhao Yuande chuckled.

"Brother, don't keep your hands! Take him down!" The half-monk and vulgar old man also looked at Zhao Yuande with a glaring gaze, and secretly passed on his own brother.

This six-character mantra of Buddhism is supreme magic, and it is enough to carry forward the Minghui Zen Academy. The old man has traveled for thousands of years in the remains of many big worlds. Even one of the six-character mantras has not been found. In front of him, how could he not be ecstatic.

Even if it is the opposite of the king of heaven, he will have to win. For these monks, the six-character mantra is more precious than any heavenly material and treasure, and any anti-celestial medicine medicine.

"Yes! Brother." The middle-aged monk's face suddenly became very solemn, and a big Buddha appeared slowly behind him, and the countless Buddha's light shone on the earth. Start chanting silently.

Instead of Zen cultivators, they were somewhat shocked and retreated back and forth. They only felt that their heads were bombarded with a sledgehammer.

Especially in the center of this burst of Buddha sounds, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the top of his head seemed to be suppressed by the magnificent giant mountains, making him unable to lift his head.

The golden Buddha slammed Zhao Yuande with a fist, and the golden light on his fist seemed to fall like a **** in the sky, carrying the terrifying power that could destroy a big city.

Zhao Yuande only felt the opponent's fist, and he could not hide at all. He could only raise his hand in regret.


Zhao Yuande was directly flew out hundreds of feet away. I didn't know how many tall buildings were smashed. Finally, he plowed the ground out of a big pit. Zhao Yuande lay quietly in the big pit with blood on his body, motionless.

"Haha!" The middle-aged monk laughed happily, slowly walking towards the big pit.

"Don't kill him! I'm going to live!" Lei Ruofeng's mouth grinned. "No matter where you are, you are sacred and dare to humiliate my Lei Yu clan. I want you to know how to write dead words."

"Sister, let's do it! Don't dirty your hands!" The handsome man was eager to try.

"OK! That's it." Lei Ruofeng's mouth twitched up an arc, which was obviously extremely proud.

"Yuan De..." Zhu Luan's eyes showed anger, but she still didn't rush up, and stopped the others. "No, I felt the blood and blood in his body. It didn't seem to be a big deal."

Everyone nodded their heads, and they also felt it, and this turbulent blood flow became more and more violent, as if a big river was about to break.

"Hmm!" Everyone present at this time felt the man lying in the big pit. The breath on his body was more and more terrifying. A bright star lit up on his chest, reflecting the moment of the palm of his hand.

"I didn't expect that you could force me to go all out. It seems that I still underestimated those of you." Zhao Yuande slowly walked out of the big pit. The dense scars on his body had completely disappeared, and the two bright stars There seemed to be an invisible silk thread connected together, and the terrifying power shocked the whole space. Zhao Yuande finally showed his strongest state.

"It doesn't matter if you explode anymore. The Buddha behind me is a battle-day Buddha. Its strength is battle-day. It restrains you most powerful cultivators." The middle-aged monk's face showed a faint smile and looked confident. extraordinary.

"That would only be known if I fought!" Zhao Yuande walked faster and faster, and his body was one step at a time. After ten steps, he had become a terrible giant.

The giant waved his fist, and the world and earth shivered under his fist, and the force of terror rolled down, hitting the middle-aged monk.

"Do you think that getting bigger means getting stronger? Really naive, watch me fight the Buddha to surrender you this demon!"

The battle between the two was terrifying. Almost in just a few breaths, most of the Holy City of Jiang Family collapsed, but the Jiang Family was protected from the scourge of the pond fish because of the envelop of the heavenly dragon and eight-tone clock.

The half monk and half vulgar old man's brow furrowed, he always felt a little bad, the young man on the opposite side was too stubborn, he was able to compete with one enemy and two, and he was equal to the battle of his two brothers. Isn't he important in Bajing Palace? character?

If this is the case, it is not easy to solve.

You have to know that the branches of the Bajing Palace are all over the world, even if it is an ordinary small world, there will be branches of the Bajing Palace, and they all got the true biography of the Bajing Palace. More importantly, you can destroy the Bajing Palace. Branch, but can't covet the Eighth Palace's skills. As long as you have such a thought, I am afraid that there will be a peerless strongman in the Eighth Palace, and only waiting for you will die.

You can provoke them, you can kill them, you can even insult them, that is, dont move their minds.

However, this does not mean that the disciples of Bajing Palace who are the true main line can be bullied at will. They may have a strong presence behind them, which makes people dare not move.

So at the beginning, the old man just thought that Zhao Yuande even killed the disciples of Bajing Palace, but now that he saw the opponent's skyward, he immediately started playing drums.

Although the old man himself also has a large backing, but this backing is still too weak in front of the main vein of the Bajing Palace, he had to consider it clearly.