Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 739

Chapter 739: Gift

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"Now let's talk about it, the grudge between us!" Zhao Yuande looked at the half-monk and half-vulgar old man and walked slowly towards him.

Seeing Lei Ruofeng's respect for Zhao Yuande, the half-monk vulgar old man naturally felt a little panicked in his heart, and he no longer had the toughness just now, but he still thought that Zhao Yuande did not dare to kill himself.

"What do you want?" The voice of the half-monk and half-vulgar old man softened obviously.

"Apologize to me, apologize to my friend, and then roll me back to your Mito domain obediently!" Zhao Yuande said coldly, "I don't care what you have to do in Wanjie City, if it really angers me, take a photo Not wrong!"

Zhao Yuande said this, the obvious thing is that he wants to calm down, he knows the other side's backers of Wanjie City, and weighed in his heart for a long time.

If it was just himself, he wouldnt have done so much, just kill these two guys, but it involved the Jiang family, even the Ji family, the northern wilderness mountain, and the water palace might be because of their recklessness. Suffering from the extinction, he can only go against his heart for these concerns.

"Okay!" The half-monk and half-vulgar old man can only nod. In this case, he dare not hold back. Since the other party can scare the young lady of the Thunder Prison family, it means that the vision behind him may not be better than Thunder Prison. The family is weak. Once he angered him, maybe he would dare to kill the two of them.

As long as the two of you or have gone back, then ask Brother for help and ask Brother to help revenge.

"Brother! He killed the second brother, how can we forget this!" A pair of hatred eyes of the old monk with a staff stared at Zhao Yuande, gritting his teeth.

"It seems that there is no way!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old monk with a staff. "Your six dragons are good, I want it!"

Zhao Yuande grabbed the six dragons in the hands of the old monk who held the stick, and threw it to Yidao Road, "Brother Yijie, this thing is for you!"

Yi Jie held the six dragons towards the heavenly staff, his face first showed a happy look, but then there was a look of embarrassment. He turned his head and looked at the brothers and brothers and uncles of the Tian Zen Sect. These people have envy in their eyes. Jealous, and have bad intentions.

"Take care of what they do! Just now you were in deep danger. None of them stood up to speak for you, and no one meant to save you. What kind of meaning do you have for this kind of sect!" Heifeng came over And patted his shoulder, "How happy our brothers are together, don't have to obey so many bad rules! Don't go back, just leave at this opportunity!"

"Yes! Brother Yi, how much life and death we have experienced, we treat you as a brother! Believe me, I must give you more than your sect!" Zhao Yuande also smiled lightly at him.

"Uncle bald head, stay!" Qin Xingyu also pulled the corner of a ring.

"Stay... next!" There are not many broken words, but there are also strong feelings among them.

"Okay!" After a little thought, he felt the gap. This time Zongmen's approach made him feel no sense of belonging, which made him feel disappointed.

On the other hand, on Zhao Yuande's side, the brothers are deeply affectionate, and a congenital treasure is just given to himself casually. In the face of danger, he dares to fight for his brother!

"Yi Jie! You are going to rebel! Did your master know how sad it will be? Do you know?" A middle-aged monk yelled at Yi Jie with an expression of hatred on his face.

"Go! You're an old bald donkey, you went there when you just wiped the war? Now I'm here to suppress people, believe me or not and let my brother destroy your Heavenly Zen!" Heifeng looked black, pointing at this The middle-aged monk started scolding.

"Yi Jie! You really... Hey!" An old monk's face was sad. At the beginning, he wanted to save a ring, but in the end it was because Minghui Zen Academy gave up, and the old monk's face sighed darkly, "Forget it We are sorry for you, I will go back and explain this to your Master!"

"Thank you Uncle!" Yi Jie folded his hands to the old monk, deeply respected, and then swept the group of Tianzong without any nostalgia, and turned to Zhao Yuande.

"Good brother! This is the right decision!" Black Wind gave a ring and a bear hug.

"I'm a free man now! I won't go away if you drive me away in the future!" Yi Jie's face showed excitement, and there were tears gleaming in his eyes.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande didn't say much, just a good word, saying the joy in his heart.

During this period, it was clear that the half-monk and half-vulgar old man had been doing the ideological work of the old monk with a staff. The old monk with a staff finally bowed his head. He suppressed the anger in his heart and apologized to Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhao! Brother Zhao!" At this time, a huge flying boat in the sky slowly fell, Lei Jiuzhou jumped from the flying boat that had not landed in advance, excitedly came to Zhao Yuande, bowed to him A gift!

"Brother Lei, what is this!" Zhao Yuande lifted Lei Jiuzhou and showed a blaming expression to him.

"How can the subordinates see the palace master to not salute! After saluting, we will return to the role of friends!" Lei Jiuzhou blinked at Zhao Yuande.

Of course, Zhao Yuande knew what the other party meant. He shook his head helplessly and smiled: "Come, let me introduce you to my brother, woman and my apprentice!"

"Oh! This is the sister-in-law!" Lei Jiuzhou saw Zhu Luan at a glance, first of all, it was a gift to Zhu Luan, "Have seen sister-in-law!"

"I've seen Lei Gongzi!" Zhu Luan's face smiled brightly, and the sister-in-law's sister-in-law made her happy.

"This must be Brother Heifeng, this is breaking the sky, this is a warning!" Lei Jiuzhou obviously made a survey of the people around Zhao Yuande and smiled at them.

"Brother, yes, we will let the kid make something delicious for me later!" Heifeng hugged Lei Jiuzhou's shoulder, very affectionate.

"Black Wind Master! There is me too!" Qin Xingyu looked at Black Wind with dissatisfaction and said to Lei Jiuzhou, "This uncle is Qin Xingyu, my master's disciple!"

"Haha! I already knew! Now, this is my meeting gift!" Lei Jiuzhou took out a small white clock like jade from the space, "This is a gadget, and it can stop evil when it is placed by the side when practicing. Charm invasion."

"Thank you Uncle Shi!" Qin Xingyu took it excitedly, looked over and over, and liked it very much.

"Why should Brother Lei spend so much money?" Zhao Yuande smiled. "It seems that Brother Lei has an apprentice in the future, so I have to prepare well!"

The little bell given by Lei Jiuzhou is a rare innate spirit treasure, but it is not so simple as he said!

"Hey! I am qualified to accept the disciples!" Lei Jiuzhou hurriedly waved his hands. "Acquiring disciples in our Lei prison family is equivalent to returning to the hidden mountains! I don't want to live the old man's life so early."

"Haha!" Zhao Yuande laughed happily, but turned to look at Lei Ruofeng, but said helplessly, "Brother Lei, take it away from your family!"

"Brother Zhao is in trouble!" Lei Jiuzhou smiled helplessly, "This niece is spoiled for her father, I will definitely let my father teach her well! If she meets other people today, she can really finish her life, I will let her remember this lesson."

Lei Jiuzhou explained to Zhao Yuande apologetically, and then turned his head to look at Lei Ruofeng, his eyes sharpened suddenly.