Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Helping Hand

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"No! You are so unreasonable, just let him go, it's too cheap for you!" Zhao Yuande looked apathetic, looked at the middle-aged monk at his feet, sneered, "Let your two brothers apologize to me, let That Lei Ruofeng also apologized to me. If I am in a good mood, I might be able to let him go."

"Infatuated delusion!" Lei Ruofeng, whose face is very unsightly, not far away, when to show humility to others, not to mention that the other party is the object of her biting teeth, "If you have the ability, you can kill him, see what you can get." The end, I want to apologize to you, there is no door, unless I die!"

"Huh! Actually I want to make your apology very simple. You will kneel in front of me and apologize to me, do you believe it or not?" Zhao Yuande faced this young lady of the Lei prison family who had never eaten and apologized. Slightly bent the corner of his mouth.

"Hum! Dreaming! I'm waiting here. You can kill me if you have the ability! I frowned and I'm not a member of the Lei Yu clan!" Lei Ruofeng was very hard-hearted and didn't believe what Zhao Yuande said, and thought he was I want to deter myself with strong strength, "However, you can think about it! It is easy to kill me. After killing me, you will die in the hands of my thunder prison family. Think about whether this matter is worth it. !"

"Oh! I think you are exaggerating. I killed you. The Thunder Prison family will not only come to kill me, but will also apologize to me. Do you believe it?" Zhao Yuande looked at this Thunder Priest woman and said lightly. , "So don't challenge my patience. If I don't look at that little sentiment, you are already a dead person!"

"You... blowing the atmosphere! My Lei Yu clan..." Lei Ruofeng's face turned blue, and he still wanted to speak, but was interrupted by the old monk's waving hand.

"What the little friend wants, please also make it clear that my Minghui Chanyuan tries to satisfy the little friend as much as possible, and apologize... It will be free!" The half-monk old man looked at the middle-aged monk stepped on the foot by Zhao Yuande, but he knew , My brother looks gentle, but in fact the most stout, it is harder to want him to apologize than to go to heaven!

"As long as I apologize!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other faintly. He didn't lack anything. Even if the other party wanted to give him the six dragons to him, he was not uncommon.

"This..." The old monk looked at Zhao Yuande's feet and tentatively said, "Otherwise, you let my brother go first, I persuaded him to apologize to you, what do you think?"

The old monk was sincere in his tone. Im afraid that ordinary people would agree directly, but Zhao Yuande didnt eat his suit. This middle-aged monk was his hostage. At first glance, the old man was a strong emperor in the mid-term. When the three emperors were under siege, he would definitely lose.

"Brother! Kill him, kill him! Leave me alone!" It was at this time that the middle-aged monk woke up from a coma, and as soon as he saw this, he immediately roared loudly in a frenzy.

"Brother, shut up!" the half-monk vulgarly snapped, "Aren't you embarrassing? Listen to me, apologize to this little friend, this matter is considered to have passed!"

"Brother! You don't have to whisper, you die, you must help me kill him after I die!" The middle-aged monk's temperament was really strong, and he didn't stop discouraging him. He insisted on seeking death, he said recklessly, "Boy, If you dont kill me, I will definitely kill all of these friends around you in the future. You will not be with them every day. Believe me and I have this ability!"

"Shut up! You shut me up!" Hearing the younger brother said this, the half-monk and half-vulgar old man suddenly changed his face. Although he had not been in contact with Zhao Yuande for a long time, he knew that he was a lawless master. Annoying the other party, Brother Shi will die today without a doubt, "Little friend, don't ever want to start, Brother Shi, he's mad, and I'll pay you off for him here!"

"It's late!" Zhao Yuande's face was as cold as the cold winter moon. If this middle-aged monk scolded him for a few words, he wouldn't care too much, but he even threatened himself directly with the lives of this group of friends. Unacceptable, this has exceeded his inner limit, this person must die!


Zhao Yuande's feet exerted a little force, and the head of the middle-aged monk burst.

"Boy, I'm going to kill you!"

The powerful soul rushed out of the broken sea of consciousness, as if a golden **** of war, rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

"Huh! I don't know what is dead and alive! Only the soul is left and I want to attack me!" Zhao Yuande's eyebrows opened, and a bright yin and yang thunder blasted out, directly piercing the eyebrows of the Golden God of War.

"No...don't..." The half-monk and half-vulgar old man roared, but unfortunately it was too late, and he could only watch his soul on the ground breaking into countless pieces at once.

For thousands of years, the feelings of the brothers and sisters just watched their brothers die in front of them, and the old man almost fainted.

"Brother!" The old monk with a staff changed his face, screaming and rushed towards Zhao Yuande. "I killed you, I want to smash you to death!"

"You killed my younger brother, **** it!" The half-monk and half-vulgar old man couldn't take care of the others anymore, his face was so ghastly and terrifying, he shouted at the many Minghui Zen disciples around him, "It will be related to this kid Everyone kills me!"

After saying this, he also roared angrily and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

Lei Ruofeng on one side saw this situation, and immediately giggled, laughing unbridledly, and laughed very cheerfully.

The handsome men beside her even showed expressions of gloating.

"You are careful, don't try to be brave, if you don't think it's possible, enter the other side of the world now." Zhao Yuande looked coldly at the large group of bald heads rushing over, his face showing a little dignity.

"We are not the kind of people who can't help the wind. They want to fight, and we will accompany them!" Zhu Luan's eyes were full of war.

"Fuck him, I don't have to shoot two bald donkeys today!" Heifeng exclaimed, "Hey, bald, don't look at me like that, you are not a bald donkey, you are just a bald!"

"Master, I haven't practiced stripping clothes for a long time! My hands are a bit hungry and unbearable!" Qin Xingyu rubbed his hands.

"Fuck...he...mummy!" Even the utterly silent sky shone fiercely in his eyes at this time.

The breath of Po Tian's body was violent, and at this moment even Zhao Yuande felt a panic.

He suddenly put down a heart, and Po Tian has been growing silently during this time. The current combat effectiveness may not be comparable to himself, but the Divine Emperor Realm may not have killed him.

Zhao Yuande and the old monk holding the rod started to fight, and the battle between the people began.

"Minghui Chanyuan is really shameless. I can't see Jiang Lanfeng!" Jiang Lanfeng shouted and rushed out of the crowd. The mighty divine power broke out. Many people were caught off guard by surprise.

"Brother Zhao, we are here to help you too!" At this moment, another rumbling came from the Jiang family. Several figures rushed out of the Jiang family. It turned out that Jiang Tianling, Jiang Tianlin, and the two **** emperors were strong.

The appearance of the three emperors of the Zhao family suddenly reversed the disadvantages of Zhao Yuande.