Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 738

Chapter 738: Have You Not Guessed Yet?

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The three emperors of the Jiang family, together with Zhao Yuande, soon controlled the form. The semi-monk and vulgar old man of Minghui Zen sighed and gave up resistance directly.

"Okay! You won!" Although the old man said so, his eyes were staring at Zhao Yuande, and his killing intention was very strong.

"Humph! The defeated generals dare to be so arrogant!" Zhao Yuande looked at the half-monk and half-vulgar old man coldly, and his eyes also showed his intention to kill.

Zhao Yuande is a decisive man, and the other party obviously will not be willing to give up. If you return the tiger to the mountain today, I am afraid that you will continue to have trouble in the future.

"Little brother, don't kill him! Otherwise, it will be very troublesome!" Jiang Lanfeng took Zhao Yuande and took him aside, "Do you know why he surrendered so simple?"

"Senior, please say!" Zhao Yuande still has a good impression of Jiang Lanfeng when he can stand up and fight side by side at a critical moment.

"Because he has no fear, his brother is the Zhengyi Master who is known as Buddha's Fury and King Kong, which is a deputy master of real power in Wanjie City!" Jiang Lanfeng whispered, "This Zhengyi Master has cultivated beyond the realm of God Emperor. , Reached the real virtual realm, or the fairy realm called by the fairy realm! Its power shocked the whole world, few people in the realm dare not give him a face. Our Jiang family couldnt close the door because they couldnt afford each other!"

"A powerful person in a real and illusory realm?" Zhao Yuande was really surprised. There were people with this kind of cultivation in the original realm. If this person really wanted to find his own trouble, it was really a worry.

"Humph! Why? Counsel?" A sneer came from the diagonal stab at this time.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw that Lei Ruofeng was sneering at himself.

"Okay! Since you're in trouble, I'll take you first!" Zhao Yuande sneered to Lei Ruofeng, "I hope you won't cry for a while!"

"Humph! Dare to move me, the Lei Yu Clan will kill you!" Lei Ruofeng saw Zhao Yuande approaching, obviously visibly awkward.

"Why don't you say that you are suppressing me under the eyes of the sea and imprisoning me for thousands of years?" Zhao Yuande grinned in a playful manner. At this time, he had come to Lei Ruofeng and caught her in the air.

Zhao Yuande's power is even defeated by the Divine Emperor. Not to mention that it is a Lei Ruofeng, she symbolically resisted it and gave up in an instant.

Zhao Yuande pulled her in front of her, showing a sneering smile to her.

"Lei Ruofeng, if I didn't look at Lei Jiuzhou's face, you have already given you no idea how many times you have died!" Zhao Yuande's voice passed into Lei Ruofeng's ear, and no one else heard it.

"You... who the **** are you?" Zhao Yuande said Lei Kyushu, and Lei Ruofeng's face changed suddenly. "How can you know my little uncle!"

"Haven't you guessed it yet?" Zhao Yuande sneered. "If someone like you was not born in the Thunder Prison family, I'm afraid it would have been beaten to death!"

"You are...Zhao...Zhao...Yuande!" Lei Ruofeng said the name as if he had been drained of all his strength, his body was soft and slumped, and his face was lifeless.

She hated herself in her heart, why didn't she think of this person, she clearly heard the other party's surname Zhao! I never forgot the name.

He remembered that after his uncle returned to his family, he was very excited to talk about this trip to the Wa Palace. He never left the words Zhao Yuande in his mouth, especially when Lei Zun's ancestor was still present, even Lei Zun's ancestor His face showed a look of great joy.

Lei Ruofeng has worshipped Lei Zun ancestor since he was a child, learning Lei Zun ancestor in every word and deed. , Did not show this look.

"Just know!" Zhao Yuande glanced at her with some disgust, "Now I know what I said is right!"

"Know!" Lei Ruofeng could say nothing else, only to bow his head in tears.

Several handsome men beside Lei Ruofeng saw this situation, one by one dumb.

They didn't know what happened. Lei Ruofeng, who was so proud in ordinary days, whispered so low today, as if he had done the wrong thing.

"Hey, kid, you have the ability, you can also tame this girl, I admire the black wind!" The black wind hurriedly came forward and whispered, "Quickly, what method did you use to make this powerful? The ladies bowed their heads!"

Lei Ruofeng bowed his head obediently to admit his mistake at this time. Hei Feng said so unpleasantly that she didn't feel angry, but instead showed a pleasing smile on her face.

"My uncle and I are good friends!" Zhao Yuande lowered his voice and explained to Heifeng.

"Haha! Doesn't that mean you are her uncle's generation, I also became her uncle's generation!" Heifeng raised her eyebrows in excitement at Lei Ruofeng, "Little girl...niece! Since we have this Relationship, seeing you being so good, even if the matter just now, Im in charge!"

"Thank you! Thank you!" Lei Ruofeng hurriedly bowed to Heifeng. She only remembered that Zhao Yuande had some best friends next to her. The black man in front of him was one of them, and that bald head!

Thinking of Lei Ruofeng's desire to slap himself a few times here, such an obvious combination he didn't think of him, he deserved to be humiliated!

"Uncle Zhao, look at me..." Lei Ruofeng saw that Zhao Yuande didn't speak. Some Wei Nuo asked, "Can I go now!"

"Since Heifeng said he let you go, I'm not good at saying anything! But you can't leave first. I have just informed Brother Lei that he will be here soon!" Zhao Yuande glanced at her and said lightly. , "You are waiting for you!"

"Yes!" Lei Ruofeng really obediently stood aside.

"Sister!" Several handsome men came together, with doubts on their faces.

"Go!" Lei Ruofeng looked at them coldly. How could he be so deep and how could he be seen by the uncle if these people did not fan the flames?

The more she thought, the more irritable, and then looking at these people, she immediately felt extremely disgusted!

How can I like this girly, this uncle's heroic attitude is more masculine, I should like this kind of thing!

"Go! Go! You disgusting guys, please leave me quickly! Don't let me see you!" Lei Ruofeng thundered at these people.

A few people didn't know what they thought. After seeing Lei Ruofeng, there was a loss, a relief, and a trace of disgust.

They left silently with their heads down, walking faster and faster at their feet!

Because of this, Lei Ruofeng's psychological changes are fast, making people turn around for a while.

Many people around are now speculating about who Zhao Yuande is and why the eldest lady of the Thunder Prison family, after knowing his identity, behaves like a little rabbit.

Especially the people at Minghui Zen Academy were so confused, they couldn't think of anyone in this beginning realm who could make Miss Lei so scared.

Based on their intelligence network, they have not yet obtained information on the relationship between Zhao Yuande and the Lei Yu clan, which naturally cannot be understood.